Title: On Christmas
Author: Lady Yueh
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): River Tam. Simon Tam.
Author's Notes: For the 9th day of my Advent Calender I give you River's wacky ramblings. Sorry for the uber-lateness, Cyn. You know where I was. Good luck on finals!

"The system is flawed."

"Flawed, mei mei?" Simon questioned with caution.

Her solemn eyes still made him ache; made him remember the little girl with laughing, innocent eyes that no longer existed.

"We have no point of entry."

Simon's answer was a look of confusion.

"He cannot get in and the black cannot be traversed by Rangifer tarandus; even if they are lead by a red glow."

"And that's good?" Simon ventured unsurely.

River frowned. "Perhaps. His minions are the unknown variables. Too many components. Which completes the formula? Eldar, ælf, elb, alver, álfar? There is a common thread."

Her eyes became distant, her murmurs more indistinct and Simon became all the more lost.

"River?" Simon called softly.

She was pouting! He bit his lip in amusement. There was an expression he remembered fondly.

"What is the function of the parasitic plant? It has no properties of fertility, why exchange bodily fluids because of it? And what of the child? Its function is vague! The structure is not sound. An alternate proposal must be planned. But I think the cookies will stay."

Simon frowned, his mind making its own conjectures as River left the room. Clarity dawned. "Wait a minute...River! You can't re-organize Christmas!"