I love the Transformers! I loved the original 1980's cartoon! I thought of this story and I wish that it were one of those legendary cartoons! So Autobot-fans, transform and read on!

From A Good Morning…

It was quiet at Autobot HQ. The Decepticons haven't made any attacks in a while meaning that the heroic Autobots had nothing to do. It gave them time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the planet Earth. It wasn't the wondrous, tall, metallic towers of Cybertron but Earth was unique in its own special way. The Organic planet made the Autobots feel at peace, unlike the Decepticons who only saw it as an energy fountain. When the Decepticons were quiet like today, the Autobots relaxed for a while, most of them were still trying to master American Football with the Dinobots. Hound, the illusionist genius, wasn't particularly happy when he got picked to guard Grimlock.

'C'mon guys, pick someone else for a change!' he cried.

'Me, Grimlock, will crush puny Autobot for funny shaped ball again!' shouted the strong robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As Hound grimaced his comrades laughed. As they did they were unaware that they were being monitored by their leader, Optimus Prime, from Teletraan-1. Optimus himself chuckled at Hound's misfortune; it did his spark good when his troops were enjoying themselves. Of course Optimus was unaware that Jazz was watching him with Prowl.

'It's a shame don't cha think Prowl?' said the smooth-talking Autobot.

'Hmmm? What?'

'While we're all out enjoying ourselves, ol' Optimus is standing here waiting for those Decepticons to make a move! He never gets the chance to relax man!'

Prowl took what Jazz had said into consideration. It was true; Optimus Prime never, ever relaxed once! Well it was his responsibility as leader to prepare for anything but Prowl thought that even a leader must have a break once in a while. They looked back at him, still standing at the control panel. He looked like he was just watching his Autobots through Teletraan-1 but even Prowl could tell he was just waiting for those little words…


Optimus Prime suddenly switched the panel to the world map of the planet.

'What his it Teletraan-1?' he asked calmly.

Prowl sighed and Jazz just snickered.

'Talk about bad timing!' thought Jazz.


Optimus began to think. He was a quick thinker and being a machine could think 100 times faster then that of a human with a high IQ. Why would Megatron attack a power grid in this Las Vegas? He would get more power from a power plant. Then again Las Vegas was a big city, using 10,000 volts of electricity to entertain its visitors. Still it didn't sound like Megatron, but Megatron wrecked havoc where-ever he went. Never the less, human lives were at risk and Optimus Prime and his Autobots considered it their duty to protect the people of this planet. Optimus turned and was a little surprised to see Jazz and Prowl standing there.

'Jazz, tell the other Autobots to prepare for battle!'

'I'm on it Prime!' replied Jazz, dashing off faster than he usually did in his vehicle mode. As Optimus and Prowl made their way to the exit, Optimus got a feeling that this was going to be one of those days.

Megatron looked down on the large city of lights.

'How disgusting.' He thought.

The fact that these human insects scurried around wasting their time and resources on these measly contraptions and primitive lights made Megatron hate them even more. In the beginning, Megatron had always believed that he was a superior being. The Transformers were eternal machines with advanced science that made other worthless species look like cells just beginning to evolve. Time to the transformers was never ending; they lived as long as the space and time and human lives were mere seconds. Pointless was all that Megatron considered them to be. If he had the choice he would destroy this worthless world, but that would waste the limitless energy it had. After they sucked the planet dry it would be a floating lifeless rock in space. This of course would have happened long ago if it weren't for Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Megatron had planned to wipe out the Transformers who didn't want to follow him long ago but when Optimus Prime became leader and formed the Autobots against the Decepticons, the war that lasted eons began. Soon the only thing that Megatron wanted was to see Optimus Prime turned to scrap, too many times had the Autobots foiled his plans. This time was going to be different though. Megatron spun round, to face one of his loyal soldiers, Soundwave.

'Soundwave! Is everything ready?'

The cold and calculating officer displayed a blueprint on the panel in his chest.


'Excellent!' exclaimed the Decepticon leader.

Suddenly a red jet zoomed over head. As it got closer to the ground it transformed into one of Megatron's least favourite soldiers, Starscream. Since the beginning Starscream had always made it clear that he should be leading the Decepticons and was always saying how Megatron's plans were pointless and stupid. He would be space dust by now but, even though Megatron didn't want to admit it, he was a skilled fighter.

'Megatron! This plan is pointless!' he screeched,

'Surly the Autobots would figure out what you're scheming!'

'When I want your opinion Starscream, I shall ask for it! Now is everything ready on your side?'

Starscream sighed,

'Everything is ready. I doubt it will work but we're all ready.'

Megatron smirked. This plan was full proof. Soon Optimus Prime will be a faint memory in their memory banks.

It was sunset as the Autobots drove past the city of Las Vegas. Spike Witwicky was sitting within BumbleBee and all he did was stare out the window. He was a little young to gamble but the lights of Las Vegas fascinated him, as it did with the Autobots.

'Wow! That's brighter than a solar flare!' said an excited Wheeljack.

'Not as bright as the cities back home!' argued Mirage.

Spike wheeled round to the communicator at Mirage's comment.

'You mean there are cities on Cybertron brighter than this!'

'Of course.' Said BumbleBee,

'Well there used to be, before the war. Iacon is one of the largest brightest cities left!'

As the Autobots continued their discussion with Spike, Optimus Prime thought back to the time before the war. When he went by the name Orion Pax and was a simple warehouse worker. He used to walk from city to city admiring their beauty. Las Vegas was a mere light bulb compared to the cities on Cybertron. Then the war broke out and he became Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots, thanks to Alpha Trion. After that the bright cities were only lit by the flames of war. It hurt the Autobot leader very much and hoped that one day Cybertron would be like it was in the golden days.

'Yo, Optimus!'

Optimus Prime was interrupted from his trip to memory lane by Jazz, zooming up behind him.

'What is it Jazz?' he replied.

'Well we're nearing the power grid but I don't see any Decepti-creeps!'

That was a good point. At the distance they were now, Starscream, Thunder Cracker and Sky Warp would had attacked from the sky by now. Was it a trap?

'Autobots!' ordered the valiant leader,

'Be on the look out! We may be heading straight for a…'

Before Optimus Prime could finish, laser fire rained down in front of him causing him to turn a sharp right. Starscream and Sky Warp were in the dark sky, firing like crazy. The Autobots suddenly started zigzagging to doge the blasts. After the jets passed them, the Autobots transformed into their robotic forms. Ironhide pulled out his blaster and aimed for the red jet that was Starscream.

'Starscream, I'm gonna turn you into so many parts, Ratchet wouldn't be able to put you back together!

'Like I would!' shouted the medical officer also firing at the jets.

As the Autobots held their ground, Megatron stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking the battle. Next to him were Thunder Cracker and Soundwave with his small assistant Rumble. Megatron sharply looked at Thunder Cracker.

'Thunder Cracker! As soon as Optimus Prime is near the targeted area unleash the new weapon Soundwave assembled!'

Rumble was sitting on Soundwave's shoulder. He suddenly hopped up and cried out to his leader.

'Hey Megatron! What's so special about this new weapon?'

As he spoke, Thunder Cracker and Soundwave started to set up a large cannon.

'This, my little havoc wrecker, is an Electronic Grenade Pulse Cannon! I've drained a week's worth of what the humans use to power this city within it! It's enough to shut down Optimus Prime for ever!'

'Whoa! That'll send him to the next galaxy for sure!' Rumble replied excitedly.

'Now I must battle Prime before he suspects something. Soundwave, you and Rumble attack the other Autobots! Thunder Cracker, you better NOT miss!'

Thunder Cracker just snickered.

'Like I would miss the chance to destroy Optimus Prime!'

As Optimus Prime fired his blaster at the Decepticons, he saw out of the corner of his optics a sight he didn't want to see. Megatron glided down off a cliff with Soundwave, a triumphant smirk on his metallic face.

'So Optimus Prime! You think you can stop my Decepticons? You'll be scrap before that happens!'

Optimus lowered his weapon, preparing to take Megatron on.

'Megatron, YOU will be on the junk heap when I'm done with you!'

As the leaders of both fractions fought, Starscream left the battle and zoomed over to Thunder Cracker and the new weapon. Thunder Cracker looked up to see Starscream transform back into his robot mode.

'Great, this is all I need!' thought the blue seeker.

Starscream looked at the weapon from start to finish. He used to be scientist and the Decepticons had built many impressive weapons in the past but this thing didn't impress him.

'So this little contraption is what we're using to destroy Optimus Prime? Hah! What a joke, there's not enough power!'

As he spoke he started boosting the power levels dangerously high. Thunder Cracker almost jumped back in fear.

'Starscream you fool! That's over a decade's supply of this city's energy! You'll blow Prime and us to space dust!'

Starscream ignored him and took control of the now highly dangerous weapon. Through the lens he could see Megatron and Optimus Prime battling each other.

'With a little luck Megatron will be gone too.'

Starscream took aim.

Megaton threw his iron fist into Prime's face, almost destroying his face guard. Optimus clenched his fists together to send a powerful uppercut to the evil mechanical monster. Megatron was ready with the next attack when…


Megatron looked to where the voice had come from. It caught the attention of all Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus Prime also looked to see a sight that made his spark stop for a moment. Starscream was aiming a weapon that had energy readings off it that were almost off the chart. In short that weapon he had could make a huge crater where he was standing. Optimus turned to his troops.

'RETREAT AT ONCE!' he ordered.

Megatron had also barked the same order.


Starscream had the weapon aimed at Prime. Thankfully the Autobot leader was too busy checking if his troops were safe. Megatron unfortunately had retreated to a safe distance.

'Oh well, at least I'll have one tin-can to worry about.' chuckled the manic robot.

He slowly squeezed the trigger.

BumbleBee was holding Spike in his arms as he ran for cover. The moment he detected those energy readings and heard the order from Prime he grabbed Spike and ran. Spike tried to glance back but the sight made his face turn white. Starscream was aiming that thing right at Optimus Prime, who was aiding Mirage after getting his foot stuck.

'PRIME! LOOK OUT!' he cried.

Too late. Prime turned his head round to see a powerful energy blast heading his way. Picking up Mirage and throwing him as far as he could the blast hit him on the side of his body. Spike heard his cry of pain but was blinded by the light so he couldn't see him. BumbleBee was surprised by the blast and was blown forward, shielding Spike as he fell onto the hard rocky ground. He waited until the explosion had passed. After a minute or so BumbleBee looked up very cautiously. He could make out Jazz thrown against a rock and Prowl lying face down in the dirt. They were still functioning so thank the Allspark. Looking around the other Autobots were picking their selves up as were the Decepticons. BumbleBee stood up, lowering Spike to the ground.

'BumbleBee, where's Optimus?' cried the young human.

BumbleBee looked round in a panic.

'Wait here Spike!' he said as he ran off to the area where he spotted his leader last. The blast had made quite a deep crater and smoke was still rising. BumbleBee realised that the blast had made his Optics go fuzzy. However he was able to make out a sight that made his spark core almost stop pumping energy. Optimus was on the ground not moving. His optics were dim and a gaping hole on the side of his body made the little Autobot fear the worst. As he got closer he prayed to Vector Sigma that Optimus Prime was still functioning. The readings made the Autobot relax with relieve, he was still, but barely functioning.

'Ratchet! Wheeljack! I need help! Optimus is down!' he cried out.

No sooner than he said that almost all of the Autobots came running up. Each of them had the look of shock on their faces.

'Man, Prime took one heck of a hit!' said a concerned Jazz.

'BumbleBee! Contact Skyfire, we need him to get Prime back to base!' ordered Wheeljack, as he checked over and over that his leader was still alive.

Megatron stood up slowly and looked up at where the weapon was. Flying up there he found the weapon destroyed and the 2 seekers blown against a wall. With rage he grabbed Starscream by the head and pulled him up.


'But Megatron!' screeched Starscream,

'Optimus Prime is down! We are victorious!'

Megaton looked down the cliff to see if he could spot his foe. All he saw were the Autobots crowding round their fallen leader. Megatron tried to take advantage of this moment until he heard an engine from a powerful jet that defiantly wasn't any of his Decepticons. Looking above he saw the traitorous Sky Fire flying over head.

'Decepticons! Quickly, destroy Optimus Prime and the Autobots!' he cried.

To his anger all his troops were barley trying to obey; in fact they were barely noticing him at all.

'Megatron!' cried Sky Warp,

'I can't see anything!'

Frenzy and Rumble were trying to communicate with their team leader, Soundwave who was just falling all over the place.

'Megatron, Soundwave ain't listening to us!'


Soundwave continued repeating himself while all the other Decepticons began to complain that some of them couldn't see, hear, or even speak. Thunder Cracker was trying to say something but all that came out was static. Megatron frowned; his troops couldn't fight like this, but if they left the Autobots, they would just fix Optimus and this whole plan would have gone to waste. As he thought about this the Decepticon leader just realised that the noise of his moaning Decepticons was growing fainter and fainter. Was he going deaf?

'Decepticons fall back to base!' he ordered.

Some of the Decepticons obeyed but some were still standing around in confusion. Others started bashing into each other.

'Follow me you fools!' he cried out in anger.

As Sky Fire landed near the Autobots, Ironhide and Prowl carried their leader over to the giangantic jet.

'What has happened?' asked the concerned flyer.

'Optimus got hit by some electronic blast!' answered Wheeljack,

'He's still functioning but he must be brought back to base on the…'

Before he finished Ironhide suddenly dropped Optimus. Prowl looked at him with anger.

'Ironhide! What do you think you're doing?'

'My optics!' cried the old soldier,

'I can't see! I can't see anything!'

Wheeljack rushed over.

'Ironhide what hap…pen…ed…to…you…'

Wheeljack's voice started to fade until he no longer spoke. He looked round with a confused look. Spike looked round noticing that all the Autobots were starting to act funny.

'I can't hear anything! What's happening to me?' cried a confused Mirage.

'How did it get so dark!' demanded BumbleBee, almost standing on Spike. Spike hopped out the way in a panic. Ratchet looked round and cried out to Sky Fire.

'Sky Fire! Did you bring anyone else! I can barely see anything!'

Luckily Perceptor and Blaster appeared from Sky Fire's loading hatch.

'This station's gone haywire! People losing their hipping senses from their hopping beats!' exclaimed Blaster.

'Now, Blaster just get them all on board!' said Perceptor calmly,

''I must aid Prowl with our leader.'

As the Autobots climbed onto Sky Fire, Spike ran along Perceptor who was helping Prowl carry Optimus.

'Do you know what's wrong with everyone?' he asked in a very worried tone.

'Until we return to base I have no idea.' was all that the scientist said.

Oh No!! Optimus Prime is in bad shape and all the Autobots and Decepticons are losing their senses! Literally! What will happen next time? Will Optimus Prime get back on his feet? Will the Autobots figure out what's wrong? As Blaster would say, "Don't touch that dial!"