Dark Angels

Chapter 1: Dark Alleys

Third Person POV

Bella drove out to Salem in search of a bookstore since the town where she lives, Mill City, barley has any books. Anyway, after an hour of looking she found a one. She got out of her car and walked up to it. On the outside of the door there was a sign the said it was closed. Oh well she thought. Since it wasn't raining she decided to go on a walk. She passed a group of pale men and she seriously thought one of them sniffed her. She sped up and rounded a corner. She looked at some of the shop windows and decided it was getting late. She tried to go back the way she went but she got lost. Since she was a normal person she started to panic and she ran in one direction and bumped into something very hard. She looked up and saw it was the man the sniffed her.

" I'm so sorry." She apologized.

" It's quite alright love." Said the man. He had a British accent. She looked at the man's face closer and she saw that his eyes were red and had a hungry look to them. Scared, she backed up a bit.

" Are you lost?" Asked the man.

" Yes. Can you tell me how to get to 3rd street?" She asked.

" Yes, it's over there." He said pointing in a random direction. While she was looking in that direction he grabbed her and ran into a dark alley. She tried to scream but she couldn't since his hand was over her mouth.

" Any last words love?" Asked the man. She started crying.

" No? Fine be that way." And he bit her neck.

He drank his fill and left. He obviously though that Bella was dead but her heart beat was faint, even to vampire hearing. She was left to endure three painful days in a alley by herself.

Two and a half days later in the Cullen mansion

Alice was watching t.v. when she was pulled into a vision:

It was dark and there was a girl on the ground screaming, writhing in pain. All of the sudden the screaming stopped. She opened her eyes and they were blood red, a new vampire. She got up off the ground and sniffed the air. She looked at the moon, smiled, and was off.

Alice snapped out of the vision.

" Carlisle!" Called Alice. Carlisle ran down the stairs.

" What is it Alice?" Asked Carlisle.

" There's a newborn vampire in Salem, Oregon and she's going to massacre the city!" Said Alice. The rest of the family heard her and was downstairs in seconds.

" When?" Asked Emmett.

" In a couple of hours. We may be to late, but we can still stop her from harming more humans than she has already have." Alice explained.

" Let's go." Said Carlisle. They went out the door, piled in Edward's Volvo, and drove toward Oregon.

Okay, let's get a few things straight:

1. Bella doesn't know the Cullen's or even that vampire exist.

2. Bella is going goth, so is Jasper, and maybe Edward too.

3. I was listening to Evanescence when I got this idea.