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Naruto Ultimate, Blood Oath…

Chapter 20:

Day of Reckoning…

"It is time that we end this madness, now my sister, it is time that we put right what we have made wrong with the world…"

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Talking: Yo.

Thinking: Stupid Fox...

Demon Talking: Grrrrr...

Demon Thinking: Stupid Kit...

Jutsu: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!

Inner Self Talking: CHA! THATS RIGHT!!!

G.O.P. Talking: This is it our greatest shame...


(Konohagakure no Sato…)

The Day of the Chunin exam finals had finally arrived, Naruto walked amongst the crowd entering the stadium with a frown over his face. It had been several weeks since the incident in the HIVE and none of Naruto's "inner circle" had seen hide or hair of Kai in all that time. Needless to say he and the rest of his team were unsure of whether to be worried for their friend or for whoever caught his attention.

Sasuke had returned from the exams with news of who was going to be taking the final exam. Apparently the lineup was Neji Vs Kiba, Temari Vs Shikamaru, Ino Vs Shino, and Sasuke himself Vs Sabaku no Gaara. Since his return, Sasuke had been training with their father and Kakashi for his battle against Gaara, but still made time to see his Mother, Sister, and Brother. Ino was worried for Kai and visited Mel about it, only to find that the girl was acting weird, talking to herself mainly, but it was enough to worry her few friends.

A similar development was the oddness of little Hyuuga Hanabi, or at least how she was suddenly growing up at a rapid pace. Naruto suspected some form of the Blood plague at first but it wouldn't have skipped the primary phase where it was harmful to the body. So most just left it be and decided they didn't want to know what was going on with the little Hyuuga girl. However, the weeks of doing nothing had Naruto spending most of his time training in his Darkness form.

Thus far he'd learned how to form a "Dark Hole", how to use a "Creeping Darkness" ability to scout ahead of himself, Basic "Darklings", use his demon tendrils, and of course teleport through shadows to the fullest extent. Thus far he was fairly certain their were only a few more abilities he'd have to master before he had complete knowledge of the Darkness and it's abilities. However, that didn't stop him from working on his own skills. Thus far he had managed to work a way to form a sort of electromagnetic shell around his body that deflected metal weaponry away from himself. He'd made a few attempts to combine his Darkness and Angel forms, however it always ended up causing him great pain.

One of his earliest methods was to form his angel form over the Darkness, however this burned the Darkness away and only lasted a few moments. The Next method was trying to form his Darkness under his angel form; this lasted a little longer, but burned him even more rapidly so he went to his third and as of yet most affective method of using both powers at once. This final version was an attempt at mixing his Darkness and Angel forms into one, this worked for a few minutes but it rapidly weakened him, making his body lose energy at such a rate that it seemed as if the Darkness was devouring him.

Since that attempt, Naruto had stopped working on combining Darkness and Lightning and instead began to work on his other abilities instead. Mixing his Lightning into Kunai had been a useful skill, however his Kunai all managed to melt as soon as he started to use them. Thus he'd had to go to old man Alastor for new Kunai that could handle this ability, only for him to say he was working on something and couldn't take the order for him.

Thus Naruto decided to save that skill for emergencies while he worked on a few other skills. His favorite was managing to form the electromagnetic shell around his body and then expand it into a wide burst of energy that would wipe out anything around him. It was essentially half of his Chaos Vortex technique that didn't require his familiar to be used and was at a much lesser scale of destructive power. 'Something is wrong. I can feel it in the wind.' The Silver haired teen thinks to himself while walking next to a smiling Ayame who turns to him and he gives a slight eye smile in response.

Another thing he was doing for the past few weeks was go on a few dates with Ayame every now and again, those times slowly becoming more frequent. Eventually, Naruto was spending every weekend with Ayame, Sasuke had been a little annoyed with this development for some reason, though Naruto ignored him for the most part. Not because he didn't appreciate Sasuke, but more because he just didn't like it when Sasuke tried to put his own thoughts into his head.

"Thanks for bringing me Naruto-kun, I know you could probably do without having me tag along but…" Ayame started to say and Naruto wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled his mask down to smile towards her.

"Now, now. No need for that Ayame-Chan, there's nothing I would rather do than spend time with you after all." Naruto told the girl softly and his girlfriend smiled and gave him a short kiss on the lips as they made their way into the stands. Among the people coming to Konoha were several villagers from wave, one in particular was covered head to toe in a black cloak and seemed to be coughing a lot.

"Naruto! Over here!" A shout came from Lee as the boy waved them over and Naruto and Ayame walked over to the excitable boy who was right next to Tenten at the moment, the girl waiting for Neji's match impatiently. Nearby was Choji and Mel, the obsidian skinned girls nerves completely frayed at this point from worry for her friend Kai. Of course by this point she wasn't even able to block out Angelus anymore, the annoying entity was starting to form the more prominent physical changes to her. Thus far her hair was turning white, her skin was now a very pail gray, her tail, claws, talons, and fangs had all vanished completely, leaving her with humans hands and feet with normal teeth and bright blue eyes.

Unfortunately, even with the possibility of a normal life, Mel was completely lost without Kai with her. Exactly why this was, none of them were really sure, they just knew the two were practically inseparable. Also in the stands sat Mikoto, Naraku, and little Yuki with them to watch Sasuke. The other families of the contestants were also present, most but the old Ino-Shika-Cho trio scattered around the massive stadium. At the other side of the stands Hinata sat with her father and Hanabi, both father and sister looking at the youngest Hyuuga heir with obvious worry. It wasn't that she was acting weird; really she was only changed in that she was always wandering around the village. She also somehow managed to evade all of her bodyguards in order to make her way around the village.

However, besides those mental changes were the odd physical changes that she also seemed to have acquired. The changes were actually subtle, but very easy to spot seeing as her family knew her so well. First of all, she grew by a full foot in a single month, her body had developed to a slim teenage frame, her hair had taken a more purple hue than what it had been before and reached down to her ass, and finally, her nails were left to grow long. These changes wouldn't normally concern Hinata or Hiashi, however, the fact they all only took a month at the most to occur was obviously not normal. Also it seemed that her attire choices had changed drastically, the first of which was the extremely odd green bracelet she was always wearing around her right wrist.

Next was that she wore a black miniskirt with a belt looped around her waist which had a third strap that curved over her left hip, the skirt having slit sides with bands holding them together but allowing flexible movement with some bandages wrapped around her right thigh. A pair of toe and heelless knee covering black socks was next, with white bands around her shins and calves, a pair of black Shinobi-Sandals that left her heels bare worn over those. Over her hands she wore black bands with metal plates placed over the back of each fist, a forearm guard over her left arm in place of the bracelet on her right wrist, last was a short sleeved cream colored jacket with a zipper up the front, a Hyuuga symbol on the right bicep, and three bands placed over the front to hold it together more tightly.

"Hanabi, a-aren't you c-cold?" Hinata asked her little sister, who was almost looking her age at this point, worrying Hinata greatly. Hanabi merely turned her eyes to her sister and gave a strange smirk in response.

"Nope." She offered while turning to look down at the arena once more her eyes briefly flashing red. 'Such weaklings, together we could easily defeat them.' The Witchblade spoke into Hanabi's mind confidently and the girl minutely gave her very own inner demon a nod of agreement.

Across the arena standing in the shadows is a bald human shaped creature with light gray skin and dead blue eyes, dressed in black leather trench coat, fingerless gloves with metal knuckles, a thick black belt over his coat, black leather pants, and black combat boots with steel toes. He looks all over the arena when a familiar gray skinned humanoid woman walks up beside him.

"T-103, what is the situation?" The female questions within the mind of T-103 and the gray skinned creature frowns darkly.

"All is normal. Sand Ninja Detected in arena, Sound Ninja detected in arena. Threat: Minimal. Infection will spread as planned." T-103 drones out to the unnamed female tyrant, which nods its head slowly before looking out over the hundreds of humans in the arena.

"These weak creatures. Our fathers blood shall soon spread, and not even that foolish snake will stop our glory." She says while looking over towards the Kage box, seeing the Third and Kazekage both sitting in the box.

"Error. Possible threat. Has Nemesis been located?" T-103 asked of what was essentially his superior and the female crossed her arms slightly, avoiding pricking herself with her spiked arm.

"No. That thing is still under Hojo's command. He will not aide us in the rebirth of this place in our fathers image." The Tyrant offered and T-103 frowned deeply while looking out over the arena, ever watchful. "Have you located the female that threatens our fathers existence?" The Female Tyrant questions and T-103 nods his head before moving one arm to point down at Mel who sits in the stands.

"All scans show her blood to posses a way to reverse affects of T-Virus. However, other scans show this female…" T-103 says then moves to point a finger at Hanabi as she sits with her worried family. "Somehow has a combination of T-Viruss, and Anti-Virus all mixed into her while altering her physiology. Conclusion: Fathers memories describe a weapon called "Witchblade" born from Darkness and Angelus, created from his and her body. Indication: Girl has somehow obtained the Witchblade." T-103 explains with the female nodding her head slowly, placing her chin lightly against her left hand while looking at Hanabi.

"Ensure that one of the T-103's does this Alpha. What of our search for T-099, any sign of him?" The Female orders and "Alpha" twitches slightly before answering.

"Negative. T-099, Codename Anima, has not been located, nor have the Hybrid or its mate. Question: Should I locate and secure our fathers other children? The "Vampire" and "Werewolf" breeds?" Alpha questions of the female Tyrant, and she merely shakes her head from side to side before smirking slightly.

"No. They are of no consequence to us. Live or die. Order all Tyrants and Hunters to leave them by. Have the Lickers test them if you wish but otherwise we need to concentrate on those who would do our father harm. The Humans." The Tyrant tells her subordinate and he merely nods his head slowly.

"Error. Incoming Report. Tyrant Model: T-103, Codename: Beta. Current Location: Konoha hospital…" Alpha suddenly droned out as his eyes became unfocused for a short amount of time…



A familiar dark figure stood in front of the Konohagakure Hospital, his skin the same grey as Alpha and identical to him in every way possible. Looking around Beta silently lumbered forward, slowly walking into the building with heavy steps. As soon as the massive creature entered however, he was seen by a Ninja saw him and got in front of Beta. "Halt, what are you doing here?" The Ninja questioned and yet Beta continued moving forward. "I said Halt!" The Ninja said while pulling a sword from his back, then swung it at Beta, only for the large Tyrant to lunge forward with a clothesline, knocking the man to the ground where he then smashed his head in with a large boot.

Cracking his neck Beta made his way down the hall towards a door, knocking that down he made his way down a flight of stairs before coming to a large door with a heavy looking lock. Frowning Beta moved his arms up and then grit his teeth as he pulled the door open, ripping it out of the wall to reveal darkness. Soon enough a creature made its way out of the shadows, revealing a creature he knew as a Hunter.

The creature had green reptilian flesh and was extremely muscular with no visible nose or ears, large yellow eyes that had slit pupils, its mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth and its four digits were ended with long talons, its legs were bent, ending with three talons for toes, its back comprised with some sort of shell with rows of very small spikes at the edges of the shell. The Hunter lumbered towards Beta, only to ignore, him as it made its way into the building to hunt for food.

Hearing numerous moans, groans, and the various sounds of the undead heading his way, Beta turned on his heel and made his way back up the steps of the hospital. Sending a message to his fellow T-103 Gama, Beta was certain that his fellow T-103 could handle the stragler Ninja's with Hypnos and Proto assisting him with opening the other entrances to the HIVE in ROOT bases across the city. Beta made his way into the Hospital to hear screams as the Hunter had obviously found some prey, making his way up he encountered another Ninja and quickly turned to slam a fist into him, crushing him against the wall of the stairs as he made his way up.

A Licker and a few more Hunters suddenly passed Beta, rushing up the Stairwell and searching for more food as the large lumbering beast made his way further into the building. He came to one where some ROOT AnBu stood and cursed upon seeing him. Crouching and then rushing forward Beta was pelted with numerous Kunai and Shuriken before he then held his shoulder forward and rammed into the first of them, sending him flying back into his allies. One of the ROOTS used a Kunai ejector, a weapon like Naruto's own that were developed for ROOT, the Kunai slammed into his chest yet the large creature remained ever silent before lunging forward once more.

Slamming his hands down into one of the men he then twisted on his heel to kick another into the wall of the hallway. Moving quickly once more he grabbed the last of the ROOT AnBu and slammed him into the ground before lifting a foot and crushing the fools head under his massive boots. Walking forward and ignoring the gore, Beta got a report from Gama saying that Hypnos and Proto were both working on dealing with the AnBu still present around the Village. However, Beta suddenly felt something, a strange tingle like when he was first in his Father's presence.

Lumbering in the direction that the feeling came from, a door opened and Beta narrowed his eyes upon seeing several scientists. Lunging forward Beta was joined by a group of Hunters as they attacked the scientists. Blood and Gore were sent flying by Beta and the Hunters, bodies were ripped apart or crushed. The Hunters began to feed on the humans while Beta made his way over to the sole remaining scientist. The man was bleeding as he tried to make his way over to a series of Chakra Panels used to control medical equipment at a distance, like within the room through the one-way mirror present at his side.

Lumbering over to the man Beta quickly slammed his foot down over the man's skull, blood pooling beneath his boot he then looked around the room. He watched the Hunters finish their meal before taking off down the halls of the hospital, leaving the door open. Looking at a set of file cabinets Beta walked over to them and pulled out a file that gave him the name of the current test subject, AKA Haruno Sakura…


(The Stadium…)

"He has located a human. Designation: Haruno Sakura. Gender: Female Blood Plague Survivor. Weight: 79.1 lbs. Height: 5.0 feet. Blood Type: O. Body Type: Skinny/Underweight. Hair color: Pink, Skin tone: pale, Eye Color: Green. Error, indications of genetic manipulation are present. Should Beta secure the girl as he takes out the occupants of the building?" Alpha suddenly drones out having linked up with the other T-103's across the city via a mental connection that they all somehow shared, something none of the scientists working on them had ever predicted, and made all the more dangerous once three of the Tyrants gained a manor of sentience and even intellect and a collective thought process, making them all work towards a single collective goal… to serve and protect their "Father".

"Interesting… Have Beta watch her, once she is equipped have him sweep some Zombies her way… exactly what form of Manipulation was done?" The Tyrant ordered then questioned, being a "Queen" as it were and the most advanced of the Tyrants besides Anima, however she was the most independent as well and was the one who had gathered the other Tyrants together into this collective.

"Error… Beta is checking files… check complete. Haruno Sakura. Blood Type: O. New Bloodline: Omega Tyrant, Female model. Current Weight: 100 Lbs. Height: 5.0 Feet. New Code activated: T-101. Hair Color: Dark Pink. Eye Color: Dead Blue, Pupil Slitted. Skin Tone: Dead Pale. Body Type: Athletic. Claws adapted for combat. All else: Unknown. Recommendation: Further Study for possible future mutations." Alpha droned out once more and the female Tyrant frowned for a few more seconds, wondering how to go about this, especially seeing as it was essentially a female version of their father's own model in the early stages…

"Have Beta continue as originally ordered… Father could use a true queen after all, and if she somehow manages to survive what we will be doing to this place on her own, I'm sure she will be a prime candidate." The female orders and Alpha nods his head while sending this new information to Beta.

"Alert. Gama Reporting: All exits have been blocked off, he is currently working on eliminating the "AnBu" presently around the village." Alpha suddenly droned out and the female Tyrant nodded her head once more.

"Have him continue blocking exits, but have Proto and Hypnos go into the city and seek out the "AnBu" of this city. Tell them that they cannot allow the Ninja to reach the stadium by any means necessary." The Female orders and Alpha nods his head while sending the order to the three Tyrants in the village. "I don't want anything to go wrong, no, not until it's too late. Then all of these humans will join us, some may even have the honor of becoming Tyrants and joining us…" The Female mused mostly to herself while Alpha nodded his head, looking out over the village with a deep scowl over his face…



A familiar genderless gray skinned being looks out over the village, clenching a clawed fist the Tyrant narrows its eyes. Hypnos sat on a building; he had received the transmission from his leader and Alpha and was currently looking down at the village with a frown. He couldn't help but wonder why their father had ever hidden himself, considering his power Hypnos was certain it had nothing to do with being afraid…

Ignoring that Hypnos watched as the Hunters and Lickers rushed out of the hospital tearing apart Ninja left and right. Narrowing its eyes he saw a messenger Nin and quickly made its move. Rushing after the Nin Hypnos jumped and then crushed the Nin with a drop kick. Kneeling down it picked a message out of the Ninja's bag and merely tilted its head at the words "THE DEAD WALK" placed onto it with a picture of several dead scientists and Nin walking down a nearby street.

Hearing the telltale moans/groans of the zombies Hypnos merely stood up then jumped back on top of a nearby building in time to watch as Proto, the creature with the claw from before slammed its spiked arm down into another Messenger Ninja. The two merely looked at one another for a short time before they looked around and each jumped off, both attacking other Nin trying to make their way to the Stadium. Hypnos cracked its neck, it knew that this was going to be easy, humans were too weak to attack them, and surely the "Vampires" and "Werewolves" of this village would see reason and join them.

Together, they would make a new world, one that they would bow to their power, and one where they would never be thrown away ever again. Hypnos was sure that those other creatures born of its father's blood would join them. There wasn't any reason for them to stay loyal to these mortals after all. Yes, Hypnos was absolutely certain that soon enough this plan would come to end and this village would be only the first of its fathers true world, a world without death, a world without war, yes, that would be the world they would create, by making all things like them…



"So, the Tyrants have already begun their work I see…" Hojo muses as he and a few men cloaked in shadow watch on as the Tyrants continue their work across the Village, silently and efficiently.

"For Defects I'm truly impressed by their ability to work together." Another, more monotone voice comments dryly while sitting in shadow while Hojo chuckles in response.

"Indeed. But do not forget that we made sure to leave that final program in all defects. Protect and Serve their "Father" and since Kai was the originator of the T-Virus he is considered their father. Only Nemesis and those Created with the G-Virus would be immune to this order." Hojo reminded and another shadowed figured nodded his head.

"Yes. How is the Nemesis Program coming along? Has it been completed yet?" The same man shadowed in darkness questioned with a strange accented voice.

"Currently we have all the data necessary for him, save for any kind of Combat Data." Hojo responds and one of the men cloaked in shadow rubs his chin for a moment.

"Perhaps the pandemonium those Tyrants are going to create will come in handy for a little test run of Nemesis' effectiveness." One of the men stated and Hojo nodded his head in agreement until another of them spoke up.

"However, we will need a target for it first." The monotone voice reminds and Hojo chuckles in response, throwing a file onto the table with the letters S.T.A.R.S. emblazoned on the front.

"I believe I have the perfect target to test our experiment…" Hojo says while the men around the room nod their heads in agreement.

"What should we do about this? We can't all remain here or else there is a strong possibility that we will be found by Orochimaru. All but one of us should evacuate to our facilities and take some of the research we've gathered each." One of the men then offers while leaning back in his seat and Hojo nods his head in agreement.

"Each one of you will leave, I will stay to watch over Nemesis…" Hojo says while passing three folders out to the other men seated around him. One having T on it, the next G, and the final one having Originator on it.

"Are you sure this is wise Hojo? Perhaps you should evacuate and I can take you place." Another of the men offered while holding a hand out to take one of the folders, this one having Originator on it.

"No. This is for the best, I am the only one who has knowledge intimate enough on nemesis to ensure its survival." Hojo stated while the man with the monotone reached out and took the G file.

"Agreed. Hojo is the most prudent one to stay. I wish you luck." He says while the last of the men in shadows take the T-file and all three get up to leave Hojo to his thoughts. The dark haired man lightly chuckles to himself at this and removes a vile from his coat, revealing a strange blue-violet solution in his hand…

"Perhaps, but this new viral strain is all I need… my true destiny…" He says before chuckling to himself, the chuckle soon turning into diabolical laughter as he turns his seat around to stand and walk out of the room and make his way to his private lab…


(Outside Konoha…)

Itachi and Kisame both looked towards the city, staying out of sight of the strange gray skinned beast as it finished blocking all of the entrances to the village. "Seems as if we came at the right time Kisame. More than a little attack by Sound and Sand is happening…" Itachi says coldly while looking towards the city gates and Kisame gives a grin in response.

"Little? I hope not, me and my blade are just ITCHING to carve through something." Kisame says with a grin and Itachi rolls his eyes in response before looking around and rushing over to the side with Kisame behind him.

"We shouldn't alert these creatures to our presence. They seem to be too fixated in they're given tasks but I'd rather not take any chances this close to Konoha." Itachi said then reasoned with Kisame nodding his head as they used basic tree walking to scale the wall and then jump into the city…




Naruto (Uzumaki) Kazama: Alpha-Crushnik / Darkness Host

Sasuke (Uchiha) Kazama: Chiropterra-King / Chiropteran King

Ino Yamanaka: Nosferatu / Dark Fang

Kai (Real name, Yami (Literally Darkness) Doryuu: Omega-Tyrant / Darkness Master/ Zombie/Tyrant/Hunter/Licker Prodiginator

Neji Hyuuga: Damphir/ Day Walker

Kiba Inuzuka: Werewolf-King

Hana Inuzuka: Werewolf-Queen

Haku (Unknown): Blood-Siren

Shikamaru Nara: No Life King

Mel (Short for Melody): Succubus/ Angelus Host

Hanabi Hyuuga: Witchblade Host

Sabaku no Gaara: Beta-Crushnik

Sabaku no Temari: Generic Vampire

Orochimaru Onizuka: Tyrant

Dokuro: Hybrid (Werewolf/Vampire)

Anima: Tyrant (T-099)

Alpha/Beta/Gama: Tyrant (T-103)

Hypnos: Tyrant

"Queen": Tyrant (T-092)

Proto: Tyrant (T-078)

Nemesis: Modified Tyrant (T-103)

Haruno Sakura: Omega Tyrant