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Title: Anonymous Hero
: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Victor Vauxhall, Arianna and Jesse
: I won't tell a soul.
: M
: Prologue
Words per Chapter:
: AU, Severitus' Challenge, street living, language, some violence, relationships, unknown identities and whatever else this demented author manages to think up.
: Experiences are what shape people into who they are. What happens when the majority of someone's experiences comes from the streets? One young boy gets left on the streets and in doing so changes the entirety of his life. Without any knowledge of who he really is, he must face a world of magic and rise above it.
: this is my own take on the whole idea of Harry growing up on the streets and making it a bit of a Severitus challenge. As with most stories of this nature, it was inspired by the story "Not Myself" by Saerry Snape. This is my own way of making it, via the help of my lovely sister and editor (some of the time) Daeleniel Shadowphyre. So I hope people like it, and I hope it makes sense.


On the morning of November the second, a woman with a horse face and a long neck made her way outside of her house. In her hand was a carrier filled with empty bottles of milk. The family had a tendency to go through these quickly, but that wasn't surprising with the size of the woman's husband and what would probably be the size of her son. However, the woman did not expect to find a bundle lying on her doorstep. Peeking out of the bundle was the head of a little sleeping infant.

The woman leaned forward and got a good look at the child, her eyes widening in recognition. She knew the appearance that little boy had. She carefully set the milk container down and looked around. There was nobody else around in the early morning, which suited her perfectly fine. She did not need anybody seeing a little infant lying on her doorstep. She then looked up the stairs, hoping that her husband would not come down. He did not need to see what lay on their doorstep. She had yet to touch the sleeping child, but this wasn't unusual when it came to the woman.

She turned and walked into the house, not getting the child yet. It was a chilly November morning and she was grabbing her suede coat. It was a long coat, but made specifically for women. She then looked at her purse and keys and grabbed them. She needed to get them if she was going to go anywhere. The woman knew what she needed to do. She could not let this child live in her home, nor could she let her husband see it. He did not like children like the little one in the bundle of blankets. She may not like it herself, but she had to keep this child safe. She picked up the child, the letter that had been clutched into his fist falling to the ground and catching her attention. She looked at it and set the child down in her car. She then bent over and picked the envelope up. She read the front: To Petunia Dursley

She paled a bit as she recognized the handwriting that was scrawled with her name on it. Petunia swallowed. She sat down in her car, carefully closing the door and opening the letter. She didn't want to wake up the child, so she kept it as quiet as possible. She opened the letter and read the words that were written to her. She knew she wasn't going to like them the moment that she saw them.


Last night your sister was murdered by the Dark Lord Voldemort. Her husband was also killed, leaving their son an orphan. There are some blood protections that can be cast upon your home to keep all of you safe, but he needs to stay at your home to make sure of this. Please take care of him.

Albus Dumbledore

Petunia just sat there, staring at the world for a moment longer. She didn't know what to make of it. She was being told that someone would cast protections on her house to keep her family safe. The thing was that to do so she had to keep the person that would likely endanger them in her home. This was not okay in the woman's mind. She looked at the sleeping child and shook her head. She couldn't do this. She knew that her husband would react badly, and she knew that she just couldn't expose everyone around her to that. She had to do something.

She turned the car on and backed out of her driveway. She then began to make her way out of the neighbourhood. She looked over her shoulder and out the back of the window of her car. The little child slept next to her. There was no reason for the baby to wake up. She took a deep breath and drove away from her home of 4 Privet Drive. Petunia focused on her driving, taking deep, solid breaths. There was nothing she could do. She had to focus and that's all that mattered right then. At that specific moment, as she drover further away from her home, she began to think over what she was going to do with the child. 'Where can I leave him? I cannot place him anywhere in town, there's a chance he'll be brought back to my house. No, I need to take him away from here all together.' Petunia focused on her driving as she thought over the places she could leave the little boy.

The woman didn't take any notice of the fact that she was going over places to leave a child, she was only worried about her own family. The infant's wellbeing didn't matter in that moment. All that mattered was that she kept her family safe. What she had read told her there was no chance of that. She didn't want to subject anyone to that mess. 'I know, I'll go to London. There are enough homeless people there. That's a high chance he'll be fine.' With that decision made, she turned onto the road out of Little Whinging and towards London. A few cars were on the early morning road, but there wasn't major traffic. It would make her driving easier. She focused on the road, not on the child she would be leaving.

Partway to London, the little child began to wake up. He mad a noise and started to move a little bit. His arms escaped from the confines of the blanket and stretched out in front of him. They faced towards the air. Petunia took no notice of these movements. She kept her eyes trained upon the expanse of road towards London. She had to get rid of this child. In her mind, the quicker she did so, the better it would be for her.

It took a little bit, but London came into view. Petunia went over the different streets she knew of, but she didn't have that much knowledge outside of places that weren't in central London, on the west side at least. She automatically drove to the one area she knew very well. It wouldn't matter to her; many homeless people wandered around and might find him. The child wasn't her problem. She had her own son to take care of. She did give a slight thought that maybe she shouldn't leave the child, but she quickly pushed that out of her mind. The part of her that was a mother insisted that she had to. She focused on the streets that she knew of.

There were a few random people around early in the morning, but they held no significance to Petunia. She ignored them and just tried to find a place to get rid of the child. She finally pulled to a stop at an abandoned stretch of road. Nobody was walking this set of streets. She stopped her car at the curb and climbed out. She picked the child up and walked to an alley. The street she was at was on Vauxhall Bridge Road. She looked at the other side. She was at the corner, and the next sign read Victoria Street. She shrugged and set the child in an alley. The weather was cold in early November, but Petunia didn't pay attention. She gave the child one last glance and then climbed back into her car and quickly drove off.

What she was unaware of, was that someone had seen her leave the child. She hadn't seen them. The person was a young girl, her appearance no older than the age of ten. The truth was, she was fourteen. This girl came from the East End, White Chapel. Sometimes it was seen as the slums of London, to random people that didn't necessarily know. She was one of many East End children, alone and homeless. She had been alone all her life, that she could remember anyways. She walked up to the little boy and picked the infant up. He opened his eyes and revealed beautiful green orbs. She gave him a slight smile.

The boy watched her for a moment. He touched her face. "Mama." The girl frowned. She didn't think that the boy was referring to her, but she did think that the woman that left him was his mother. She sighed and felt sorry for him. It wasn't right that a mother leave their child.

"Nuh, I no' you mother. Me name is Jessica. I canno' do anythin' for yeh. I should take yeh to an Orphanage," Jessica said sadly. The little boy was cradled gently in hr arms. She had never held a child before, but it did feel natural to do so. The boy shifted a bit and made a little noise of frustration as he was still wrapped tightly in the blanket. All that he had free was his arms.

A boy walked up to her. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked down at the boy and blinked. "Jessie, wha' with the kid?" He looked back at the brown haired girl with one of his nearly invisible eyebrows raised. This wasn't right in his mind. He didn't understand what was going on.

"Sean…'E's a child. 'Is mum left 'im." She looked at her friend, a pleading look on her face. He shook his head and wanted to convince her that there was nothing she could do. Of course, that just wasn't Jessica's way.

" 'E's a child Jessie. 'E canno' take care of 'imself. 'E'll jus' be trouble," Sean said. He wanted Jessica to understand that they had to look out for themselves. He didn't want her to take on a responsibility that would be too much for the fourteen-year-old. The two had lived on the streets their whole lives and they had learned to take care of themselves. They had run into each other by accident, but Sean still cared for Jessica. She shook her head.

Jessica kept her eyes on the green eyed infant. "I wanna keep 'im. Sean, I dun care wha' yeh goin' teh say. He needs a place to leave." She was frowning when she turned her face to him. He scowled at her. He didn't want to see her take on a child. The two had to look out for number one. Of course, Jessica had a very big heart and that wouldn't matter to her. She was going to take care of the child.

"If yeh wan' teh take 'im, yeh can 'ave 'im. Yeh jus' get teh take care o' 'im yehsef," Sean stated. He didn't care whatsoever. Sure he cared for Jessica, but she was the one with the big heart, not him. He just wanted to keep her safe. She could do this without his help. He thought that maybe she would realize the trouble and get rid of the little boy quickly. That's what he believed at least. Children were trouble as far as he was concerned. They required people to have to actually have jobs. That was something that Sean thought was a waste of time.

Jessica gave a slight smile at Sean, even though he had turned away from her. She knew he wouldn't help, but the guy was a good person. He just didn't want to let people see it. She was the only one that ever did. "Thank yeh Sean, and I will take care 'o 'im."

Sean gave a shrug and looked over his shoulder at him. "So…Wha' yeh gunna name 'im?" He had one of his blonde eyebrows raised. Jessica knew he wasn't curious, but he would ask anyways. He always asked, but his curiosity seemed to be at zero.

She looked at the two street signs. She knew how to read thanks to the library, which accepted them. That place never kicked the children out, but they would get strange looks. She then looked down at him. "I'll name 'im Victor Vauxhall. It's teh place I found 'im," she said. She was proud of that thought. Sean raised an eyebrow, but nodded. He then looked around and grabbed Jessica's shoulder and dragged her off. The two needed to leave before people woke up. There was also the fact that since Jessica insisted on keeping the child; they would need to find something for the kid to eat, as well as themselves.

A/N: I will quickly admit that this is a pain to write in this manner! I'm an English person, meaning everything is supposed to be spelled correctly. So yes, this was difficult, I hope everyone enjoys it though, this is what I was working on for a while. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this.