Title: Christmas Trees and Gingerbread Men
Author: Lady Yueh
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): Nine and Rose
Author's Notes: For the Christmas Advent Calender at timeandchips. (And mine too!)
Summary: A fluffy scene set between "The Unquiet Dead" and "Aliens of London".

The Doctor, absorbed with the insides of his TARDIS paused for a moment. It had been awhile since his new companion had stubbornly refused another adventure with exhaustion as her excuse.

But it sounded like she was up and about judging by the sounds coming from the kitchen.

He finished his fiddling, pulled himself from under the grating, and followed the warm, enticing scents which were starting to waft teasingly into the control room.

He found his companion bent over a baking pan, transferring miniscule Christmas trees and gingerbread men onto a large plate.

"Rose? What are you doing?" he asked with amused, bewilderment.

Rose Tyler looked up from her task at the sound of his voice. "Doctor! There you are," she smiled brightly as she greeted him.

"Rose?" he repeated pointedly and decided to disregard the fact that he hadn't been able to contain his own grin in answer to hers.

"Well, you said Christmas in Naples and even though it ended up bein' Zombies in Cardiff I got into a Christmas kind of mood." She shrugged, a bit embarrassed. "Me and Mum used to make Christmas biscuits when I was a kid."

She moved to fetch a pair of cups and the milk.

He was about to protest and make his exit when she spoke up again.

"Your TARDIS is rather fantastic. I found everything I needed," she praised as held out the plate of warm and colorful offerings with a hopeful smile.

He couldn't stop himself from beaming at the compliment. And if the TARDIS had had a hand in helping her in her charming little project then who was he to object? Besides, the scent of vanilla and sugar was making his mouth water (he'd always had a bit of a sweet tooth).

"Happy Christmas," Rose laughed with bright eyes and an even brighter smile.

He decided against explaining the futility of such things as calenders and holidays within a TARDIS and bit into a Christmas tree instead.