I thought of attempting to write a few Ikarishipping fics since I've really grown to it and I have (some) proof. I have a few fics in mind and this is one of them. There is a reason I'm using all jap names (by ALL I mean all humans and Piplup)(I like Pochama more). When I think of a good way to explain the reason I'll write but its mainly because Hikari means light. Well I'll shut up now so you can read.

I'm not following the anime in this fic so Shinji still has Chimchar and Satoshi and Hikari never traded pokemon kay?

Chapter 1: Hikari's strange dream

Hikari Berlitz tossed and turned uncomfortably in her sleep. Of course, it was the fault of Mr. Satoshi Ketchum who just had to get into 20 battles and delay their journey to Hearthome City. So now, Hikari was stuck sleeping in a tent outside. But on this particular night, it was not the complete fault of the tent. This time it was mainly the fault of Hikari's weird and disturbing dream.

The young Blunette walked around a cold dark forest. She was alone, lost, and pokéless. "Satoshi, Takeshi-kun," she cried out desperately. No reply came. Then Hikari heard a child crying. She went over to the source. There she saw a little girl, about 6 years of age, in a white dress crying. The strange thing was that she had a pair of huge fluffy wings and she was sitting on the water. She had blue hair like Hikari's only lighter (probably because of the glow from her wings) and sat there not paying attention to Hikari.

Hikari stood there watching sadly. She recalled the time when she got lost in the forest when she was younger. After a long time of wandering and searching for a way out, she began crying and the next thing Hikari could remember was waking up in a hospital. Hikari looked at the crying angel and wondered if she was lost. But as Hikari approached the girl, she stopped crying and looked up.

"You're time is coming," the girl said mysteriously. Hikari was about to question her when she was suddenly cold and wet.

Hikari woke with a start when she realized somebody splashed her with cold water. Satoshi was standing over her with an empty bucket. "KYA!!" she shrieked. "Get out of my tent!!!!!" Hikari threw him out angrily.

"Sorry," Satoshi said, "But you were going to sleep all day if I didn't wake you."

"Maybe that would have been a good thing," Hikari grumbled, "I would have finally seen the ending of that nightmare." Ever since that night in the forest, Hikari was haunted by a recurring dream. But she would always be woken up for whatever reason usually crying. That dream began taking over Hikari and making her crazy. Her family and friend, Kengo were all extremely worried and thought that Hikari may have seen something in the forest. That was when almost all of Eterna city moved to elsewhere and Hikari ended up in Twinleaf town. After that she no longer had that dream.

But tonight was different. Since they were in Eterna city the day before, Hikari must have remembered her childhood trauma and it returned to haunt her. Hikari brushed her hair extra slowly. She realized this was the first time she actually spoke to the angel. But what made this dream different from the others? And why did the angel say her time was coming? Hikari stood up but sat back down with her hand to her forehead. She had a splitting headache.

'Kengo was right' she thought, 'Too much thinking will hurt me.' Once when Kengo and Hikari were in school, Hikari got a massive headache while trying to do the math problem and Kengo joked that she shouldn't think so hard. But he did prove himself right.

"Okay Hikari Berlitz," the girl said to herself, "Clear your head, it was just a dream." She took a deep breath and struggled to focus her mind on the next contest. After that her headache cleared up a little but was still there. "Oh well," Hikari said and packed her tent, "I'll just rest up at Hearthome city, until them I can fool Satoshi and Takeshi-kun for a little while."

Hikari stepped out of the tent. Satoshi was pacing around angrily. When he saw her he yelled, "Finally! Why is it that you always take forever to get ready? Don't you realize you're contest is coming up and I have a gym battle!" Hikari ignored him.

"Well if it wasn't for you we'd already be in Hearthome," she snapped, "You would be battling and I could still be sleeping." Satoshi just ignored her and walked off. Hikari felt her headache get worse but resisted the urge to flinch worried that Takeshi or Pikachu (who were right behind her) might notice.


Shinji walked around Hearthome Park with his Chimchar apprehensively. He had a sinking feeling that he had to meet someone important here. He looked at all the trainers playing with their pokemon. It sickened him. Chimchar seemed to think it was fun though and smiled at it. Then it sensed something and ran off. "Hey get back here," Shinji ordered angrily. But Chimchar kept on running. "Lousy..." Shinji grumbled and ran after him. Chimchar arrived at some weird statues and looked around suspiciously. Shinji caught up to the monkey angrily. "Don't run off like that," Shinji scolded, "What's wrong with you anyway?" Chimchar looked around the area growling. Shinji picked it up and began walking away.

"I have had it with you," he scowled, "Don't go running away like that." Shinji left the park to go back to the pokemon center. Meanwhile a tall figure watched from a bush. "That guy looks familiar," he said. From another bush a short figure was watching. "Is he from the legend too?"

Well here's chapter 1 for you. I think from other works you all know your honorifics but if you want me to explain...just not now. Oh and if the names confuse you:

Satoshi- Ash
Takeshi- Brock
Shinji- Paul
Kengo- Kenny

The 2 mystery figures are both OCs so don't bother guessing who they are. And if you think this is weird I had this in a dream so yeah. Oh and if you have any questions comments and/or concerns the review button is right below so bye. ♥

Oh yeah I almost forgot: There is some OOCness (mainly for Shinji) and future chapters may have some name troubles (cause I'm a little careless) and I'm too used to Ash and Brock's dub names.