Title: Where The Doctor Explains the Nature of His Relationship With Christmas
Author: Lady Yueh
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): Ten. Rose.
Author's Notes: Doctor Who fluff for darkjediprinces who requested something with Ten at my Advent Calender.

"No. Non. Nein. Iie. Niet. Nei. Nae. Neen. Ú! Absolutely not!"

Rose, confused and rather taken aback by the force and speed of his reply, could only stare.

"Is there somethin' wrong with Christmas in New York?" she questioned with palpable curiosity.

The Doctor turned, his solemn brown eyes effectively conveyed the gravity of what he was about to say.

"Christmas is my Barcelona."

Rose blinked.

"Sorry?" Rose questioned, more than a little off-balance. "How is Christmas your Barcelona? Get many nose-less dogs that time a year?"

The Doctor sighed. His expression was eerily similar to that of his previous-self when faced with the ignorance of a silly, little human. (And it still set her teeth on edge and made her want to smack him silly.)

"We kept trying to get to Barcelona but we eventually gave up, remember?" The Doctor explained.

"Thought it'd be best after the third time we ended up in Wisconsin," Rose shrugged.

The Doctor shuddered with the reminder.

"It seems as if every time that Christmas rolls around--in any time, in any place on Earth--there's always some plot I have to thwart, some invasion I have to avert, or some apocalypse I have to prevent. It gets exhausting. And rather tedious. What's the fun in knowing that the Earth is in danger every Christmas? Takes all the joy out of it."

"Yeah, because the universe has it out for you," Rose began as she bit her lower lip in an attempt to curb her laughter. "Christmas is one big conspiracy against the poor, overworked Doctor." She burst into laughter.

The Doctor pouted. He found that this incarnation (much like his Fifth) was rather suited for pouting. Though Rose seemed to be developing an immunity through over-exposure.

"It's not funny!" he protested with a fond warmth in his eyes.

Rose tried to halt her giggling and was--for the most part--successful.

"What about Christmas on another planet then?" she suggested with a hopeful smile.

A slow grin blossomed on The Doctor's face. "Rose Tyler! You are an absolute genius!" he crowed in delight.

Rose laughed with him as he started to dart about the TARDIS console.

"How do you fancy a feast? Rochand has the best mulled mead and a lovely tradition of winter sports on horseback--the best sleigh rides I've ever had too--whaddya say?"

Rose took one look at his shining and expectant expression before nodding enthusiastically. "Sounds fantastic!"

The Doctor grinned and released the handbrake.

"Off we go!"