Hello all! Just writing to make a very important announcement!! We are making History here people!!! This is big!! For the first time ever, I am doing a collaboration with my twin sister aka PrettyGirlRocks! She's written many stories for "One Tree Hill," one for "Sailor moon" and two for "Wizards of Waverly place." All of these have been very successful! She is a very talented writer, maybe even better than myself! Anyways we're writing this together, but that is only part of what makes this project so special!!

The other thing that makes it soooo incredibly special is that it is a David/Selena Gomez story! Of course it will not be able to be posted on fanfiction because it violates the rules, but this incredible story is on Live Journal! The URL is, .com/

This story is different from any other because it is actually based on true events that have been stretched to our own wishes! This story is about the filming of the "Wizard's of Waverly place" movie! Yes they have a movie!! Be on the look out for it!

They are filming it right now! We know, from the information we have accumulated from both David's and Selena's twitters and youtube accounts, some of the things that they have been up to while filming! We will include these things! It will be as if you are on vacation with them!!

Of course David and Selena are not a real couple so a lot of the events will be made up, but this is a story and David and Selena should sooooo go out! They would be so cute together!

Anyways it's a great story so check it out! I'm not kidding! You will not be let down! Please read and let us know what you think! We getting feedback and with something so new and untainted, we are certainly going to need encouragement to continue! Well thanks for reading this and please read the story! Sorry for the chapter update false alarm! Please read the story and God bless!