Chapter 5: The Hidden Truth

A.D. 2025, Base number 0025 of the Earth Resistance Force - Medical Repair bay 32

Starscream shivered fiercely and his energy field flared despite his will in response to those words.

"Don't you think it's time for you to tell the truth, Starscream?" Megatron whispered, lowering his face closer to his.

The young Seeker moaned as he felt the fiery energy field wrapping around him. "What… truth?"

Megatron lowered his face a bit more, and this time his lips brushed against Starscream's.

"The truth you bury deep in your spark and hide behind foolish acts of bravado and treachery. You can't fool me forever."

Without awaiting his reaction, Megatron sealed their lips in a light kiss. Starscream's surprise and weak protest died under the delicate sensation of this curious glossa tracing his lips, gently and softly begging for more intimacy.


The movie stopped and the message "Unable to read the file. Corruption detected," appeared.

"No, no! Not now!" whined Starscream, "I want to remember!"

His new attempts to read the file led to the same message as if an invisible firewall prevented access to this precious memory. His processor started to heat and he had to stop his desperate efforts to remember. This glimpse of the memory was enough for him to guess the meaning of Megatron's reaction after the Colomnium crystal adventure. He was certainly expecting Starscream to behave more graciously and not to slap him in the face. Despite his throbbing CPU, he tried to remember what had happened after this incident.

It took a whole month for Megatron to come up with a new Machiavellian plan to collect energy from Earth and until he ordered the launch of the new operations, Starscream hid away in his quarters. Two times he stumbled into his Commander and thought he would be executed on the spot. To his surprise, Megatron's behaviour changed completely from the beginning of the operation. While the Constructicons were busy drilling to the Earth core (1), Megatron was busy re-establishing communication with his second in command.

Megatron didn't give him an inch of personal space and made efforts to explain his plans. Starscream was quite taken aback when he leaned over him and casually set a hand on his shoulder vent, listening quietly at his objections regarding the Earth's core. He didn't even get angry when Starscream's couldn't hold back his insults. Everything was going fine until Devastator, gone haywire, sent Starscream flying against a rock. The shock was rude and followed by immediate darkness.

He woke up some times later, once again with a splitting headache, the ceiling of a repair bay greeting him and Megatron at his side.

"What happened?" he asked warily.

"You were knocked unconscious after slamming against a rock," replied Megatron, moving closer. "I brought you here. The Constructicons will check your wounds after Soundwave makes sure you are back to normal."

"You brought me here?" repeated Starscream, patting his forehead. "Oh, really?"

"Yes, I did," murmured Megatron, leaning over him. He peered at his optics, "Again, I kept my promise," he softly added, "and you're not reciprocating. You still haven't told me what's going on inside your messed up CPU."

The pain in his throbbing processor was too piercing to allow Starscream to think correctly and the only thing he wanted was the end to this discussion. "Oh, yes. You kept your promise of being the most stupid tyrant of the galaxy!" he retorted tiredly. "You must have a serious glitch to imagine such loser's plans and you're definitely lucky to have an army of losers to follow you!"

Starscream knew what to expect when he saw Megatron's expression dim. He tried to protect his own face with his hands but not enough to prevent the punch breaking his lower jaw. He fell onto the floor and let out a cry when Megatron kicked him in the stomach. Starscream managed to curl into a ball, expecting more punches and kicks but to his relief, he heard the footsteps of Megatron leaving him.

"My only failure is to let you live, bitch!" the Tyrant spat before exiting.

Starscream didn't understand what he meant but didn't bother to ask the meaning of this riddle. Once again reduced to a heap of scrapped metal, he decided he would wait on the floor for the Constructicons to repair him.


This incident left him grounded on his berth for a couple of days. Once repaired and refuelled he came back to the Command room with an addiction for bickering at an all time high, powered by a revived desire for revenge. And he was not short-changed. Slaps on his face, punches on his helmet, kicks on his stomach, mirrored in their intensity by his hot sarcasm. Yes, the sickening game was on again although it seemed that Megatron took it more personally than before.

Their bickering took a strange turn at the place called Stonehenge after he had been swallowed in the past of the area (2). Already frightened by the sight of the giant lizard guarding the passage and spitting fire, he stopped thinking when he saw the laser beams of Megatron's fusion canon welcoming his return to modern times. He leapt at his leader with no hesitation, landing flat on him, hips against hips, canopy against silver chest and face almost brushing face. Their gazes locked in shock. As strange as it could be, Starscream had the feeling it was the not the first time.

"Megatron, don't fire. It's me… Starscream!" he breathed, more and more aware by the second of his intimate position on top of his leader. Treacherous as usual when he was so close to Megatron, his body totally relaxed while his hand slid on Megatron's nape and his hips rested more comfortably against his codpiece. Time seemed to stop for him until Megatron propelled him backward. The warlord stood up, roaring like a wounded lion.

"Starscream, you idiot. You ruined my shot!"

"But… Megatron," stuttered the flyer, "Aren't you glad to see us?"

A furious roar answered him while Megatron seemed to be suddenly deprived of the capacity to pronounce distinctive words. Trembling with rage, he stepped toward Starscream with the obvious intention to beat him. Starscream stepped back but was not quick enough to avoid the fist aimed at his face. He fell to the ground with a cry of surprise and pain.

"What do you think, bitch? You can send me packing and when it pleases you, jump on me again?!" Megatron yelled, "What game do you think you're playing with me, little whore!"

As an answer, Starscream tried to flee grovelling on the sand. His finger dug in the rocky ground and left tracks when Megatron grabbed his ankle and pulled him forcefully to him.

"Hughhh! I did nothing!" he squealed when Megatron's thighs imprisoned his hips and pinned on the spot. "Please!"

"I should end this here and now!" groaned Megatron, "Stop your lies forever!" he added darkly. He set his fusion canon against his canopy, sending Starscream to the edge of terror.

"No! Megatron! Pleeease!" he screamed. A shot in the face was sometimes repairable but in the spark, it was lethal. "I'm begging you! Spare me!"

Megatron's optics flashed strangely. He raised his weapon and fired at rocks on the cliff a few meters away. "Go away before I changed my mind, bitch!" he growled, as he regained some self-control.

Starscream ignored the insult and crawled lamely in the dust to get away from Megatron, who remained on his knees. He changed to his jet mode and flew away as quick as he could while Megatron vented his sudden and inexplicable ire against the cliff.


When Megatron came back to the base, there was no trace of anger on his face and he spoke to no one. He didn't even give a single look to Soundwave and walked to his quarters, which he kept locked for several days. All the Decepticons - including Starscream – believed that he was pondering his defeat. The Seeker himself attributed the enigmatic outburst to defeat and once Megatron decided to leave his quarters, he carefully followed his position in order to avoid crossing his path. The hide and seek game didn't last long as Megatron called his troops for new missions.

Once again acting strangely, Megatron affected pure disdain toward him, calling him "Seeker" rather than by his name, "buffoon" and other nice words. Starscream managed to keep his energon cool although he wanted dearly to shut his leader up. But Megatron's reaction had been totally off at Stonehenge and despite his love for bickering; Starscream was not willing to see him in such a murderous fury.

Starscream tried to remember what he had seen in Megatron's optics when he had set his canon against his canopy: furor. Anger, powered by a deep desperation. He hadn't noticed it twenty years ago, but now that he replayed the movie file, he could see those feelings very clearly. And now that he remembered that they had once kissed, it was pretty obvious for him that Megatron had been affected by a disappointment in love.

"Primus, is it possible that I once got what I have always dreamt of? Megatron's affection, if not more… and just screw it up?" he murmured.

His spark hurt at the mere thought and he felt he was crying. 'How could I have seen nothing and why didn't I ask him what had happened between us?' he wondered in despair. 'How could I have been so stupid!'

As a way of answering, a new sequence of his past started to play in his memory.

He had the misfortune to show his enthusiasm for a raid combined with bombings of Autobots positions near the Ark, effectively pillaging the nearest power plant right under Optimus Prime's nose - if the Autobot leader had a nose. Megatron, obviously pleased by this reaction, took his own pleasure by humiliating him.

"I know you admire my genius, Starscream, but try not falling into my arms like back at Stonehenge. Such displays of affection from you are always… displeasing."

For a reason he couldn't process at that time, Starscream took it bad, very bad. Wings quivering with anger, he stood in front of Megatron, putting together his best insults in a caustic medley.

"Falling into your arms? Me? My afterburners! I just leaped at you to stop you from shooting us, you old moron!" he shrieked, then shifting to a low and evil tone, "And anyway, who would want to be in the arms of an old decrepit rust can like you, hmm?" he added, "Certainly not a young and perfect mechanism like myself!"

The smirk grew evil as Megatron's optics glowed weirdly.

"Out of my sight, little brat! You'd better come back victorious!" he growled.

"Sit on your throne and admire the future leader of the Decepticons in action!" purred Starscream malevolently.


Megatron didn't punish him for those insults or his contemptuous behavior when he came back from the raid, the bunkers of his fellow flyers full with energon cubes. No, Megatron presented him with "the bill" few days later.


Megatron was completely submerged in a new plan to recover an old device from the wreck of a Cybertronian vessel, crashed on Earth millions year before. Dirge had been in charge of carrying the precious things but ended up taking a nosedive in the swamp, in Hollywood (3). Of course, Starscream took malicious pleasure in mocking this new idea. Megatron reacted more violently than ever, using him as a punching bag. After being thrown in the air countless times, Starscream decided it was safer to stay on "no sarcasm mode" and executed the orders. He followed Megatron without arguing and was appointed as team leader for the destruction of the records of Dirge's rescue.

Forgetting Megatron's anger, Starscream supervised the retrieving of the film distractedly. He kept a close optic on the humans and their recordings. After almost two years on the blue mud ball, Starscream was starting to get interested in this inferior race – with a very scientific perspective, of course. Earthlings were disgusting organic creatures - especially after being squashed - but their primitive activities, languages, societies and technologies were very interesting to study. Even with all his observations, he couldn't understand why the records he brought back created such an uproar. Megatron didn't even let him stutter excuses and tore out of his cockpit a vital power supply device. Starscream collapsed in a heap and lay on the ground, unable to speak, move or beg for assistance. Megatron relayed orders to his troops and left without looking back.

Starscream lay there for hours on end. He lost count. He could hear laser shots, human and Cybertronian cries, then the familiar noise of jet engines retreating and realized that he had been left behind. He hadn't panicked until then, almost sure that Megatron or another Decepticon would take him and carry him back to base. But nobody came. After plane engines, it was the turn of truck and car engines to die away as the Autobots left the studios. Night came and the humming of the earthling machineries stopped, leaving him in complete darkness and silence, like a broken doll abandoned by his owner. What would happen to him, after sunrise? A human would come, find him and alert the Autobots. He would end up as a prisoner at the Ark for a very long time as Megatron would certainly not negotiate for his freedom.

He was on the verge of crying - one of the rare motor activity that was left to him - when a massive shape stood in front of him. He recognized the energy signature and while he cursed the name of the sentient creature he was also thankful for his return. Megatron hauled him to his feet and pressed him against his chest, an arm snaked tightly around his waist.

"Here you are, once again in my arms. I know a Seeker who would call you "masochistic" for that!" he scoffed.

Powering up his antigravity system, Megatron took off, pulverizing the roof of the studio. Back at the base, he threw Starscream on the ground and disdainfully ordered the Constructicons to repair him. Even more strongly than before, Starscream felt Megatron considered him as a thing. HIS thing. How dared he?

Once again, he decided to be on the warpath. Seriously.

"Primus, what did I promise him to make him act in such a way?" he murmured, "What else than my… love?" he whispered to himself. A tear ran down his cheek. "Primus, if that's the case… Why can't I remember it?"

Nobody answered him and the story of his past went on, opening on a scene in which he was yelling after Megatron. The date was uncertain, as during the few following weeks Starscream made a point to try and derail Megatron's plans and relentlessly attacked him, verbally and physically. Pausing, he finally remembered what the scene was about. How could he forget this one? The last serious clash between the two started with a simple bickering about Shockwave and ended up with Starscream regaining consciousness on a desert island of Guadalcanal (4). Fuming with this humiliation, Starscream quickly devised a new plan to take leadership away from Megatron and built his own army; the Combaticons.

A perfect example of plans backfiring on him; Starscream had to lie to the five renegades to keep them under his control until they were defeated by Menasaur. Strangely lenient, Megatron exiled Starscream and his newly created Combaticons and did not even attempt to hurt him. Nevertheless, far from being ready to apologize and negotiate a possible return among the Decepticon ranks, Starscream took advantages of the considerable disorder produced by the Combaticons on Cybertron, to take a new chance at destroying Megatron (5). He eventually found himself prisoner of coalition Decepticons – Autobots, with the only alternative to be crushed under the feet of Bruticus. Cornered, with the fusion canon of Megatron directed straight at his head, he had no other choice but to help the Autobot and Decepticon coalition, wondering if it would be enough to save his afterburners.

Starscream looked at the wires pouring out of the cranial box of Bruticus, split open like a vulgar electronic component and tried to chase away the terrible thought that he might end the same way. He really doubted that Megatron would show any forgiveness toward him, despite his sudden undivided cooperation. Starscream had gone further than he ever had before, his acts of rebellion ranging from simple insults to an outright assassination attempt. Begging would certainly not have much effect on the furious Decepticon leader…

The Seeker shuddered when he felt a hand resting lightly on one of his shoulders. It was a soft and gentle touch. The sensation reminded him first of Skyfire but he discarded this eventually. Skyfire was still on Earth and had not participated to the operation. And anyway, Skyfire wouldn't be friendly with him anymore. One of his wingmates? It was also a possibility which was discarded. Thundercracker and Skywarp didn't hide anymore that they despised him. He could understand their reaction: he had never tried to apologize to them or justify his actions. Who could this mystery 'bot be?

Turning around, Starscream faced a smiling Megatron who was observing him with rapt attention.


"Very well, Starscream, you have redeemed yourself!" said the silver robot, looking satisfied, "Your plan worked and Bruticus is ours. You might return to Earth… as my subordinate!"

Starscream's optics almost blinked in shock. What was going on in Megatron's head? Was he so twisted that he appreciated being betrayed by his second in command? Or was there a hidden meaning here?

"Thank you… for sparing me, Megatron," he replied, making his best to not stutter.

"Once we finish reprogramming Bruticus to obey only me, he will be unstoppable! Mwahahah!" chuckled Megatron, while he clenched his fist as if he already held the universe in his palm. Starscream looked at the obsidian fingers and wondered why they were not around his neck, squeezing him to death.

'Why don't you kill me Megatron? After all I've done, I obviously deserve it,' he pondered, observing discreetly the madden smile blossoming on the silver faceplate. 'You don't need me to work on Bruticus; the Constructicons could do it just as well. So why?'

After that incident, overcome with doubts about his own behavior, he decided to show some sign of redemption toward Megatron and did his best to abandon treacherous plans, keeping his null-rays and cluster bombs for the Autobots. He never completely stopped provoking Megatron; the large mech seemed to just put up with it. However, this mysterious and powerful need for violence was still here, deep in his spark.

Deprived of the freedom to purge his lethal impulses inside the Decepticon base, Starscream became a pure demon outside. His favorite targets were of course the Autobots but Starscream became gradually more reckless, cruel and imprudent on the battlefield, wounding quite often the members of his own team. The praise of the Decepticon Leader about his redemption was replaced by reproaches, then by warnings and new promises of punishment. Not willing to restart a war against Megatron, which he knew could never turn in his favor, he kept a low profile. But the frustration and the desire for murder that ran through his energon tubes like a poison made him more and more unstable.

Until one day, he snapped...

Just in the middle of a battle, Starscream entered in a complete fury and frontally attacked Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader quickly took the upper hand, wounding the Seeker's wings but Starscream did not seem to realize it. Yelling, kicking, thrashing like he was possessed, he became the focus of the battlefield; Decepticons and Autobots alike stopped and stared with horrified optics at this scene of pure madness.

Finally, Megatron managed to tear him away from Optimus Prime before the truck shot him in the chest. The Decepticon leader kept the Seeker firmly pinned between him and a rock, until Starscream stopped struggling and running low on energy, went limp against him.

He didn't remember what happened after. He didn't hear Megatron's order to retreat and had no memory of the trip back to base. He regained some of his senses when his back slammed against the wall of an interrogation chamber with such a brute force that he believed Megatron wanted to embed him in the structure. Numb with fatigue and pain, he looked at Megatron, optics pleading.

"What happened to me?" he asked.

"What happened to you? You little idiot! It's me who should ask this question!" howled Megatron, slamming the smaller frame again against the wall, "What where you trying to do with Optimus Prime! Commit suicide? Bring shame to the Decepticon arm with such a foolish action?"

"I… I never tried… to commit suicide… even less-" stuttered the Seeker.

"I don't know what you had in mind… Where you even thinking at that time? Had you even noticed that Optimus Prime, frustrated with your pathetic assaults, was ready to shoot you right in the spark box?" shrieked the silver robot, "Did you even felt the barrel against your chest or were all your sensors blind with your madness?" The Decepticon leader released the pressure on Starscream's shoulders and the Seeker slid along the wall to sit on the ground. "I don't know how you got this "death wish,"Starscream, but if it is to consume you, I won't let it consume the Decepticon army. You have become a threat to everybody here!" Megatron snapped.

"No! I am not a threat!"

"Oh! Yes! You are! There is no battle without one or several Decepticons being injured because you don't even care who you are firing at! Your wing mates are afraid of flying with you! Even me, I wonder if you won't shoot me in the back!"

"I won't Megatron, I swear! I've stopped my treachery," whined the Seeker.

"Oh, yes! You stopped with your treachery only to exchanged it with sheer madness!" spat back Megatron, looking indignant, "But if you don't have the strength to stop it, I will, with or without your agreement or help!"

"What… What are you going to-"

"You are confined to base, Starscream, until Hook or Soundwave find what's wrong with you! And if nothing improves I will have you reprogrammed if necessary. It is completely out of the question to expect me to put up with a second in command who is as insane as you appear to be!"

Starscream shivered at the idea of having his mind manipulated and his core programming altered. "Why don't you kill me instead?" he breathed, staring deep at Megatron's optics.

The Decepticon leader knelt slowly in front of him, getting close enough so that Starscream could hear the main generator in his chest.

"Chase away this death wish that poisons you and you will find the answer by yourself."

Terrified of Megatron's ultimate threat which was worse than any punch or laser shot, Starscream did his best to repress his murder desires. He avoided reprogramming but he never completely managed to channel his violent outburst and murderous desire. When he was on the verge of exploding and felt the urge to vent his violence on Megatron or any other Decepticons, he flew away and exiled himself in a desert area where he could fire in all directions, break rocks until his hands were scratched, his null rays empty and his body depleted of energy. He suspected that Megatron knew about his escapes; the Decepticon leader had barged into his quarters after his long absences and caught him several times when he was tending to his bleeding body.

He never tried to fight the "death wish" as he couldn't understand what it was really about. And this evil was still lurking, somewhere, inside him, whispering at him to reject reason and choose madness. And of course, he never found the answer to the question of Megatron's strange "lenience" toward him. Until their escape from the ruins of the city, when Megatron gave him some answers.

"I never killed you because first, the army was already enough reduced and I couldn't afford losing a warrior so stupidly…"

A wall outside collapsed under the shot of a laser.

"Secondly, I've always thought that despite your miserable temper, you were a good warrior and an excellent Air Commander. I don't shoot people who are competent, even if they do try to stab me in the back. I'd rather try to handle them."

Another shot blasted the entrance of the building.

"Third, I've never understood why you suddenly came to hate me and tried to overthrow me. But I swear, I'll find the truth of the story, one day!"

"Why did I hate you? Because I didn't ever try to know the truth," he murmured. "Because you were right when you told me that my emotions, whatever it is jealousy, over-grown ambition, sadness, boldness or madness… Everything blinds me, weakens me. And I can't do anything about it! You're so right. It's like a death wish… as if I've been programmed to aim for my own destruction."

His head fell back and he sighed. Today again, if only he hadn't been so foolish, so impulsive. If only he had complied with the command of the medic, taken some rest and recharged properly, he wouldn't be here but outside, in the sky, scattering away Stalkers and this so-called Tanker.

'Scattering away Stalkers!' Starscream shivered at the thought, both by desire and fright of succumbing to the temptation of crawling to the battlefield and stupidly sacrifice his life. No! He wouldn't listen to this "death wish" and would be reasonable this time. Searching his operating system, he found the program launching the auto-repair sequence. He knew it would plunge him into a light stasis but that was the only choice he had left. A voice, deep inside him, hissed "coward! Get out there and go and fight!" but he ignored it.

While all his systems powered down he made a promise to himself. Once he got online again he would do his best to regain his honor as Air Commander. He would rule the sky and lead his fellow Cybertronians to the doom of the Empire of Salonia. All would call him "Lord Starscream, the ruler of the skies!" again and respect him as a wise officer.

And above all, he would act with more reason and never again, let this "death wish" – whatever it was – get the better of him. He would make himself worthy of battling at the side of Megatron.

No, better… He would make himself worthy of being by his side.

Several hours later.

It was the feeling of a hand wandering on his canopy and murmurs around him that woke Starscream from his light stasis. Then the caress disappeared and the volume of the voices increased. One was very familiar to him and was whispering something in his audios. He slowly powered on his optics and shivered when he realized who was leaning over him.

Megatron was an absolute mess. His body was damaged in several parts and some panels were missing, showing sparkling circuits and leaking pipes. His silver paint job showed traces of burns and disgraceful gashes. He had been certainly caught in a battle that had left him battered and trembling. Starscream wanted to cry out and asked him what had happened but his vocal processor refused to work. His motor functions were also not responding and denied him the right to bring any comfort to the injured mech.

Megatron's right hand moved to Starscream's cheek, fingertips brushing almost shyly against the cool metal. His mouth outlined a smile and his optics shone softly with a glimpse of tenderness.

"Oh, Starscream… How did you make me care so much about you?"

Although he hadn't initiated the decryption of the lost memory file, his computer announced to him that it was reading. And the scene started to play…

Starscream shivered fiercely and his energy field flared despite his will in response to those words.

"Don't you think it's time for you to tell the truth, Starscream?" Megatron whispered, lowering his face closer to his.

The young Seeker moaned as he felt the fiery energy field wrapping around him. "What… truth?"

Megatron lowered his face a bit more, and this time his lips brushed against Starscream's.

"The truth you bury deep in your spark and hide behind foolish acts of bravado and treachery. You can't fool me forever."

Without awaiting his reaction, Megatron sealed their lips in a light kiss. Starscream's surprise and weak protest died under the delicate sensation of this curious glossa tracing his lips, gently and softly, begging for more intimacy. Few seconds of this sweet torture were enough to annihilate his spirit of rebellion and he surrendered.

He left the notion of time and even pain. Only felt the warmth created by Megatron's touch and kiss, until the delicious sensation left him when Megatron pulled back.

"You desire me but refuse to admit it," whispered Megatron, breaking the kiss. His lips trailed up, caressing a cheek. "Will it help you to admit it if I confess I desire you as well?" he added, licking a tear. "Although my feelings are beyond a simple desire…"

Starscream let out a sob while fire devoured his chest and he trembled. A part of him begged to surrender while the other part wanted nothing else but to kick away the Decepticon leader. His vision blurred while tears flowed down his lips.

"You… you are the center of my life," he stuttered, "My obsession… My reason to be… Everything. I want to be with you… so dearly."

Their gaze locked in shock at those words. Then a kind of genuine smile appeared on the lips of the Decepticon's leader.

"At last, you admit it," replied Megatron, kissing him again with this surprising softness, "Why did we have to reach such a precipice for you to face this? Why do you act sometimes as if you want exactly the opposite? I don't understand you, Starscream," he added, brushing his nose against his cheek, "Tell me why… Give me some hints so that I can understand you."

Starscream stared at him and a kind of flash passed through his optics. He couldn't feel the strange heat in his body preceding his usual crisis of anger. The confusion clouding his mind when Megatron was so close was also gone. No, everything in his mind was suddenly very clear.

"It's… in me, Megatron," he breathed, "I want nothing else than to be with you but every time, it pushes me in the opposite direction."Emotions were now too strong for him to control the shaking of his body. "It's beyond my control… It's like a death wish and it's going to kill me!"

A light moan escaped him when Megatron raised him to lean by his side on the berth without care of the energon staining his immaculate paint-job. Strong arms snaked around his back and waist and pulled him closer.

"Shh, I'm here," whispered Megatron, kissing his forehead.

"I want… to be with you… forever… but," the flyer stuttered, "I can never-"

"Calm down. Nobody will kill you, I won't allow that… certainly not now that we have found each other."

"No! You can't stop it! It's in me!" Starscream shrieked. He squealed and gripped Megatron by the shoulders, ignoring the pain caused by his wounds. His optics gleamed madly as he peered up at Megatron. "And it wants you dead!"

"Calm down, Starscream!" Megatron managed to take a hold of him, pinning him strongly against him. "You're hurt. You must calm down and fall into stasis," he added, kissing him gently on the forehead, "I'll take care of the rest."

"No, Megatron. You have to listen to me!" Starscream exclaimed. He suddenly felt weak as his power level went down. "No! No! I'm shutting down! I'm shutting down!" he squealed in panic. "Don't let me-"

"Shh ! Don't get upset or try to move, you'll aggravate your wounds," Megatron replied, kissing him lightly, "And it's normal that you are shutting down. You're wounded and your system is shutting down to prevent dangerous overheating. I will bring you to the Constructicons and order them to repair you. And they will. After, you will remain in your quarters, until I make sure nobody is going to harm you. Then, only then, you will join me on the battle and," his words trailed off while his lips travelled down Starscream's dark face line to tease his lips. "And then, it will be a new era for you and me."

"Me-Megatron, I-" stuttered the flyer, falling in the darkness of recharge. "Save… me. Don't abandon me."

"I care about you, Starscream," whispered the warlord, "so much…"

The kiss that Megatron gave him was the last thing that Starscream's felt before his systems shut down.

Megatron's body went limp and his arms, deprived of energy, gave up; his body fell to cover a part of the still frame of his second in command. His face slid awkwardly along the obsidian helmet and finally rested against his faceplate. Starscream's spark tingled at the sensation of so many feelings that it was ready to explode. Data rushed through his CPU so quickly that it was overheating. Megatron was back with him, and in such close proximity! He could almost forget his lame condition.

A shadow darkened his sight and he saw somebody leaning over.

"Yes, you'll be always welcome, brother!" sniggered a mech whose voice was very similar to Megatron's, "By the way, I think your reputation of Mighty One among the mightiest, Slag Maker, fearless Decepticon warlord and nya nya nya is somehow… hum… tarnished! Mwah Mwah!"

The mech readjusted the position of Megatron's face so that his lips were now pressed against Starscream's in a light kiss.

'Megatron, you're back with me,' the jet wondered. Gathering his strength, he groped about feeling for Megatron's hand and once he found it, he entwined his fingers with his and initiated stasis mode again. 'Yes, Megatron. We found each other and nothing will be the same as before.'

For once in his life Starscream was not afraid to fall in stasis. He was not alone anymore.

The End

Note: This side-story is now finished but the story will continue with chapter 18 of Hunted Species and followings. The story will be upgraded to the M section and I hope to come up with a new chapter within a few weeks. Thanks everyone for your support and thanks Maraluch for the beta reading work and all the good advices!

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