(four funerals and a wedding)

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It had been five years since our greatest adventure, and after five years the scars were still visible. Aang had lost much of his innocence ever since he defeated the fire-lord, he still acted the same most of the time, but it couldn't be overlooked that now, he was a lot more serious. Sometimes it was like we had lost him, and someone else who looked like Aang had taken his place. But what do you expect? A monk who was taught that violence in any degree was wrong, had to kill a man at the age of 12.

He and Katara were dating, she loves him and doesn't care about the personality changes he has been through, most of the time anyway, Katara now at the age of 19 has become more loose ever since the end of the war. With less threat to our little gaang, she has to be less of a mother but never has she lost her feeling of right and wrong. I never thought she could be like this.

Zuko, I haven't spoken to him in two years, him being the new fire lord and all. But last time I met him, he was still as serious as ever, well at least he's not obsest with Aang anymore.

Then there is Suki, I can't say how she was like during the war, because I only met her after we saved her from the dungeons, apart from 'the serpents pass', although I didn't talk to her much then. But she's nice, a warm and kind type of person. She likes me a lot, I can sense that, but I can't stand her. I don't show it to anyone, I'ts not because of her personality but because of Sokka.

Sokka, he's dating her. Sokka has grown up a lot and I've started to like him more and more, I accepted that he loved Suki and I never told him how I felt, but I always held a grudge. Sokka is still Sokka, and that's what I respect about him, he didn't change, not even a bit.

Then there is me, I'm still the same blind-girl, the girl that everybody pity's, but that doesn't need it. I'm though, I'm Toph.

But today something happened that changed me, and I'll get the bastards who did this to me, after today everything will be different. And I swear , on my feet, to the spirits, that I will have my revenge.

A/N Only the prologue is in Toph's POV.

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