Dark Angels

Chapter 5: Tattoo


So here we are in my room. I'm sitting on my couch and Bella is criticizing my taste in music. No one has ever done that, not even Jasper. And I'm just sitting here letting her do it. What the hell is wrong with me? Right now she's trying to explain why my music is 'crap' (her words not mine).

" Why in God's name do you have an Elvis CD.. wait don't answer that. You know what I'm going to go through all of your Cd's and tell you what's cool and what's not, but I'm going to need help, wait right here. If you go within five feet of the wall of the stuff you call music I will replace every Cd with Barnie and Teletubbies soundtracks." She said and left. What did I get myself into? I asked her what kind of music she liked to listen to and she goes up to my Cd's, looks at them; searching for something, and then she turns around looking at me in disbelief while holding up an Elvis Cd. And that's where all of this started.

Bella came back in the room with Jasper in tow.

" Okay, he is going to help me in deciding what is and what isn't music." She threw a box in my face.

" What's this for?" I asked her.

" That is for you to put the Cd's that we hand to you in. If this has to be my room too then I'm going to have a say in some stuff and when I mean some I mean all Okay." She said and went to my Cd's and started to go through them.

" Elvis..no. Pat Benetar.. no. Oh come on! Brittany Spears! Who listens to her with out cutting their head off, her voice is like a chipmunk!" She said dramatically. How did that get in there? Just then Alice came into my room and took the Cd from Bella.

" Sorry, don't know how that got in there." She said sheepishly and ran out of the room. We stared at the doorway for a minute till we went back to sorting stuff out. A few hours later we were done.

" Okay done with the music now let go with the wardrobe." Said Bella. She walked to my closet and took out everything. She threw it all in a trash bag and threw it out my window. She walked up to me grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs and Jasper followed.

" Where are we going?" I asked her. She and Jasper looked at each other like they were silently communicating.

" Hot Topic." They said together.


We got into the car and drove to the mall. Jasper was driving, I was riding shotgun, and Edward was in the back looking scared and confused.

" What's with the face?" I asked him. He looked at me.

" Well considering that you just threw all my clothes and my Cd's away and your taking me to the mall to go shopping I think I have every reason to look like this." He answered. He does have a point.

" Is he always this moody?" I asked Jasper. He laughed.

" All the time, this isn't even half of it." He said.

" Thank you so much." Edward grumbled sarcastically from the back seat. I felt a little bad for him so I turned around to face him.

" Sorry Edward." I apologized. He seemed to soften at my words.

" It's okay. Hey are we almost there?" He asked Jasper. I turned toward Jasper.

" Actually we're here. Come on we need to educate you in the finer side of music and introduce you to the darkness and the fun side of life." He said to Jasper. We got out of the car and headed into mall. When we got in there everyone stopped to look at us like we were animals in a zoo exhibit. I saw Jasper clench his jaw in aggravation.

" Jasper." I said getting his attention.

" Yeah?"

" They're just jealous that they can't pull off the Gothic look and we can." I assured him. It worked and Jasper cooled down.

" Come on there's a Tot Topic and a Fairy Gothmothers here." He said and led the way to Hot topic.

" What's the difference between the two?" Asked Edward. I have to bite the inside if my cheek to stop myself from laughing at him.

" Bella you wanna take that one?" Asked Jasper.

" Sure. Edward Hot topic is for guys and girls, Fairy Gothmothers' specifically for women; dresses, accessories, and..um.. lingerie " I explained.

" Oh." He said embarrassed and we walked threw the doors of my heaven.



Hours later we walk out of the store with our arms loaded with bags and Bella looked like she was proud of what we got. She led us toward the bathrooms.

" Okay this is where we split up. You and Jasper change out of the clothes you have on and pick something out of what we just got, I'm going to do the same only in the girls bathroom." She said. She was turning away but she stopped and whispered something in Jasper's ear, he smiled and nodded and dragged me to the men's room throwing me into a stall.

" Okay Edward, this is your first time dressing like this, do what Bella said and come out so I can see if what you wearing is acceptable." Said Jasper from the stall next to me.

" What did Bella tell you?" I asked him.

" I'll tell you after we change." He answered smugly. I sighed and opened my bags. I took out the first shirt and pants I saw and put them on, I then put on these boots that Jasper picked out and walked out of the stall. Jasper was already there waiting for me and looked surprised at what I was wearing.

" Man this style is good for you. Welcome to the club." He said. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was wearing a black T-shirt with grey and red skulls on it, for pants skull and crossbones red Tripp pants, and black boots. Jasper was wearing a Nirvana Red T-shirt, red mesh Tripp pants, and boots. (outfit on profile)

" Thanks," I had to admit I do look good.

" Now what did Bella tell you?" I asked. Jasper smiled at me.

" She told me a few things, one is that you have to put on this." He said holding a bottle of liquid eyeliner.

" Make up!" I whined.

" Dude, whining is not cool. Now come on and be a big boy and let's get it over with." Said Jasper.

" Fine." I grumbled. He handed me the bottle and I put some on.

" Now you look right." He said.

"Can you please tell me what other things she said to you?" I asked again.

"Nope, that's for us to know and you to find out in a few minutes. Now come on Bella's waiting for us." He said heading for the door.

" How do you know?" I asked.

" I feel her impatience and excitement from the other side of the door, we better hurry up or she's going to come in here and drag us out." Jasper said pushing the door open revealing a Gothic Angel. Bella was wearing a black chiffon corset, black skirt, fishnet stockings, boots with at least ten buckles on it, a black beaded choker, black and red skull arm warmers, and a red studded belt.(outfit on profile). She came towards us and grabbed my hand, the same spark shocked me again, and pulled me to a shop with no sign on the front of it. Inside there was a man sitting behind a desk.

" Ah Jasper, it's nice to see you again. Did Alice like it?" Asked the man.

" She sure did Leo." Answered Jasper. Who is this man? Wait, he's a vampire. What did Alice like?

" So want can I do for you?" Asked Leo.

" Well the two behind me." Jasper said pointing to me and Bella.

" Would like to get tattoos and some piercings." He continued. Leo nodded and went behind a curtain and came back with a sheet of designs.

" Um.. I hate to burst your bubble, but how can you get a tattoo and something pierced when our skin is harder than a diamond?" I asked him. Leo chuckled.

" Well over the my years of being a vampire I had designed a tool that can break vampire skin it's a combination of werewolf teeth and steel. As for the tattoo it's a secret. Now pick out your tattoo" He said. I reached for the sheet and found the perfect one.

" I know what he should get." Said Bella and she whispered in his ear. He nodded and pulled me into another room and sat me down in a chair.

" What did she say?" I asked. They were doing this a lot today; keeping secrets from me. He didn't answer me he just pulled out something shaped like a gun. He put it to my ear and pulled the trigger three times.

" HOLY HELL!" Damn that hurt! He did the same to the other ear. When he was done he handed me a mirror, three silver studs were pierced into the cartilage on top part of both ears a quarter of an inch apart. I turned to ask Leo a question when he grabbed my head and pulled the trigger on the piercing gun again, this time on my nose.

" Why Leo, why did you do that!" I yelled at him. He just shrugged.

" That's what the chick told me to do. Now what tattoo do you want?" He asked. I told him and he laughed.

" That special huh?" He said with a smile.

" Yeah she is." I answered with a smile of my own.


" Hi my name is Hannah, Leo's wife what stuff do you want?" The woman asked.

" I want my ears pierced twice and my nose too." I told her.

" Okay. Just warning you that this is going to hurt." She warned and pulled the trigger on the gun. Three seconds later she was done. I had two ruby studs in each ear and a smaller one on my nose.

" Nice." I said.

" Thank you, now Leo said you also wanted a tattoo. What kind?" She asked. I thought about it and came up with something that would mean a lot to me. I told her.

" That's so sweet. He must be a very lucky guy." Said Hannah.

" Yeah he is." I smiled.

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