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set in 7th year...)


Harry and Ron were talking one day and Harry decided to tell Ron his biggest secret.
"What is it?" Ron asked, curious.
"I've kind of er. Got a um... crush on a certain brown-eyed, brown-haired, mega-smart,
Head Girl" Harry said, only turning a mere crimson, instead of the usual ultra-bright
"Hermione?" Ron asked, kind of surprised.
"Yeah..." Harry responded.
"You should write her a poem! Or two!" Ron said.
"Er, okay... I guess... but I wont sign it!" Harry replied.
So, he got some paper, and with the help of Ron, wrote two poems for Hermione. (Below)

Looking At You

looking into your eyes
I feel a sense of warmth
you have taught me a lot
about friendship life and love
you treat me like a human
you give me tons of strength
to do the things I have to do
even when they are tough
I want you to hold me
and say you'll always be there
tell me that you need me
cause you know
I'll always be there for you

Right Now

right now you are my friend
but I hope that will change
right now you only like me
but I hope that will change
right now you don't need me
but I hope that will change
right now you don't think of me
but I hope that will change
right now you aren't dating anyone
but I hope that will change
right now you couldn't care less
but I hope that will change

"I will go give them to her" Ron said and ran up to Hermione's dormitory and slid the
paper under her door, but not before adding "From Harry" to the bottom and "To
Hermione" at the top.


Hermione was studying when she heard footsteps and then saw a piece of paper go under
her door. She picked it up and when she saw her name at the top, she read it.
Oh. My. God. Harry likes me? I can't believe it! My dreams have finally come true! She
thought... Then she got some paper and wrote a poem to Harry (below)

When I'm With You

when I'm with you
I want to hold you
when I'm with you
I want to kiss you too
when I'm with you
my heart begins to pound
when I'm with you
I can't hear a single sound
when I'm with you
all my problems go away
when I'm with you
I want to say
"I love you"

Then she signed her name at the bottom. When she was heading to Harry's dormitory to
give him it, she saw him sitting at a table with Ron, so she went by, dropped the paper on
Harry's lap and ran out the portrait hole


Ron said, "What's it say?" as soon as Hermione was out the door.
They read it together and Harry, who looked extremely happy, asked Ron, "How did she
know it was from me?"
Ron replied with, "Does it REALLY matter? No. All that matters is that she likes you!"
So Harry ran out the portrait hole and to the library. Sure enough, Hermione was there.
Harry ran up to her and said, "Herm? Will you go out with me?"
In response, Hermione stood up and kissed him on the cheek. "I would LOVE to!"

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