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"Mr. Potter?" Harry knew it was too early, he suspected that the delicious voice trying to pull him from sweet dreams and warmth knew it too. Yet that was no right to respond or even to sound so amused.

He grunted and then rolled over, pulling the pillow over his head as he kept his eyes closed.

"Harry?" The bed dipped but Harry ignored the sound. He could sleep on, he was sleeping on. He wasn't waking up, no he was still sleeping.

The blankets shifted as a cold hand crept up his leg, Harry shivered and mumbled. "Sleeping..."

"Oh is that so?" The hand crept up further and normally Harry would have gladly allowed it but as the cold dungeon air touched his bare leg, he rolled away from that sinful hand. He closed his eyes firmly, hoping for the sweet release of dreams.

"Mmm, you leave me no choice…." Something in that voice was making Harry nervous but then he shifted as the bed dipped more as somebody leaned over him. Hands pulled the blankets away he had rolled around himself, slowly exposing him to candle light and perhaps early morning sunshine as familiar lips began nuzzling his neck, nipping, licking and sucking Harry into an incoherent mess.

A wet tongue lapped up to his ear shell, pausing, causing Harry to shiver as the owner of that wicked limb whispered. "My dear sweet mate, would you be so kind to wake for me?"

"Hmp" Was the oh so intelligent sound Harry could produce. He heard the low chuckle as the lips moved over his closed eyelids, his quivering lips which he couldn't help but curl into a smile, slowly evolving his nose into hot warmth, causing Harry to wrinkle it.

Hair was tickling his face and then a nose bumped his, lips sucking his lips into a familiar warmth as a tongue lazily pried his lips apart before slowly sweeping over his teeth, causing his taste buds to taste the minty hint of toothbrush on the breathe that was currently filling him before Harry unclenched his teeth so the tongue had free access.

After one brief dip the wonderful wicked tongue withdraw and finally Harry cracked one eye open to meet the fuzzy black ones inches from his own. "Ah, so nice of you to finally waken."

"Oh, so if I stay asleep or pretend to be you will continue?" Harry stretched, settling for opening both his eyes so he could look at Severus better. His fiancé, that word send trills of desire down his spine, was dressed already. Harry frowned at that.

Did they have an appointment which they were supposed to be getting ready for? His confusion must have showed in his face because Severus' lips curled into a loving early morning smile.

"We have an engagement we are supposed to get ready for. Or you have to get ready." The soft voice was a balm to Harry's ears as he brought an arm under his head, yawning.

"Oh and what would that be?" He worked around the yawn, closing his eyes for a moment.

"You do remember that you agreed to marry me, right?" Severus' voice sounded slightly annoyed and Harry's eyes flew open. They narrowed as they took in the black ones, what was Severus playing at? "You weren't too far gone within your mind to the fans that screamed at you, the champagne you sipped but I know that you can't hold or to drunkenly on love…" A snort, "when I told you I loved you to remember that?"

"Nope, I still remember. Why?"

"Good, because we are getting married right now."

"Oh okay…what, right now?" Harry sat up right in a flash, wide awake. Severus merely smirked and then got up from the bed in a fluent movement so Harry could focus fully on what the other wizard was wearing. He was wearing black, naturally but the robes were the same he had worn to the Ministry Ball, form fitting and formal, Harry stood staring.

"I have laid out your clothes for you. Through the next time you are receiving dress robes for Christmas, proper dress robes." Harry glanced down at the formal dress robes that were laid out on the bed. They were Gryffindor red and Harry could see how Severus scolded at them.

"Oh, come on, they are nice…"

"Yes in their own right, on you, they clash horribly…."

"I am not Ron, Severus and besides, since when did you begin to worry about how somebody looked?"

"Since I am marrying you and you will be having red hair when we travel through the floo system. They will learn your true name soon enough and I really do not need a hort of reporters or even worse, Mrs. Weasley there simply because we are getting married."

"Oh but…"

"You want them there? You want the big wedding with tons of people we don't know and who simply came to be able to say that they have been to Harry Potter's wedding?" Severus sounded annoyed again but Harry frowned.

He took the time to take his glasses from the bedside table and put them on after cleaning them on the sheets. He then turned back to Severus to stare into the dark eyes as he asked. "Would it bother you if I did?"

The older proud wizard deflated with a sigh and ran a hand over his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose before he answered. "No, not if you really wanted it."

"How about a deal?"

"What deal?" Severus crossed his arms over his chest. Harry hid a smile as he answered.

"You take me to the Ministry and we get married, properly right and then we allow Mrs. Weasley to go all out in a party, how does that sound?"

"Like I have no choice." Severus' eyes were glistering and Harry knew he had won. His lips curled into a smile and Severus gave a nod.

"Get dressed." The Potions Master snapped.

"Oh, not going to help me?"

"No, that is one thing you will have to manage alone." Severus smirked as he swept from the room, leaving a disgruntled Harry behind.

Harry sighed and then left the warm sanctuary of the bed. He shivered in the cold air, shaking his head at his lover's fanatics. Severus was amazing; there was no other word for it. How Severus always managed to surprise him with these small things was beyond him?

Weeks ago they had agreed to spend the summer together and now…now he was getting married to this wizard. This wizard who was a bitter, cold, sarcastic hateful man but who also managed to stir the most wonderful feelings in Harry.

The feeling to love and to protect. To know that Severus loved him enough to trust him with his soul, his mind and his heart. That Severus cared enough to allow Harry to be himself, never wanting to see anybody else but Harry Potter, the one who had been hidden for all these years and who only a few people had been allowed to see.

The light side of Severus, the side that forget grudges and whose eyes sparkled with love, lust, smugness and happiness in an unguarded moment. Harry's heart skipped a beat as he remembered the emotion in Severus' eyes yesterday. The love, the naked need to need Harry in his love. His beloved…

"Severus, I love you…" Harry called, giddy suddenly with a large foolish smile on his face.

"Not enough if you don't get dressed." The gruff voice called back before adding so softly that Harry was sure he was mistaken…"I love you as well, whelp."

With a foolish smile Harry went to get dressed.


How long could somebody possibly take to get dressed? Severus paced the sitting room again. His robes weren't billowing about him, causing him to glance down at his feet. It was strange to wear robes that were more form fitting.

Where is Potter?

Severus ran a hand through his hair, frowning at the door. It was already seven thirty and he wanted to be there before the Daily Prophet was released and everybody began to floo in to start the workday.

He started his tenth lap the moment the door opened and he turned. His mouth fell open before Severus found himself and closed it with a snap. Harry, his Harry was dressed in black. Harry had been dressed in black when he went to teach but this time…

Harry smoothed out his robe; his cheeks a bit flushed through the green eyes behind the glasses met Severus' eyes in amusement. "So do you like it?" Harry managed to whisper.

Did he like it? Of course he did. The robe was form fitted, as was his own but they made the most of Harry's build and Quidditch toned muscles. He looked well…delicious; there was no other word for it. Severus allowed a smirk to grace his features; he had a reputation to keep after all.

"Yes, you look well…" He settled for saying with faked indifference. Oh if only his brat knew what kind of affect he was having on Severus, too bad that these robes weren't that concealing.

"Mmm, you think so…so how does my back look, any hairs that I need to remove?" Harry turned around, peering over his shoulder. Severus released a small groan and rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. Bloody Gryffindors.

He shot a stinging hex Harry's way, hitting him in the arse. The younger wizard yelped, rubbing his backside with an annoyed look on his face. "What was that for?"

"For deliberately trying to arouse me." Severus answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well will you be at least as fair to tell me if I am succeeding or not?" Harry smirked at him and moved closer.

"Fair is not a word associated with Slytherins. You of all people should know that." Severus shot back without any real venom.

"So when are we meeting them?" Harry looked around the room as if he was expecting somebody else.

"Meeting who? What on earth are you babbling about, Potter?" Severus asked puzzled. He uncrossed his arms as he turned to find Harry looking at him with a confused expression.

"Well, the best man."

"Best man? What nonsense is going on in your head again?"

"The best man for the wedding. Have you secretly asked Ron?" Harry was looking at him, worried and Severus frowned again.

"Wizarding weddings don't have a best man, Potter. We think the people who are getting married can make their own decisions." He said, watching as Harry frowned this time.

"Oh, I thought that…"

"You thought what?"

"That wizarding weddings were the same as muggle ones."

"And in what way do we normally remind you of muggles?" Severus asked with the lift of a jet black eyebrow.

"Uhm, in none?" Harry asked, color in his cheeks.

"My point exactly."

Severus turned around to the fireplace, reaching forward to take the floo powder out of the jar. He turned back as Harry cleared his throat and asked in a strangely high pitched voice. "So there won't be anybody present for the wedding?"

Severus frowned, a scratching comment on his lips before he caught himself. The look on Harry's face was too disappointed for his liking, so all Severus could do was sigh and reach out for the floo powder…


"Mr. Weasley? Miss Granger!" Severus' voice echoed in the silent apartment of two of Harry's best friends. The older wizard glanced around, looking at the rug that lay in front of him. Gryffindor red, he sneered at it before he raised his voice again.

"Miss Granger? Mr. Weasley!" He called again.

There was sound coming from one of the rooms beyond. Severus would have crossed his arms but that would have been very uncomfortable, already his knees were protesting despite the pillow he had placed underneath them.

He sneered and then again called. "Mr. Weasley? Miss Granger!"

Hermione stumbled into the room, her bushy hair sticking out on odd ends as she hastily fastened the sash of her dressing gown. The former Gryffindor know it all rubbed at her eyes as she yawned before hurrying towards the fireplace with a worried look on her pretty features.

"Professor Snape, what is the matter? Is something wrong with Harry…?"

"Potter is fine. No, there is something of great important that we need help with." Severus merely said.

She frowned. "And what would that be, Professor…."

"Hermione, who is it?" Ronald's voice called from the bedroom door as the younger wizard came stumbling in, wand in hand as he also frowned at Severus' head in the fireplace.

"Professor, is everything alright? Nothing happened right…"Ron's expression became alarmed and Severus sneered.

"No, everything is fine. We need some of your help with a matter of importance and we rely on secrecy." He finally said with a sigh. Why was he doing this again? Oh yes, right the expression on Harry's face. The Potions Master closed his eyes with another loud sigh before he opened them again and looked at the hovering youths in front of him.

Finally Ron asked. "You are taking Harry to the ministry, aren't you?"

Severus gave a nod as he forced out, hissing. "In an hour, the Ministry for Magical Marriages! Wear something decent!"

And with a last sneer, Severus pulled his head out of the fireplace, leaving two stunned former students in his wake.


Harry looked around the deserted office of Ministry for Magical Marriages. He thought it sounded like a bad advertisement but he kept his thoughts to himself. Severus was leaning against the wall and for a moment Harry wondered what they were waiting for. Nobody was coming anyway.

He glanced up and said. "I am sorry for my reaction this morning. I…I didn't mean to spoil the surprise like that…"

The black eyes fixed on him for a moment and then Severus beckoned. Harry moved closer so he could feel the body heat of his companion, intoxicating, drawing him in as Severus purred at him, dark eyes strange. "You didn't spoil anything through you did make it more difficult to keep this a secret."

"Oh, it was supposed to be a secret?"

"Obvious." Severus replied as the black eyes rolled towards the ceiling. Harry suddenly felt incredibly stupid. He sighed to himself; he was supposed to be a twenty one year old wizard, not a small child. He was getting married and…

Fingers touched the back of his hand, lingering slowly in warmth that Harry found pleasant. His magic responded a little, rising and Harry's eyes did the same, meeting the midnight black eyes of Severus. The thin lips curled into another love, rare smile and Harry couldn't help but echo it.

Who would have thought that a year ago he had just broken up with Ginny and had been nervous about returning to Hogwarts? And here he was, getting married….getting married to Severus Snape…his most hated professor at one time…

"Yes, who would have thought it?" Severus echoed, seeming to know exactly what Harry was thinking.

"Certainly not us." Ron's dry voice said and Harry tore himself away to glance at the doorway. There stood his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. His mouth fell open and he turned back to Severus as the older teacher said.

"Yes, you may thank me."

"You asked them?"

"Well of course because you were so disappointed that none of your fans were here. For a moment I wondered if I should ask Mrs. Weasley as well…."

"Then we wouldn't be standing here, Professor." Hermione said with a smile as Harry focused on them again. They looked very nice, both dressed in dress robes and Harry felt his heart suddenly beat a little bit faster.

"Well, shall we?" Severus purred as Ron said.

"Wait a moment, Professor…"

Severus paused.

Ron stepped closer, his wand raised as he asked. "Do you promise to take care of Harry? Do you promise to properly take care of Harry and not just to use him for some way to creep back into society?" Severus' lip curled and Hermione cried out in a shocked voice.

"Ronald, how can you ask these things?"

"They need to be asked so that we can be sure that Harry is properly taken off." Severus' eyes glittered strangely as he turned to regard Ron. Harry held his breath, wonder what his friend was up to but also because of Severus' answers. Would Severus answer truthfully?

"Would it be answer enough to know that I have chosen the traditionally wizarding wedding instead of the muggle weddings most magical people seem to favor these days?" Harry was puzzled what would that mean.

"Yeah, that is good enough." Ron said with a strange laugh. It seemed that Harry wasn't the only one who was puzzled as Hermione glanced from one wizard to the other as she asked.

"Is that the one where you cannot be divorced?"

"The exact same one, Miss Granger."

"But why are we choosing that one then?" Harry asked as Severus turned to look at him. His eyes were fixed upon the black eyes and Severus frowned as he asked.

"Because it is the only bond I wish with you. It will make use of a wedding bond that cannot be broken. Nobody can come in between us. "

"Would it tie our magic together?"

"No, such a thing cannot occur without putting us both at a disadvantage. Through I need not doubt that our infused bond rings will keep many other interested candidates at bay."

"Plus everything that you own, Snape will own and vice versa. You will be tied in name, linage and everything. "Hermione gave a nod and Harry found his insides suddenly jittery. Severus was doing this on purpose, giving Harry a home, a family of his own while still allowing him to maintain his own sense of freedom.

"Unless you would prefer the simple muggle wedding." Severus added and Harry looked back at his partner. Severus' dark eyes were hooded so Harry couldn't possibly guess what he was thinking. Harry knew why Severus was doing this, because of both their pasts. This way they would be equals, in both name and standing.

It didn't matter to Harry who would view their relationship just as long as he and the rest of the wizarding world knew that he had chosen Severus uncondionally and if this was the way to do it, then so be it.

But could their relationship survive or was it just another commitment Severus was willing to make? Some sort of fault proof to ensure that even if he tried to push Harry away they would always come back together because they couldn't break the marriage? Was Severus protecting Harry from himself?

Harry sighed. He needed to believe in Severus, he already did. He trusted Severus, yes, with his life but did that also mean he would trust the man with his heart like Severus was asking?

He realized he had been silent for too long as he saw how Hermione was worrying her bottom lip in between her teeth and Severus' well placed mask had settled back into place. Wordlessly the older wizard turned and began to pace towards the elevator, his face set in the normal harsh lines.

"Severus, wait!" Harry called, hurrying after the older wizard.

"No, go ahead and cancel this appointment. Make a new one at your convenience for a muggle wedding, Harry." Severus didn't turn and Harry sighed, stopping in front of Severus, blocking his path.



"Potter, move or I am going to hex you…"

"Would be kind of hard to say my vow then, wouldn't it be? "

"I am sure one of your friends can say the words 'I do' for you." Severus' voice sounded defeated and Harry drew closer, reaching up to place a hand on Severus' cheek but the older wizard flinched away and snarled. "Don't touch me!"

"I am certainly allowed to touch my bond mate, aren't I?"Harry dropped his hand but didn't back away.

"There is no need for touch between us if it will be a simple muggle wedding." This time the mask broke a bit and Harry could see the sadness deep within the dark eyes.

He reached up again, ignoring the flinch as he placed his hand on Severus' cheek. "Why are you so adamant on a wizarding wedding?" He asked, throwing caution to the wind.

"Because I want something that is ours and not spoiled by anybody else. This bond between us is sacred and nobody else will ever be able to come between us. Nor can they deny the bond. For once in my life, Harry, I want something pure and unspoiled by others, is that so hard to understand?" The voice dropped lower with each passing word and finally Harry smiled.

"That is the reason I was looking for." He curled his hand around Severus' neck, pulling the older wizard's head down. He glanced up into the obeisant eyes as he said. "I thought you did it to protect me from yourself. To even if you managed to push me away, the bond couldn't be broken."

A small smirk curled the thin lips. "You know me a little then."

"I am glad I do." Harry felt extremely sappy as he said these things but they needed to be said. He needed to say them. Severus shook his head and then within one fluent movement he swooped down and claimed Harry's lips.

"Oi, you can't just kiss seconds before your wedding…" Ron called, just as the door opened.

"And the next one may enter, Severus Snape and oh...my…" The soft female voice broke off gasping and Harry ducked his head, breaking the kiss to blush as he stared around at the slender young witch standing in the door opening.

"Oh my, Harry…Potter…" She stammered.

"Yes, that is me." Harry calmly said as he turned fully to face her.

"And Professor Sna…Snape!" This time the girl went white and Severus frowned as he asked.

"Georgia Williams, from Ravenclaw?" Severus looked closely and then he sneered, saying so soft that Harry was the only one who heard it. "But of course I have to come across an old student of mine. Why not? And on my wedding day of all days."

The witch smiled friendly as she gave a nod and then said. "Welcome sir and you too of course, Harry. You had an appointment at eight?"

Severus gave a nod as his hand closed around Harry's, pulling the younger wizard with him as they walked to the door the smiling Georgia held open. Harry barely had the time to smile at her as he was dragged inside. Inside the room was an older Ministry office whose eyes widened.

"This is the nine o'clock appointment?" He asked in a slow voice.

"Yes, Mr. Stevenson, this is the nine o'clock appointment." Georgia said with a wink at Harry. The older wizard had a bald patch on top of his wrinkled forehead and he peered through thick glasses as he whispered loudly.

"Is this binding coessential?"

"Of course it is." Severus snapped instantly, on his guard and Harry swallowed a chuckle. He supposed to an outsider it didn't look like it, him being dragged into the room. Carefully he loosened Severus' hold on his hand and stepped closer as he answered.

"Yes, this binding is coessential. We are here to be married." He looked up at Severus which such a loving expression he was sure it would kill bees from the spring air and wilted flowers instantly. Severus stared back with his usual scowl and Harry nearly laughed. He felt so giddy suddenly.

He looked back at Ron and Hermione who were both snickering softly. Hermione's brown eyes twinkled and she said, managing to recover. "Professor Snape can be very menacing when he wants to be but I thought that nobody could get married without the consent of one of the people in the bond."

"You are right, young lady…" Mr. Stevenson took a wheezing breath, obviously getting ready to continue with a lecture.

"Like that is a surprise." Severus managed underneath his breath, causing Harry to snicker.

The older wizard rolled his eyes and then he turned back to Georgia. "Have you seen today's Daily Prophet, Miss Williams?"

"No, I have not, Professor."

"Ah, such a pity. Maybe then this would go a bit faster and quite a lot smoother then."

"Mr. Stevenson is one of a kind but if you want something quicker you will have to wait until 11 o'clock when his assistant comes in. Mr. Stevenson likes to drone a bit."

"Just a bit…" Harry elbowed Severus in the ribs, not caring if it was rude or not. He sighed and then turned to the older wizard.

"You do realize that we haven't even gotten rings yet." A black eyebrow rose in inquiry as Harry voiced his worry.

"We haven't gotten engagement rings, no, you are right. Do you wish for some then? I could gift you if you so desire but then I do have to press on you the importance of having to wait the scheduled time for a normal bonding ritual."

"Oh and how long is that?"

"A year." Severus sounded unimpressed as Harry stared up at him.

"You plan to make me wait a year?" Harry managed to gasp. Somehow that didn't sit right with him. He frowned at himself and then looked back up at Severus, at the dark eyes that were glittering strangely again.

"If you insist on bonding engagement rings, then yes, I do plan to make you wait a year."

"And here I thought you were not so big on traditions." Harry murmured as in the background he could still hear Mr. Stevenson. Perhaps they would be forced to wait on his assistance. Severus sighed besides him and then said.

"Well, I thought by now that you know that some traditions I do tend to follow. I do not want to be accused of robbing Harry Potter's honor."

"No, just his innocence."

"Oh, I had no idea I was your first. I thought that dubious honor belonged to Miss Weasley."

"Oh, you know what I mean." Harry huffed as Severus smirked and said, curling his fingers lightly under Harry's chin so the delicious green eyes met his.

"Yes that I do."

The silence greeted them and Ron yawned widely. Harry fought the urge to voice his thoughts of: finally, it would be rude and he didn't want to do that. Hermione seemed to be thinking something over and the moment she opened her mouth again, Severus cut across and said sharply. "One more question, Miss Granger and I will be forced to hex you straight into St. Mungo."

"You can't just threaten Hermione…" Ron seemed to swell with rage.

"Well, he can if I tell him what you have been saying about him, Hermione." Harry answered and Hermione's head turned to him as she gasped.

"You wouldn't!"

"I would." Harry calmly said, smirking a little.

Hermione's brown eyes widened before they narrowed. The former prefect seemed to think on it and then she deflated with a sigh before she said. "Very well then. I won't ask any more questions."

Harry grinned and then Hermione whispered. "Are you sure you had not better be suited to have been sorted into Slytherin?" Harry merely shuddered. He was aware of Severus beside in and if he had been any less patient the man would have been hopping by now and shouting his frustrations.

Mr. Stevenson turned to them and then said, shuffling some parchments. "I believe Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape are next…"

Smiling and feeling extremely nervous suddenly Harry took a step forward, toward the desk. Severus took his elbow and followed him, pushing him forward as the Potions Master hissed. "And pray tell, what did Miss Granger told you about me?"

"Nothing that is repeatable for sensitive ears." Harry murmured back. He heard the barely restrained growl behind him and the hand on his elbow tightened to an almost painful grip as he was pushed forward.

The dark velvet voice in his ear send shivers down his spine as Severus whispered. "Come tonight you will surrender all your secrets to me."

"Promises, promises." Harry murmured even when he shivered with pleasure. He really did hope that Severus would keep those promises but he had no doubt that his beloved would try.

They reached the desk Mr. Stevenson was standing behind. The older wizard placed reading glasses on his nose and shuffled his parchments again before he glanced up at the wizards standing before him. Harry could feel the magic deepen in the room as Ron and Hermione took their places on either side of Harry and Severus.

"You are here to be bonding in a wizarding ceremony. Are you here out of your free will?" The slow voice took on a deeper meaning and Harry caught Severus' eye before he said, Severus' deep voice in tune with his own.



"Good, this marriage contract is legal and binding as any other magical contract. You will be married for the law and will thereby be sharing all of your possessions and also last names. The wedding vows are of your own choosing. I simply ask that you repeat the traditionally phrases after me when you are done with your own personal vows. You may proceed."

His breathing was catching in his throat as Harry looked back at Severus. Any word he had wanted to say suddenly stilled on his lips and he forgot everything he ever wanted to say. Severus held out a hand, palm up and then Harry placed his own hand in it. The black eyes bore into his relentlessly and Harry knew he couldn't look away if his life depended on it.

How could he describe his own feelings to a man who had begun to matter so much to him? Who within a short period of time had turned Harry's world upside down. Who made Harry feel so incredible and so safe and loved even while demanding the best of Harry.

How could he put those months into words or promises? How could he even begin to grasp the magnitude of his emotions and to make Severus understand them?

He was struggling so hard and as he opened his mouth to say something, a slender finger rested against his lips and Severus spoke in such a low whisper that even Harry had to strain to hear it. "Like I said yesterday, you do not have to say it now if you don't think yourself capable. I will listen to it even if you decide that you are ready within five years."

"But I…" Harry said and then fell silent. He was unsure of what he wanted to say. But he wanted to say something, just anything. This was not an occasion he would be silent for.

Severus was watching him, looking at him with more patience then the man had ever shown before. Harry took a deep breath and then said the only thing he could think of saying. "I wouldn't change anything for the world, Severus. I will continue to push you to open up more, only accepting what you want to show me. I will never ever let anybody else be my lover, my companion or my mate like you will be. You will be the only one. The only one who will see the scars, the wounds and the nightmares and who knows how to heal them. I will try to continue to be myself but what is more, I will always be your insolent, miserable and spoiled brat because I know that it is the only thing that you want in your life."

Harry could have continued on how he would keep Severus safe, loving him always and such things but he knew Severus did want to hear those. No idle promises and then the older wizard smiled and said.

"That will be more than enough, Mr. Potter." And while many people would not have enough with those simple words, for Harry they were more than enough. He could read it in the dark eyes of his beloved, the words Severus couldn't say.

How he would take care of Harry, loving him, making him want for nothing but above all else, being Harry's family. His eyes were watering but Harry could only nod, blissfully happy suddenly as he raised a hand to touch the slightly gaunt cheek and with just the smallest sigh, Severus leaned into him and then Harry's heart overflowed with emotion.

"I love you." He whispered eyes and voice steady as he stared into the dark eyes.

"And with everything that is mine, I love you, brat." The deep voice answered him, a balm to his nerves and Harry smiled again, longing for nothing more than to kiss Severus. He knew that he never had to share Severus again and as his mind slowed to feel the tightening in his hand, he asked.

"You will take care of me? You will love me till the ending of time or beyond? You won't let anything else come in between us?"

"Of course not. Do I even need to ask the same questions?"

"Like you would allow me to do otherwise…." Harry rolled his eyes as he heard the soft laughter of Ron and then they both turned back to Mr. Stevenson who was smiling benignly at them, reminding Harry somewhat of Albus Dumbledore, just the expression on the wizard's face he suspected.

"You both promise to let no other in your heart until death separates you? You promise to be faithful to one another and let no other in your mind or in your beds?"Mr. Stevenson was asking as Severus whispered huskily, sending chills down Harry's spine.

"Damn, there goes my plan for a Ménage a trois. " Harry glanced at Severus, surely the older wizard was kidding.

The dark eyes were glittering with amusement and Harry said. "Well and who was the third party you were interested in?"

"Depends if you have an appetite for blonds."

"I am not sharing." Harry hissed loudly at which Mr. Stevenson said.

"And I do not expect you to, Mr. Potter. Now would you please hold each other hand and then repeat after me. I swear to be faithful to you till the ending of time, binding my soul to yours, my magic to yours. To share your name, house and power for all eternity."

Harry could feel his magic cracking in the air as he spoke the words, knowing how powerful the vow and the commitment he was making were now. He spoke them with all the conviction and love he felt for Severus as he watched his stern wizard echo the same words.

Their voices blended together effortless into the powerful vow, more binding then even an Unbreakable Vow and Harry smiled as he finally said the final word. His magic settled down after a tentative brush over Severus' arm and the older wizard send Harry a smirk.

Severus turned to Mr. Stevenson and accepted a silver ring. He held the ring out for Harry and he slowly slid it on Harry's third finger, pausing to whisper a slow spell over it, causing the silver bands in the middle to light up green. The smirk as he raised his head, looking Harry in the eye was smug.

Harry merely raised an eyebrow and just as smoothly slid the other bond ring onto Severus' finger, whispering a different spell to change the same bands to red. Severus stared down at his ring in dismay, growling softly.

Luckily Mr. Stevenson broke in just as the Potions Master opened his mouth. "I now pronounce you bond mates. You may kiss the groom."

And Harry reached up to pull Severus' head down he kissed his new bond mate hungrily, to the cheering of his friends who smiled happily at the new couple.


The students for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were eating their lunch when suddenly the door opened and both Professor Snape and Professor Potter came stumbling in. Some students glanced up but by this time it had become such a common occurrence that both Professors were late for lunch that it didn't even bother them anymore.

Minerva McGonagall, Headmaster for said school glanced up from the Head Table and sighed. She shared a look with the tiny Charms Professor Fillius Flitwick before she boomed; knowing immediately that it wouldn't work but well, a bit of authority was never wrong. "Professor Snape! What is the meaning of this?"

Harry giggled and then answered. "Nothing, we were just a bit late."

Minerva wasn't the only one who was puzzled as Harry answered. She frowned and then said. "I believe, Professor Potter, I asked the question of Professor Snape."

Severus Snape appeared very smug as he answered. "Yes, you did and he answered…"

The students began to whisper and Minerva sighed, rolling her eyes as she snapped. "Stop that this instance, gentlemen. This is no time to be coy. Now for the last time, why were you late, Professor Snape and why was the half of your classes cancelled?"

"Because…." Harry frowned, much to the amusement of the students who were whispering loudly as he turned back to Severus. "You cancelled our classes?"

Severus opened his mouth to say when Minerva interrupted.

"I know that the Ministry Ball was yesterday and that you had quite a lot to celebrate, with your engagement and all…." She was of course referring to the front page news of the Daily Prophet under the title: Bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses; Potions Master Severus Snape has managed to bottle fame and brew glory in his engagement with Wizarding hero Harry Potter.

"Oh that is old news already, Headmistress." Severus purred, pulling Harry to him. His oddly glittering black eyes fixed upon her and much to the horror of the students he smiled as he said. "I couldn't let Rita Skeeter have an exclusive story so I had to rectify that situation as soon as possible. Since this morning 9.46 AM Professor Harry James Potter will be known as Harry James Potter Snape and I will be known as Severus Tobias Snape Potter."

Shocked gasps went up around the Great Hall and while Harry turned in the arms that encircled him, he knew that within hours howlers would come to his classroom about not following proper tradition but as his eyes held those of his bond mate, he knew that as his lips met those of Severus that wherever their paths would take them, he would always be happy just as long as he was with Severus and that was all that mattered in their own slightly adjusted happy ending.

The end (Finite Incantatem)

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