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"With blinking adoration
amongst those stars
your eyes
I admire the most"

It´s impossibe, this can't be happening. Maybe the cancer treatment finally got me? It can't be happening, It's not real…Am I really dying?

The young blonde boy stands there on the hospital roof with fear clear in his heavenly blue eyes. The white nightgown dances over his slim body as the cold December wind plays with his whole being.

He knows that he shouldn't be here at this late hour but the blonde had never listened at what the nurses said in the first place. He just wanted to gaze at the sky while the fireworks explode as burning flowers over his head. But he had no clue that the roof would already be taken by someone else.

He stares confused at the man in front of him with a growing fear raging in the pit of his stomach. But he can't run, he can't scream like his mind tells him to do; it's like he's paralyzed by the dark aura emerging from the man's body.

He is handsome in a freaky kind of way; with that short spiky black hair and those pitch black eyes of his. But blood colours his pale skin red as a pair of sharp fangs pierces the neck of a defenceless sick child. A frightened yelp leaves the victim's mouth as the vampire starts to feed on his warm blood.

´A… vampire…´ The blonde youth gasp loudly with fear as the fact strikes him. The creature in front of him is a living vampire; a fiction creature that shouldn't exist in this world. The gasp seems to have attracted the man's interest and his pitch black eyes focus on the blonde. His fangs leave the red swollen skin and the lifeless body in his arms falls to the ground.

Their gazes meet and he knows that it's too late. His fate is sealed by that stare that connects with his own. He can't look away from the man's handsome face and something in those eyes tells the blonde that he have seen and felt too much pain in his young life.

The fear makes him breathe slowly like he's gasping for air. Like every second is a fight for survival. An eerie silence gives the blonde goose bumps. ´I've to run, I can't die like this…I still have some months left…but he'll kill me, he'll take my time!´

His black hair moves in the cold wind and his long jacket does the same. Everything seems so unreal, like it's a scene in some Dracula movie.

The blonde´s legs start to move by themselves suddenly, but he's not heading into safety as he wishes, but, his limbs takes him closer to the beast. It's like the man controls his body like a puppet master controls his loyal army of puppets. The man's black eyes start to change colour into a more red shade while the fangs start to grow once more.

´This is the end; I'll die here… ´

With shaking movements does he inch closer the man without really wanting to. He breathes in deeply and takes in the nice scent of his expensive perfume. The two males stands close to each other but the blonde fights with himself and tries to not look the man in the eye. He can feel the hot breath tickling his sensitive skin as the vampire inch even closer to him. And he feels a small amount of pain as the sharp fangs caresses his neck slowly.

The blonde can't help himself but he stares into the blood red eyes of his future murderer. The man tilts his head a little to the left and meets the blue gaze directed at him. Heavenly blue eyes shining with fear and confusion, but also, those eyes give him an understanding glance.

The blonde reaches out and cups the man's cheek and caresses his pale, blood drenched skin. Long piano fingers moves over his face and feels how his muscles tenses under the soft contact. The red eyes narrow and a gasp leave the bloody lips.

"..Why..?" is the only word that leaves the young man's mouth.

The vampire stumbles backwards and the small hand falls down the blonde's side again. He shivers at the lost of warmth as the cold wind seems to become harsher. Another silence makes the uncomfortable situation even tenser, but no one makes a move to break it.

The door suddenly bursts open and the loud sound make them both flinch by surprise.

"Naruto! What are you doing out here?! You might catch a cold!!"

Uzumaki Naruto turns around to face Haruno Sakura; his personal nurse at Konoha hospital. Her pink short hair is pulled up into a ponytail and her white hospital dress moves around her curvy body as the cold breeze blows by.

"Moeee! You really scared me…"

Sakura´s complains goes Naruto by, his brain doesn't calculate the information she gives him; or, he doesn't really listen at her words. The blonde young man turns around but the creature is gone. Not a trace is left behind, and even the blood traces and the child's corpse are as vanished.

"Naruto? Are you feeling alright? You're pale as a corpse, have you seen a ghost or something?"

Sakura asks concerned but with a playful tone in her voice as she walks closer. Naruto forces himself to smile weakly at his nurse and friend as she checks his temperature with her hand on his forehead

"You're burning up!"

"I'm… dizzy…"

He tries to keep his blue eyes open but it's nearly impossible. Darkness surrounds Naruto as Sakura leads him towards the hospital door. He glances over his shoulder before entering; a sigh leaves his lips. But his eyes widen as a low voice whispers; ´We'll meet again…Naruto.´ His blue orbs narrow and he glances at Sakura, but the girl seems to not have heard it at all. The blonde shivers as the cold breeze bows by once again and he hears how a faint chuckle comes with it.

"Dear angel of blue eyes
Allow my simple
Words nibble
On to the core
Of your heart."

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