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The Blade

Sam slowly woke up and turned it off the alarm clock next to the bedside table, he checked the time and saw the time flashing at him: 7:32. He looked at the bed next to him and noticed that his brother wasn't there. Just in time Dean appears by the door holding two large cups of coffee.

'Morning sunshine. Went out for coffee'

He puts the keys on the table and start walking near to Sam's bed when he stumble on the pair of boots he left around last night. Making the drinks go on the floor.


Sam tries to hold a smirk, that he wisely make sound like a cough.

'So how are u feeling?' Dean ask already cleaning his hands on Sam's sheets.

'Hey dude'. Sam tries to make him stop.

'Come on Sammy I asked u a question.' Don't try to change the subject.

'Better. I'm feeling' awesome.'

'That's good. I just got a call from Bobby, he thinks there's something for us, so let's get going?'

'Yeah, Kay!' Sam let out a sigh and starts to get up.

'Come on Sammy. Can see u smiling...'

'It's Sam, Dean.'

'I Know, Bitch.'


He gets up and is heading to the shower when he hears Dean sneeze.

'Are u alright?' he asks a little concerned.

'Yeah, Sam can a guy just sneeze a bit?'

'If u say so! God bless you!'


After the shower Sam is packing and after 15 minutes they both are sitting at the Impala heading for another hunt.

'So what Bobby said about this hunt that he is sending us?'

'Just a simple salt and burn. Women are committing suicide in this lost town near nowhere.'

'When a job is just a simple salt and burn, Dean?'

'You're right but we need to check it out, don't we?'


'Came on Sam, maybe you get lucky this time.'

'And u just jinx us, like always!'

'Don't start that again.'

The sound of Metalica cut of the conversation.

They parked the Impala and Dean was already talking with the girl at reception when Sam entered with their bags.

'So this is my brother Sammy that I told u about. We are here to the hunting season.'

Sam couldn't avoid the smile. (Hunting season?)

They entered the room and get surprised that wasn't so bad at all. Two larges beds and clean sheets. Putting the bags down they started to get ready for the hunt. Sam turned the computer on and start to do some research. Dean went to the bathroom and complain about the lack of hot water.

'So Sam find anything worth?'

'Yeah, looks like a guy named Ted Jermy killed himself when his girlfriend left him. Maybe he is making this girls committed suicide as revenge.'

'Okay. And they say love is such a good think.' 'So what happened to our girl?'

'It's seems that she left him 'coz she was found dead in what seemed to be a black magic ritual.'

'Oh, now things are getting creep.'

'Dean, I don't thing we should go to the cemetery tonight, let's just stay here tonight and tomorrow we can ask a feel more questions in the town.'

Dean pass his hand through his hair and let out a sigh.

'Sam what can go wrong ? We just need to go to the cemetery and get rid of this sonuvabitch.'

'I still don't think that is just a good thing.'

'Come on Sammy trust me, we are going to be out of here in the morning you'll see.'

Everything is going to be fine.'

'Every time u said that one of us get really hurt.'

'Don't worry little brother, I'll be watching your back. I promise you.'

They start to get read, Dean load all the guns and get his knife just in case. Sam get the rock salt guns and start to load the Impala. At the cemetery everything seemed to be quiet and they started digging Ted's grave. Nothing happened until they poured all the salt in the bones. Then they heard a strange noise, they both feel the air come a little more cold.

Dean look up but he couldn't see nothing through the darkness.

'Sam hurry up.'

'It's done.'

Are u sure?

Yup, Dean. I still Know how to salt and burn a corpse.'

The flames starts to get high and they both are out of the hole, when again they heard the same noise that before.

'So Dean and Sam Winchester, what a pleasure. I thought that I must be expecting you guys!'

Ted Jermy was walking toward them holding hands with a girl that look like she was dead about a year or two.

'How this could be possible Sammy? I think u just said that everything was over.'

'I thought so. We burned his bones.'

'If those were my bones, right?'

'Oh crap.' Dean let out a sigh of annoyance.

'Okay so u are not dead?'

'Can I be dead? I who can't be killed by anyone or any weapon create by man?'

'So I don't quite get it, enlighten us.'

'I'm a man who conquered death Dean Winchester. I can't die. But u guys are going to see death really soon.'

With that he made a move and a dagger appeared out of nowhere. He throw it right at Sam. He look at the flash of the dagger come in his direction and he felt like he was numb and could make any movement to avoid the blade. So he stood there. It's seemed like forever. Then he heard a painful scream and look at Dean who was standing right in front of him. The blade across his abdomen above his stern. To near to his heart. He let out a scream of pain and Sam could only hold him before he collapse on the ground.

"I gotcha ya. Its okay'


The sound was so weak that made Sam's eyes filled with tears. The look of surprise in his brother's made Sam jerk his own head away from him and look up to Ted who was smiling.

'So Sam, I guess yours brother's time is up.'

He look at a strange watch in his pulse and then to the girl next to him.

'Don't worry swetiee, you're gonna to be just perfect after that.'

Then he disappeared into thin air.

'Dean, hold on, man. Just hold on, okay? We are going to get you to the hospital, you hear me?'

He made his way up and help Dean to stand. They were heading to the Impala, Dean almost leaning at his brother support.

'Sammy I think I maybe don't get to the hospital.' His own voice sounded weak and slow.

'Don't, don't said that. Everything is going to be okay Dean.'

' I had this feeling that this wasn't a normal hunt, but I didn't't want u to worry so I kept my mouth shut. I should have listen to u, shouldn't't't I? Sammy I'm so sorry.'

He stumble and his legs were feeling like jelly. He still could sense his brother grip on his hips, but the pain started to make his mind a little bit fuzzy.

'Hey listen to me, no need to be sorry. Tomorrow everything will be fine and we are going away from this town. You promised me that.'


His brother head was low and he start to be a little limp in Sam arms.


Sam.' The whisper was so low that was almost inaudible.

He run to the Impala holding' his brother and open the passenger door, leaning his head carefully and start driving as soon as his shaking hands turn the car on.

'Dean, you with me man? Come on... i need u to speak with me okay. Driver's picks the music right? So what do think if we listen a little bit of emo music?'

He prayed for a sign, anything, but Dean was still silent, too silent.

He pulled the Impala at the motel parking lot and run to his brother's side as fast as he could. Gently he get them both out of the car. Holding Dean he open the door and put his brother at the bed.

'Gonna get the first aid kit, okay? Don't go anywhere!'

He run to the bathroom and get as many towels as he could reach and the first aid kit.

'Dean, this is going to hurt like hell, but i need to get this hear me? Dean?"

He took a deep breath and pulled the dagger of his brother's chest. Blood start to flow like a river. Dean gave a scream that filled all the room.

'Jesus, you want to kill me?' He was weak and his voice shaky.

'Sorry Dean, only way to make you better.'

'Man I don't think it's going to work you know.'

'Don't said that. I'm not losing you.'

'Sammy, I'm sorry...I'm gonna miss ya Lill' Brother. But isn't like we have a lot of time together, better this way I think. Quick and not so clean.

He tried to give his baby brother a smile, but failed miserably.

'Dean. Don't, please.'

'It's okay Sammy, you're gonna be fine. Don't do anything stupid K?' His breath was difficult and every movement made spasms run through his body. He starts to feel numb and the pain was fading.

(Never a good sign) He thought.

Lov u...his head went limp and his mouth stop at the unfinished words.

Sam scream could be heard miles away,but at the same time everything was so quiet and peaceful at this motel room that he couldn't't't believe that his brother was dead.

'No. No you can't do this to me. Not you.'

Dean, please. He begged.

He lay his head on his brother chest looking for a heart beat, and no sound came from there, then everything went pitch black and he let the darkness surround him.

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