Title: Winter Solstice
Author: Lady Yueh
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): Elladan. Estel
Author's Notes: Bit of LoTR fluff for my LJ Advent Calender.

Elladan was awake before the sound of small feet and slight breaths reached his bedside but he continued to project the illusion of sleep.

As soon as the intruder made its attack he went into action, snatching the slight body out of the air and turning its momentum to his own advantage.

"Dan!" the child screeched with glee as he fought against the certain but gentle grip of his brother.

"Well, what is this? Has some wild-thing made its way into the halls of Imladris and attacked a son of Elrond?" Elladan questioned as he made the pretense of scrutinizing his prisoner who scrunched his tiny face and growled; presumably to affect the visage of some dangerous creature but reaching only the level of an adorable kitten that mewled.

"No! I see it now! It is you! Estel!" Elladan did his best to seem surprised while fighting the desire to cuddle and pet the delightful child.

"Dan!" Estel had forgotten his pretense and instead was now reaching for him, asking for a hug which Elladan had not the strength nor desire to withhold.

"What has brought you into my chambers this morn, penneth?" he questioned as he scooped up his tiny brother into an embrace.

Estel squirmed and answered, "Snow!"

Elladan laughed. The novelty and charm of snow had yet to wear thin for the child and he demanded to be taken out to play every day. Few could resist him and it was only Elrond's orders that he be monitored closely in case of illness that caused his caretakers to make playtime in the snow a short venture.

"Not today, penneth."

Estel pouted and Elladan quickly averted his eyes from the chubby cheeks and shining eyes lest he fall into their power and be unable to stand firm.

"It's Winter Solstice today, Estel. We have games and presents, don't you want presents, penneth?"

He sighed in relief when Estel cheered aloud and was no longer pouting.

"Now, let us wake Elrohir," Elladan found his own mischief mirrored in Estel's face. "And do keep quiet this year, Estel. He caught us last year because you couldn't stop giggling."

Estel mimed keeping his mouth under lock and key but his lips twitched and his eyes sparkled with glee so that Elladan knew that the giggles would not be averted this year either.

He didn't mind.