I normally don't write about the Trio, but this one just kind of wandered across the brain cells. No, this doesn't mean I'm getting into the shipping war thingy. This is for everyone everywhere who has ever had a crush on someone.


Ginny hung the wreath on the front door of the Burrow. Harry was staying with them for Christmas this year, something she had been looking forward to since she had found out about it. But now she felt so frazzled that she spent most of her unoccupied time making paper chains just keep herself from doing something stupid.

"Come on, Ginny!" Fred was calling to her. "We're having a snowball fight!"

"I don't know--"

Harry waved to her. "Come on already."

Ginny swallowed hard and tossed her head. What would it hurt? It was just a snowball fight. "I'm coming!"