This is a present/past sort of story. It switches from time to time, so read closely, or else you'd be very confused, trust me. By the summary, you should know what this story is about right? Hotaru and Kurama tell their side to their friends.

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Future Meets Past

By: Ketsuki

During the time of Crystal Tokyo

Hotaru gazed around at her friends in a silent satisfaction. She was happy - so were her friends - after so many years of hardships. So many wars, tears, pain, but happy memories, they were finally gathered here, in the large resting room of the Crystal Tokyo Palace.

Starting from the left side of the room, Hotaru saw Ami, with her glasses on, reading a thick heavily bounded book. Minako and Makoto was also reading, but one look at their swooning faces meant that they were reading a different kind of book then Ami's.

Turning to the bean bags placed in front of the fire place was Rei, doing various symbols with her hands, as if trying to coax the fire to tell her things no one else should know. Hotaru giggled to herself. Whether there were evil or no evil, Rei would always be a fire priestess.

Then, turning to her right, she saw Usagi, otherwise known as Neo Queen Serenity to her subjects, deep in discussion with Setsuna, probably talking about something that was confidential.

On another couch, Michiru and Haruka was sitting side by side, Michiru's head resting on Haruka's shoulder and Haruka's arm around Michiru's shoulders. They seemed so deep in love, that their love seemed even deeper then just the surface, it seemed. Like they were linked, heart and soul.

Hotaru sighed and blew her long bangs out from her face. Glancing down at the cup of hot chocolate in her hands, she bit her lip thoughtfully. Her friends were all the different things, when the whole point of these monthly meetings was to do something all friends should participate in.

But what could she do? Basically nothing. She reached forward to put down her mug and lifted up a large piece of sketching paper, a charcoal, and a large piece of cardboard to put the piece of paper on top off. Reaching deep into her memory, she began to sketch, the scribbling of the charcoal echoing in the silent room.

A small smile spread across her face as her drawing began to take shape. She was so deeply concentrating that she couldn't hear someone sneaking up on her.

"Hotaru-chan! Who are you drawing?" the goddess of love, Minako teased, peering over Hotaru's shoulder. Hotaru nearly screamed, but calmed herself down just in case.

"It's nothing, Mina-chan. Just an old friend!" Hotaru said, giggling nervously.

"Oh really, Hotaru-chan? If it's an old friend would you spend so long on this drawing? Every line is so precise, so carefully drawn, as if it can't be anything but perfect. It can't be just a friend, Hotaru-chan".

Hotaru raised an eyebrow. Since when Minako get so observant? But their argument had caught the others' attention. They gathered around Hotaru and Minako.

"Hotaru-chan, don't tell me you have a boyfriend! Cause that looks like a guy to me! Cool eyes too, so cold and mysterious", Makoto exclaimed, admiring the picture.

A blush spread across Hotaru's pale cheeks as she grabbed the drawing back. "It's nothing, minna! Really! It's just an old friend-"

"And how did you meet this old friend, Hotaru-chan?" Usagi teased, a playful smile spreading across her face.

Hotaru's blush deepened as she looked away. "A long time ago", she said softly and sighed.

"Great! Tell us, Hotaru-chan. We need a good story to listen to anyway. Even if it's a friendship story or love story. Come on, Hotaru-chan. We want to hear!" Minako said, bouncing up and down.

"But's nothing! Besides, it was so long ago, I can hardly remember!" Hotaru protested, shaking her head wildly.

"Ne, Hotaru-chan. If you couldn't remember it very well, then how can you remember this person's face so clearly?" Rei demanded, a smirk on her face. She looked truimphant as she swept her long black hair over her shoulder.

"This is ridicules! Tell them, Michi-chan, Haruka-chan, Setsuna-chan! This is ridicules!" Hotaru said loudly.

The three Outers glanced at each other and grinned. "Hotaru-chan, we think Mina-chan's idea is excellent. We don't know much about your past, and there's a few more hours before dinner. Let's hear your story", Setsuna said soothingly. Michiru and Haruka chuckled to themselves.

"But're all against me!" Hotaru said, pouting.

Minako ignored Hotaru's protest. "That's seven against one. Ami-chan, I'd presume you'd like to hear this story too?"

"Sure, I don't see why not", Ami shrugged, taking off her glasses and placing them neatly on the table.

Hotaru knew when she had lost. She sighed, shaking her head. "Fine...fine, I'll tell you. Just get comfortable, this is going to be a long story", Hotaru shook her head, smiling in a tiny smile.

The others seated themselves in various couches and beanbags in front of Hotaru and stared at her intently.

A faraway look was in Hotaru's eyes as she envisioned the happenings of so long ago.

"When I said it happened a long time ago, it did. I was still the Princess of Saturn. You'd understand when I said it isn't a love story, because I was ten years old, back then. It was very sudden. I can still hardly remember it. It was like, a black hole appeared out of no where, and I was whisked away into a dreamland. To me, it seemed like a dream, because when I came back, it seemed that no time had passed at all. Anyway, I should start at the beginning. I had just finished getting ready for bed and I was taking a walk in the palace gardens..."

During the time of Modern Tokyo, Japan

This was a normal get together of the Urameshi Team and co. Normally, it would be at Keiko's ramen shop, but it had been moved to Minamino Shuuichi's house. Shuuichi, also known as by his friends, Kurama.

Right now, it wasn't much of a get together.

Hiei just sat on the single couch, crossed arms and crossed legs, watching everyone without a care in the world, it seemed. Of course, almost everyone knew he was just keeping an eye on Yukina.

Speaking of Yukina, she and Keiko was helping out in the kitchen, trying to conjure up something edible. Not to insult their cooking skills or anything, just that after half an hour, they were still trying to find out how to operate the microwave. They were, of course, trying to pop popcorn. It didn't help when Yukina kept insisting to use the oven, since 'they worked the same way'.

Shizuru, Botan, Yuusuke, and Kuwabara, at the moment, was playing cards. Right now, Shizuru was winning, while Yuusuke and Kuwabara were in a rage, while Botan just looked very sheepish.

Kurama, the one who's house was being trashed at the moment, was sitting calmly across from Hiei, a sketching book in his hands and a pencil, sketching out who knows what. Actually, everyone in the room had been curious, just didn't bother to check it out.

So, basically everyone was doing their own thing. Finally, Botan couldn't take it any longer. She couldn't take the squabbling of the two people seated beside her. She couldn't take Hiei's calmness, Yukina's naive personality, Keiko's stubborness that they had to make popcorn, Shizuru's winning streak, and Kurama's mysterious drawing. She was actually dying to find out what Kurama was sketching.

So, she threw down her cards. "Okay, this is it. This is a friendly get together, right? So, shouldn't we be doing something together? And Kurama-kun, can you please help Yukina-chan and Keiko-chan in the kitchen?" Botan gaze a pleading look at the redhead. He nodded, a small smile of amusement on his face. Standing up, he placed the book onto the coffee table and headed into the kitchen.

With a mischievous smile, Botan took the sketching book gently and gazed at the picture. "Wow...Kurama's such a good artist!" Botan squealed, showing everyone the picture.

"Is that Kurama's girlfriend or something?" Yuusuke said, a smirk on his face.

"It's about time!" Kuwabara guffawed loudly.

Hiei only snorted and looked away, rolling his eyes. He couldn't believe anyone could have such stupidity.

Shizuru took out a cigarette and lighted it, bringing to her lips. Taking it out, she blew out a small puff of smoke. "Why don't you just ask him when he comes out?" she asked carelessly, taking another breather into her cigarette.

"She looks a little young...Maybe around twelve or thirteen..." Botan said thoughtfully, putting down the drawing.

Around fifteen minutes later, the two girls and Kurama came out of the kitchen, with three bowls of popcorn. Kurama put the bowl on the table and took his sketching book.

"Hey Kurama, who is that girl?" Yuusuke asked non-chalently, grabbing a handful of popcorn from Keiko's bowl. Keiko rolled her eyes and settled onto the couch that could seat three people.

"What girl?" Keiko asked with interest, staring at Kurama with curiousity shining in her brown eyes.

"It's no one. Just a person I used to know", Kurama answered calmly, picking up his pencil to continue his drawing.

"It ain't as simple as that, Kurama-kun. There's more to it then what you're telling us!" Kuwabara declared, pointing at Kurama dramatically, as if accusing him of something horrible.

Kurama raised an eyebrow in question.

"We're just curious, Kurama-kun, you can't blame us for that!" Botan said, smiling widely in pretend innocence.

"Why don't you tell us about that girl? After all, there's absolutely nothing to do at the moment", Shizuru suggested, taking the cigarette out from her mouth so she could speak.

"Yeah, tell us about your girlfriend!" Yuusuke said, smiling brightly.

"Yuusuke-kun, she was ten", Kurama said simply.

"Oh...well, when did you meet her anyway?" Yuusuke asked, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

"When I was still Youko Kurama, living in Makai".

"That makes it even more interesting. Let's hear it, Kurama!" Kuwabara said, turning his chair around to face the redhead.

"You really want to? It's actually rather boring...And rather personal", Kurama said, as if trying to discourage them.

"That makes us even more curious, Kurama-kun. Come on, tell us!" Botan spoke up, bouncing up and down on her chair in excitement. She had always loved a good story.

"Fine...But it's a really long story so get yourself comfortable. It all started when I was just taking a walk around the forest gardens near my lair. I detected something strange from far off and then suddenly, a little girl decided to drop in for a visit..."


End of Prologue

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