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Summary: Secret Admirers, confusing crushes, mushy cards, rivalry, and a whole lot of candy. Oh boy. This could get messy. MelloxNear One-sided MelloxMatt

Title: St. Valentine's Day

Chapter 1: Dropping the Bomb

It was with much trepidation that Matt got out of bed that morning. The date was February 14 or, as Matt liked to think of it, Hell on Earth Day.

The rest of the world knew it as Valentine's Day. The time when one expressed one's affections towards their preferred target for mating, or attempted target.

To put it bluntly, love stinks. And the air smells really bad right now.

The reason for this was, of course, Matt's capricious blonde-haired best friend. Or more accurately, his feelings for his capricious blonde-haired best friend, which were decidedly more than friendship. Yeah. The place reeked.

As though somehow cued by Matt's gloom, Mello sprang out of bed with an energy that was only possessed by morning people and the terminally insane. If there's a difference.

"Crap… now all the girls are going to expect to get lots of cards and candy and the ones that don't will get all whiney and sobby and the ones who do won't share." Clearly this wasn't exactly Mello's favorite holiday either. Nonetheless, Matt felt it his duty to attempt to cheer the blonde up.

"Come on Mello, it's not so bad. We get valentines and candy every year too, so you'll probably get more chocolate." Matt pointed out. Mello looked considerably happier at this. "And really… are you telling me there's no one you'd like to give a valentine to? Some of the girls are pretty cute." Mello made an indignant noise.

"Are you kidding? Girls are airheads today. You shouldn't encourage them." He scoffed, and then went about his morning preparations. Matt shrugged and began to get dressed for the day.

One floor down, in a mostly-empty playroom, a small pale boy had abandoned his usual Lego-building puzzle-solving robot-crashing activities. Instead he was sitting, one leg up with his knee against his chest and the other splayed on the ground, and cutting carefully at red construction paper with a pair of safety scissors. Art supplies were arranged neatly around him. His expression was impassive, but the delicate way he held the paper and the measured cuts he took belied his concern for his creation.

"It has to be just right…" Near murmured softly to himself.

"Mello, keep eating like that than even you won't be able to avoid a stomach ache." Matt warned. The blonde looked up from his plunder, chocolate smeared across his face.

"Don't be ridiculous Matt. I've never been sick from chocolate." Mello pronounced the word chocolate the way many faithful people would state the name of their religious deity. Matt held up his hands in playful surrender, he couldn't help an affectionate grin crawling across his face.

"What? Is there something on my face?" Mello raised an eyebrow. Matt considered for a moment, taking in the chocolate stains around Mello's mouth, the sugary dot on his cheek, the streak across his nose.

"Nope. Looks clear." Matt hastily took out his gameboy and slid down his goggles to mask his increasing amusement. Mello shrugged and resumed his demolishment of all things chocolate within his reach.

Once he was sure Mello was thoroughly distracted, Matt slipped a hand into his jacket pocket.

'Should I…?' He thought. That was preposterous, he supposed. He definitely should, but… he could never seem to find the courage. There were of course all the normal worries: rejection, ruining the friendship, getting the crap beat out of him by an offended Mello… alright maybe that last one was exclusive only to this situation.

'Ok, Matt. Deep breath now… just do it. Really fast. Like ripping off a band-aid!' Matt hesitated, his fingers clenching and unclenching around the object in his pocket. 'Like ripping off a band-aid. Fast. Now! Just do it!'

"Hey Mello…" Matt started, pulling the thing out of his pocket. Too late to stop now.

"Yeah?" Mello glanced up again, and stopped, his eyes immediately fell to what was in Matt's hand. A bag of candy hearts. They had a card attached. With his name on it. Mello's brain stuttered and shut down.

"I uh… Here…" Matt thrust the gift at Mello, then scrabbled to his feet and out the door. Mello was still staring at where Matt had been.

Blue eyes moved slowly down to the bag of candy that had landed on his knee. A hand tentatively reached out, taking the card and turning it over to read.

'I love you.


Short, simple, to the point. So very Matt.

Ok. Sure. Great. Dandy.

"Dandy!? Oh I did not just think the word dandy!" Mello's mind came back to life with a jolt. He gazed down at the card with mixed feelings. Matt loved him. Matt loved him. Matt loved him. Matt loved him!?

It just wasn't processing.

"But… he's my best friend." Mello said aloud. Dammit, this was just so completely baffling. Mello tried to organize his thoughts, tried to analyze his own emotions, which was usually simple despite how explosive they were. After much work, he managed to grasp hold of the idea.

Ok… so Matt loved him. Mello still didn't know how he felt about that.

'Do… do I love Matt?' He thought with perplexity. Mello didn't think he'd mind too much if he did. 'Yes…' He realized soon enough. 'But not like… like that. Matt is my best friend…' Mello stared down at the candy, the card, the… valentine.

'I love you.


Mello didn't think Matt meant best friend love. In fact he was sure Matt didn't mean best friend love.

"Well… shit."


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