Hey there is AngelicV in the house! I finished my first Transformer fic and I'm so happy! I never expected so many people to like it and send positive feedback! Thanks for the reviews and thanks for the tips Tomorrow4eva and watch out cause I gonna re-edit it soon! I'd also like to thank the Transformers who helped me make this story! Thanks guys!

Optimus Prime: It was fun! Hope to be in your fics in the future.

AngelicV: Prime it's an honer to work with you. No hard feelings with the whole...Decepticon kicking you around...thing?

Optimus Prime: At least I got to kick their exhaust pipes in the end!

AngelicV: Phew. What about you Jazz?

Jazz: Yeah it was fun too! Am I in your next one?'

AngelicV: Actually Jazz...you're the star in my next one!'

Jazz: Really! Awesome! Do I get to kick Decepti-cans?

AngelicV: Errr...no.

Jazz: Save the Earth from destruction?

AngelicV: No...not exactly...

Jazz: Then what am I doing?

AngelicV: Well you get to experience what it's like to be me for a day!

Jazz: Huh?

AngelicV: And we're out of time but stay tuned! Watch out for my next fic, " A Day With Jazz Witwicky" so watch out!

Jazz: JAZZ WITWICKY? I ain't called Jazz Witwicky! What's this about?

AngelicV drives out the building with Optimus

Jazz: Get back here!