(four funerals and a wedding)

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Chapter thirteen: All things considered

Sokka gulped down his drink in one time and then poured himself another one. Toph was sitting on a couch in the living room, just sitting and waiting for Sokka to do something, to say something. To break the silence that had fallen over them. The silence made her feel almost like she had when she first came home, right after the incident. Nobody said a word, because nobody dared. The relationships were fragile, and the slightest whisper could brake it all.

Sokka moved the glass of strong liquor to his mouth but hesitated in drinking it. In his mind he saw the last few days going by. How could he have been so blind? He saw Toph arriving, with the long bag. He saw them on their 'non-date', she was interested in the murder, the horrible unthinkable murder that was in the news. Four, there had been four of them, the priest had told him himself. It was clear now, she had tortured the man, and killed him. This was not the Toph he knew.

His mind pictured them at the fighting dojo. She was absent minded that night, and since when was she interested in watching fights instead of making them herself? They had been there for a reason. He found out that the owner had died a few days after he was murdered. How could he have not known? Perhaps he did know, but just refused to accept it? And that date at the dojo, did it really mean anything to her? Or was it just a part of her plan?

He gulped down his second drink and closed his eyes. He knew what had happened only a few hours earlier. A few hours earlier, he became a killer. It was self-defense, but he killed someone. After seeing him die, it all seemed simple, his mind was focused at one thing at a time. First get Toph back home so that she would be safe, then pour himself a drink. But what now? He fealed helpless, what should he do? Was he supposed to do anything? He loved Toph, but was the woman sitting in the sofa still her? After all the bloodshed she had caused, could the old Toph still be in there? She had brutally killed two people, and probably a third (the guard), in ways that made his stomach turn.

He looked over to Toph, seeing her beautiful essence he realized something, she had not started the fight, they had one year ago. And she did spare that priests life, and when Sokka asked her she did listen, she did come to her senses. She had been ill, and their love cured her, or at least for a huge part. Perhaps now, he did have his best friend back. Her wellness was all that mattered right now.

Toph waited in the sofa, Sokka came to sit next to her, he held her hand and warmed it, her hand had been cold, but he made it better. Toph loved this touch, but turned her head and bit her lip.

"Don't Sokka..."

"Don't what?"

"Don't pretend like everything is alright."


"Don't ... please."

"Toph, is it over?"

"It is. I had to Sokka, I had to."

"I couldn't possibly understand what you went through."

"Do you love me still?"

"Are you still the Toph I know?"

"... Yes..."

"I will always love you."

"How can you still choose to love me?"

Sokka gently placed his left hand on her chin, and softly turned her head toward his. His dark hand resting on her slightly pale skin, he moved his lips toward hers and they touched. Toph kissed back, and after a few seconds, slightly opened her mouth. Their tongues massaged eachothers. Sokka rubbing his arms over her back and soft thighs, and Toph held his masculine shoulders. Her mouth was soft, wet and tasted great, but did not betray the characteristic that is Toph, it was tough, dominant, it wanted control. Sokka parted from the kiss, and got ready to speak.

"There is no choice, I'll always love you."

Toph smiled and putted her arms around his neck.

"Bring me to bed Snoozles."

Sokka picked her up in his arms, and her arms remained around his neck. He brought her up and placed her in her bed. He wanted her to rest, walked to her door, to leave her room, but was stopped after a few passes.

"Sokka ... could you sleep by my side again?"

"I was to afraid to suggest so."

Sokka lied himself down next to her, they spooned, both still fully dressed. But neither could catch some sleep, they just listened to each others breath. After a few hours, (the sun would soon come up,) Toph decided, she wanted to do something, she felt ready to, the moment seemed right. She rubbed her but slightly, sensually to his groin. Sokka seemed to try and ignore this, he didn't want to force anything and didn't want to take the risque of Toph not doing this on purpose.


She pushed in a little harder. This made Sokka let out a little gasp. "Yes?"

"I don't know how to say this well, I've not had much experience in that, but I feel like I can just say it to you." Toph placed her hand on his legs.

"What, why?"

"I can tell you because you and I are soul-mates, because I love you, I can say that I want you."

Sokka did not spoke, he gently putted his lips on her neck and began sucking and kissing it. After a while a bit more rougher. He placed his right hand underneath her shirt, on her bare belly, and moved his hands toward her breasts and knead them softly. Toph moaned quietly, but soon regained her own personality, and turned herself around, facing Sokka. She would not undergo this, but be a part of this, she wanted him to feel good. She putted her hands under his shirt and felt his strong chest, while Sokka was still massaging her bosom, now with to hands. They moved in their heads and kissed during their massaging. They tasted perfect to each-other. After a few minutes of this delight, Toph moved back her head and bit her lip a little, smiling, giving her a mischievous look. Her hands trailed down to his pants and slipped her fingers in them. Before she could continue, Sokka grabbed her pols, and pulled her hands up. Toph seemed offended.

"Toph, I don't want you to do anything, if you don't want to."

"Sokka, don't you get it, I'm free."

"That doesn't mean that you have to rush things."

"But I want to do this. I'm finally free, and there is no other I would want to celebrate this with tonight."

"Are you feeling completely comfortable?"

"Well, I'm a little nervous, about taking the lead."

At this Sokka placed his lips on hers again, taking the lead he layed her on her back and took of her upper clothing, leaving her bra exposed.

"Well you've definitely taken the lead." Toph gasped after they parted their kissing, taking of his shirt.

Sokka slided his hand over her soft sides, toward her pants and started to pull it of, meanwhile Toph undid her bra. They finished about the same time, Sokka putted his mouth around Tophs left breast and moved his tong around her nipple, while taking off her panties far enough so she could take them off herself by moving her legs. To Toph's regret Sokka moved his mouth from her breasts, but to her approval he started to kiss his way down to that special spot between her legs. Sokka slid in his tongue and Toph arched her back.

She moaned "Ooh, Snoozles"

That sounded like music to Sokka's ears, he continued pleasuring her, her breath became irregular and on her forehead she started to sweat just a little. She lost herself in complete satisfaction. Her soft legs rubbing Sokka's back. Sokka moved his head away.

"Don't you stop." She said half begging, half commanding.

But Sokka didn't put his tongue back, instead he brought his hand to her entrance and slipped in a finger, and then another, pumping, first slowly then faster and faster. Toph bit her lip to not yell out his name. Sokka enjoyed giving her this pleasure. She grabbed her sheets and squeezed them as hard as she could, to prolong the feeling.

"Sokka! I'm going to..." But before Toph could finish her sentence she came.

Sokka layed himself next to his love, she was still breathing deeply of the orgasm. He wiped of the juice on his hands. Then he moved his other hand toward her head and softly pushed the hair out of her eyes.

He whispered "You are so beautiful."

"I'd return the compliment, but you know." She joked.

He didn't laugh, he didn't want to, he didn't want to ruin this moment. This moment of perfect beauty in an otherwise messed up world. She was beautiful and he watched her bosom go up and down, her naked body breathing, and it was perfect, soft, strong, smooth, not undamaged for scars were visible, but somehow they seemed to shape her personality, the essence of who Toph is. She was beautiful, and he realized that never before he had been this happy.

"Ready for round two?" Her words brought him out of his thoughts.

Sokka moved in to kiss Toph but she stopped him with her hand on his shoulder. She pushed him on his back. After that she placed her hand on his vital parts. Her warm hand palmed his balls and stroke them gently, until his member stiffened to become quite large. Sokka grunted in approval. This felt so good! Her hands felt so nursing. He received one last kiss from her, their tongues stroked and embraced each-other, their lips locked on each-other, then she moved her head toward his cock. She stuck out her tongue and lett it touch his sack, and dragged her tongue further until it reached his member, and moved it up along it, to the tip. She gave his head a kiss and started to suck it. Sokka closed his eyes and couldn't believe it. Toph was giving him a blow job, he was in heaven. The feeling was sent throughout his entire body. She took in more of him and it touched her cheeks, her tongue massaging the hard member. Sokka started to mumble words like "Oh, spirits" and "Don't stop". She did it so well. She started to move her head up and down, first slowly then faster and faster.

After a while Sokka toughed to himself.

"What if you come inside her mouth?" Said one voice.

"That'd be so hot." Said another voice.

"But what if she doesn't want you to come in her mouth?"

"Screw that, this feels to good to interrupt it now!"

"I think you know what to tell her."

Then he spoke to her "Toph, aah, don't ooh, do any-ah-thing you don't want to. If you don't want me to 'ah yes' come inside you mouth, just stop in time."

Toph didn't stop, but she did respond, by taking more of his shaft inside her, going deep throat. Sucking as hard as she could and her tongue slithering around his member. Sokka knew it was OK, but he didn't want to come yet, he wanted to hang on to this feeling. He held it back for a few more minutes but then he came, and she swallowed.

Now it was his turn to be out of breath. Toph went to ly in at his side and he wrapped her arm around her, keeping her close.

"That was the first time I did that." She told him

"You don't say. You must be a natural." He said completely out of breath.

"Thanks, I guess."

"Are you comfortable to go further?"

"We came this far, right?"



"What is it, if you don't want to, don't worry, don't do anything you don't want to."

"It's not that, it's just, could I be on top?"

"If you want to, but why?"

"When 'it' happened, I wasn't in control, and being on top makes you more in control."

With that said, she lifted herself above his still stiffened member. On her knees she placed her hands on his shoulders and brought her face to his. They kissed briefly, but passionately and then closed the opening between her entrance and his shaft, but not letting it enter yet. In her mind she counted to five and then decided it was time, she was ready for this. She moved, lett herself be penetrated. Her heart skipped a beat. It didn't return, the awful feeling, she was free, she was with Sokka. She moved her body, letting it slide in further, and gasped at the size of manhood now inside of her. Sokka placed his hands on her bottom and guided her, she was so tight. After he helped her find right rhythm he moved his hands up and brought them to her breasts. He played with her rock-hard nipples and her soft breasts. They both screamed in delight and moaned like crazy as their bodies experienced the greatest feeling the world had ever known. After a while Toph moved her body now sitting upright she moved her fingers through her hair and screamed out his name. Still being ridden Sokka kept caressing her bosom with one hand but stroked her left leg and bottom with the other. While Toph was still moving along his shaft. She felt a warm spot expanding in her stomach, and stopped moving.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I ... want you ... to be on top." She moaned.


"Yes, I thrust you enough."

In one smooth movement Sokka layed Toph on her back, so fast and gentle that she didn't realize it before he layed on top of her. He roughly kissed her neck and mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his. Sokka kept banging into her. Both started to sweat, Sokka started to move faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until finally she came, this was a signal that he could let it go himself, which he did. Both being tired they fell asleep next to each-other almost instantly. But the last thing in Toph's mind was that all things considered, she couldn't have hoped for a better ending.

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