Scaramouche's thoughts (and fairly impressive display of vocabulary) as she starts running with Galileo in tow. Sort of a character study, I suppose. I don't own We Will Rock You. That much is inherently obvious. Thank you to thesaurus. and the power of the Internet :) Reformatted a few minutes after posting.


She whispers the word to herself, thinks of others words to whisper.


Of course, she knows, another synonym is avoidance. And that works also.


She is avoiding turning into one of the Gaga Girls who screw Boyzone Boys after school behind white columns, hoping for popularity, something she herself refuses to do and so is estranged.


She is avoiding the weak taunts from the Teen Queens that stung at first and, occasionally, still do.


She is avoiding the scarily happy teachers who tell her about her potential if only she'd change a few things and believe more in their world that she is not a part of.


She is avoiding the career she would probably be forced to take, now that she has graduated and is free from all of the above and trapped by it at the same time.


And she is avoiding the eyes of the boy besides her, him with those open, honest eyes and genuinely likeable demeanor.


She is avoiding those eyes, who want to engage her, find out about her.


She is avoiding those feelings that surfaced when he told her that he thought she dressed beautifully.


She is avoiding him, because he could be a person that wouldn't hurt her, wouldn't tease her, wouldn't belittle her.


Sarah Slate, former Gaga rebel and now fugitive from the Secret Police, stops avoiding the boy.


Sarah turns to the boy, the self-proclaimed Galileo Figaro and smiles ever-so-slightly, providing an opening for him, which he takes.


It won't mean that will tone down the sarcasm.