"So called forbidden Love"

Chapter 1

I, Maddie Fitzpatrick, am standing behind the candy counter finishing my last hour of work before my shift is over. It could not be coming sooner! Gosh I cannot wait to get home and take a nice warm bath.

'Perhaps I spoke to soon.' I think as I spot Cody heading towards me.

He's dressed in a nice, white suit and I suddenly remember that all of the staff is going out to dinner tonight to celebrate the Tipton being rated one of the top hotels in the United States. It's a great accomplishment. (Guess I'll have to put the bath on hold.)

"Hey Maddie" says an all grown up and taller, 17 year old Cody as he props his elbows onto the counter.

Yep, he's definitely not a kid anymore. He's gotten taller, buffed up a bit, and his squeaky voice is no more! I know you're wondering about the hair; well it's still the same, but he still looks so much older.

"You're going to dinner tonight right?" he asks me casually.

I sigh rolling my eyes as I chuckle, "Zack sent you didn't he?" I ask knowingly.

But Cody just scoffs. Yeah he actually scoffs! "Yeah right! Like I could get him away from Kimberly."

Who? "Who?" I ask aloud.

Cody's eyes widen as he looks at me in disbelief and I can't help but think that he looks just like Courage the cowardly dog. Yeah he should probably never make that face again. EVER!

"Kimberly! She's only the girl who Zack has been dating for like two months!" Cody exclaims. (Okay loud much?)

And that's when I remember. The memory is a little vague, but I do remember Zack telling me about a Kim.

It was about two months ago. It was heading towards my 2 month anniversary with my boyfriend Kevin and I was totally sprung. Kevin had bought me this adorable teddy bear for no reason at all. It was so sweet.

I had been sitting on a couch in the hotel lobby admiring it when Zack came in yelling. I just remember him shouting something like, "I've got a date with Kim Jacobs, the finest girl at school!" And all I could think about was 'Kim starts with 'K' like Kevin! I love Kevin! Kevin is perfect!' (I was obviously very supportive………okay I didn't think they'd last more than a week, sue me!

"They still go out?" I ask.

"Yeah!" Cody practically screams at me. "He's upstairs right now getting all "spruced" up for her! She's coming to dinner. She's all he ever talks about anymore!" he informs me. And I get the feeling that Cody might not be too Crazy about this girl.

And that's when I realize something else. I have barely even seen Zack these past couple of months. Ever since he said he was dating 'oh what's her face'. (Okay I know her name is Kimberly! But I can pretend can't I! 'What's her face!' Mu Ha Ha!)

I think about it and I realize that I've missed Zack. I've barely even noticed his disappearance due to my own sprungness of my boyfriend. (Yeah I made up a word. I can do that! Got a problem?! Wanna fight?)

Zack and I had gotten closer over the years. Don't get me wrong he wasn't like my best friend or anything, but I really liked talking to him. He would always make me laugh and, believe it or not, we've actually had some pretty deep conversations. (When he wasn't hitting on me that is.)

Yep, Zack still hits on me. He is always flirting with me and asking me to go out with him, but I always turn him down. It's just weird because he's 3 years younger than me and I could never think of him in any way other than plutonic. I guess he finally decided to give up and move on. Kevin was probably a big part in that decision. Zack would always seem to get a little stand offish whenever I was with him. I don't know why. I guess he was jealous.

"Well I'm glad he's happy." I finally speak up. "And yes I will be at dinner tonight." I add.

"Good because mom wants you to sit next to her at our table or else Arwin is gonna try to get that seat!" Cody calls over his shoulder as he heads towards the elevator.

I sigh. When is Carey gonna give Arwin a chance? He's really not that bad.

I stand at the counter thinking. It's kind of weird to think of Zack being all hung up over some girl, (who isn't me that is). I don't think I like it. Wait! What am I saying?! I shouldn't care because I don't like Zack that way! I've had the chance to go out with him and I've turned him down every time! That's probably why he asked oh 'what's her face' out in the first place.

I don't know what it is. I guess I just felt special knowing that I was the only girl that Zack wanted, even though I would never be with him. I don't like him being crazy about another girl. (What?! Girls are weird like that. Ask anyone!)

But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Cody's probably just exaggerating about Zack being sprung. Yeah! Besides Cody is the one who once thought that his girlfriend was marrying a lama! (or something like that!) Yeah it's probably just puppy love. The girl is probably an ex-con, or an emo, or a geek! Ha! I'm not worried about it. I'M NOT WORRIED! I wouldn't worry about it at all. Don't YOU worry! I'm not worried about it at all………..Who am I kidding?! Zack doesn't date geeks!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I'm in my car now; on the way to the restaurant. I decided on a nice yellow strapless dress that London bought me. It hits me in all the right places. What? I'm not trying to impress him! Really, how immature. (I just have to show that girl who she's runner up to!)

My hair is curly and my make-up is flawless. I park my car and enter the restaurant. I spot Carrie and London immediately. They are at one of the tables and they seem to be in a heated discussion with Moseby. I make my way over to them.

"Hey guys." I greet.

"Hi Maddie" everyone greets. The table has 5 chairs and consists of Moesby, Carrie, London, and Cody. Surprise Surprise no Zack! (I wonder if he's with….that girl.)

"Maddie Maddie!" London exclaims grabbing my hand and pulling me to the chair beside her. "Tell Moseby silver is better than gold!" (Wow. Were they seriously talking about this? How boring can a conversation get.)

"No it's not!" Moesby exclaims. And I swear I'm on an episode of the "Twilight Zone."

"Gold will always be better than silver!" he defends. (They really can't be having this conversation right now!)

"Who cares!" Carey interrupts and I'm thinking, 'Finally someone sane!'

"Um I'm gonna get some food." I stammer as I get up from the table to escape the madness. This restaurant is one of those "all you can eat" buffet restaurants. (What can I say? Moseby is still cheap! But I still love him……cheap skate!)

I walk over to the salad bar. I've got to keep it healthy. I grab a plate and put some lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, onto it. It's no chef salad but it'll get the job done. And that's when I feel it. I don't know how to describe it but I feel a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach. It's not the nasty tingly feeling you get when your about to throw up. It was a nice excited butterfly feeling.

"Like you need a salad." I hear a slightly deep voice scoff.

I slowly turn around already knowing who it is. There right in front of me is Zack Martin. He has grown most out of the twins. He has gotten taller; even a few inches taller than Cody! He has buffed up a lot. But as I look at him I notice 3 different things that make him look all the more grown., (1)He has a shiny diamond stud in his right ear. (I don't usually go for guys with earrings but it is definitely messing with my mind on him.) (2)He has a small mustache and matching chin hair coming in. It is blondish-brownish like the rest of his hair and it is totally cute. (3) And last, he cut his hair!! I would never have believed how good it actually looked on him unless I'd actually seen it. But wow, Zack Martin looked………sexy. (Did I just say that?!)

"Hey" I say softly.

"Hey yourself" he says back and flashes me one of his trademark smirks.

"I should've known you were getting food!" I laugh thanking God for sending some words to my suddenly dry mouth.

"Yeah! Where else would I be?!" he jokes. He really does look good.

And right then his phone starts to ring he takes it out and looks at the screen. He gets this really happy look on his face and says, "Excuse me for a sec Maddie, it's Kimberly." And I get the sudden urge to break his phone, throw it onto the ground, and jump up and down all on it……..over and over again.

"Alright" I say.

I wait patiently for him to get off. I'm trying my best not to eavesdrop. It is soooo hard! Then Zack finally gets off the phone and walks over to me.

"That was Kim," (Yeah you told me) "She's not going to be able to make it to dinner tonight." he says with a sad look on his face.

"Oh what a shame!" I say. 'What a shame indeed.'

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