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Chapter One

Joey knows what it's like to go hungry for days because his father was a drunk and couldn't hold down a job. When Yugi found out he spoke to his grandpa who contacted the proper authorities who took Joey out of that hell hole, found his father incompetent to raise his son and charged him with abuse and he was sentenced to one year in the county jail where he died from being attacked by another inmate there.

Solomon was allowed to have Joey live with him and his grandson at the Game Shop and he was made Joey's guardian till he turned eighteen. Joey asked Solomon "Can I still work at the Shelter on the week-ends?"

Solomon smiled at him and said "Joseph you know that I wouldn't stop you from helping others who really need help, in fact why don't you ask your friends if they'll help you too, I know that Yugi would love to help others wouldn't you Yugi?"

So that was the beginning of how Joey and his friends started being the ones who found time to help others who were down on their luck and needed a helping hand. Now it was getting close to Christmas and Joey and his friends started asking for donations for the Shelter to help provide families and single parents and even people without a family food and clothing and especially toys for the little ones and even the teenagers.

Seto Kaiba who when he and his brother were younger they grew up in the Orphanage and he could remember going hungry and Mokie never having a toy to play with he gave a very generous anonymous donation of one million dollars. This donation meant that no one would go hungry and that families and single parents would have toys for their children this Christmas.

Every year someone who pretends to be Santa at the Shelter and this year Joey got the shock of his life when he found out that Bakura was playing Santa and Marik was going to be the Elf taking the pictures. It seems that since they came back from the After Life their lives have changed for the better and besides both Ryou and Malik probably threatened them somehow and so they volunteered.

Joey, Yugi and the others were walking to the Shelter and took a short cut through the alley when they heard someone in one of the dumpsters cry out in pain. I sounded like a child, so they ran to the dumpster and Joey, Tristan and Duke being the tallest ones there they climbed up on the sides of the dumpster and upon opening the lid they found two small children trying to find something to eat.

It was a little boy and they guessed the little girl was his sister and they were so frightened they started crying. Joey whispered softly "Hey, it's alright. My name is Joey and this is Tristan and Duke and we want to help you and your sister, will you let us?"

Joey whispered to Yugi "Call grandpa and tell him to get some blankets and something warm for them to drink and please tell him no Police." Yugi nodded and took out his cell phone and called Grandpa.

The little boy stood up and holding his hand to his sister she took it and she stood up beside him and then he said "You hurt my sister and I'll kill you."

Joey then said "I understand I have a younger sister myself and I'd protect her with my life too. Listen I have to come down in there in order to help my friends get you both and help you out of here, are you cool with that?"

The little boy shook his head yes and Joey jumped down beside them and then he said "Outside beside this dumpster are our friends Yugi, Ryou, Malik and Yugi's grandpa that he called to help us. They are all good people and will not hurt either of you will you let them help both of you too?"

The little boy shook his head yes and so Joey said "I have to help your sister up to Tristan who'll hand her to Tristan and he'll make sure that she gets down safely is that alright?" So Joey picked up the little girl who couldn't have weighed very much to Duke and handed her to Tristan who helped her down and Grandpa wrapped a blanket around her shaking little body.

Then Joey helped the little boy get up to Duke who handed him to Tristan who helped him down to Grandpa who also wrapped a blanket around his shaking body. Joey jumped up and Duke and Tristan helped him get out and as they stood there looking at this two little kids sipping the hot chocolate that Grandpa brought tears fill their eyes.

The little girl started to whine and she whispered to her brother "Me have to go potty." Grandpa heard this and he smiled and said to the little boy "There's a bathroom in this building, so your sister can go there."

The young boy softly said "Thank you." The little girl had to go so badly she couldn't walk and so Grandpa gently picked her up and all of them went inside the back door of Rosa's Pizzeria and when Rosa saw Solomon carrying a small child she smiled and opened the bathroom door and the little boy helped his sister up on the toilet and she went potty.

Solomon whispered to Rosa where Joey and the others found these two little angels and tears ran down her face and when the little boy and his sister came out of the bathroom, Rosa gave them each a warm cloth to wipe their hands on and then she asked them "Would you both like your own little Pizza's?"

Their eyes lit up and Rosa started making the Pizza's. Grandpa picked up the little girl while Joey helps the little boy to stand on a box so they could watch Rosa working. After they had eaten they both looked like they could go to sleep so Solomon said to Joey "We can bring them back to the Game Shop so they can have a warm bed to sleep on for tonight."

Joey smiled and gave him a hug and then he gentle woke the young boy and told him what Solomon had said and he nodded his little head that it would be alright so Joey took out his cell phone and called Mr. Wilson and told him "We've ran into a little emergency so we won't be there tonight but we'll be there first thing in the morning." Mr. Wilson told Joey "I hope that everything works out for all of you and we'll see you then."

They all got into Grandpa's car and he drove back to the Game Shop and after he opened the door he said "Please take the little ones to my room and get them into bed and make sure to cover them up tight so they won't be cold." After Joey, Tristan and Duke took the little ones upstairs, Yugi looked at his grandpa who had tears running down his face and Yugi said "Grandpa what's wrong?"

Grandpa looked down into the face of his beloved grandson and he said "Yugi I'm sad and ever scared that whom ever let those sweet angels fend for themselves want them back they just might get them and what will happen to them then?"

Joey, Tristan and Duke came downstairs and they all heard what Grandpa had said to Yugi and then Joey said "I have to do something, tell Grandpa I'll be back in a little while." Then Joey ran out the door.

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