It had sneaked upon him suddenly. The old cliché of love at first sight was in his case true. He had known the second he saw the Russian-Cuban that this was the person he was meant to be with. The irony almost killed him.

From the beginning Eric Delko had shown him nothing but contempt and had certainly not done anything to make him feel welcome or wanted. And all for things completely outside his control. He had almost given in to tears when he had acknowledged that it was clearly impossible for anything between them to ever exist.

Yet lately it had seemed that there had been a shift in Eric's attitude towards him. He had seemed more accepting of him, more interested in being at least friends. And while Ryan couldn't have what he wanted, he would take whatever Delko felt fit to give him. Then, he had noticed an even further shift and had felt at times that the other man was flirting with him. Not wanting to screw up what they had and worrying that it was just in his head, he didn't say anything. Choosing instead to wait for the moment that Eric made his move. Only the moment had never come. And finally fed up, Ryan decided that he would determine once and for all if Delko really felt anything for him other than friendship.

He had pulled out the outfit he wore when he went clubbing. The tight pair of jeans that he had owned since he was in college. The light brown shirt that he had been told brought out his eyes. Looking at himself in the mirror, Ryan recognized that if this didn't cause Eric to do something, then nothing would.

And it seemed his planning had been a success. Delko had appeared dumbstruck when he first saw him at work, and had had a hard time keeping his eyes off of him as he kept sneaking glances when he thought no one was watching.

Then their shift from hell had started, and all Ryan could think was that his plotting had come to naught. However, his luck held through and the case was miraculously solved. As he gave thanks to the fiber that had broken the case, he hoped that this was the night that their relationship would change forever.