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Chapter 3: Blasting Off Again.

"Hikari!" Satoshi shouted. "Where did she go?" Kengo and Shinji shrugged. "Oh Poor Hikari-sama," Tierra was wailing in the background. Everyone decided it was better to ignore her. Especially after, she had attempted to strangle Shinji for luring her out of the room.
"She couldn't have gone far right?" Shinji asked, "Not with that fever." Kengo looked at the broken window. "Do you think she could've hallucinated and—" Kengo didn't get to finish for Tierra hit him with a paper fan (which actually really hurt)
"Don't you go assuming the worst!" she yelled.
"Calm yourself," Shinji snapped, "She didn't jump." He pointed down the window. There was nothing there. Tierra let go of Kengo and smiled sweetly. "Well let's go," Tierra said. But before running off Satoshi said, "Hey Tierra I just realized why did Pikachu go crazy before Hikari fainted?" But instead of a reply, all he got was a cold scary stare from Tierra.

"If you ever refer to me or Hikari-sama without an honorific..." she threatened. "I-I'm sorry Tierra-dono," he whimpered. (Note: Dono is the term used for kings and lords and stuff...Satoshi is that scared of Tierra) Tierra smiled. "Good and I don't know why." She said.

"But he calmed down later," Satoshi pointed. "So?" Tierra asked. Satoshi lost his trail of thought.

"Wait you said you're electric rat went crazy?" Shinji asked. Pikachu growled at his remark. "That's funny cause Chimchar was acting wild a few hours ago at the park."

"Maybe Chimchar could have Pikari's scent," Kengo suggested and held out her hat. "Good thing she left this behind." Tierra laughed.

"I doubt it. Why are you so sure Hikari and your pokemon's behavior are related?" she asked. Shinji glared at her. "Why are you so sure its not?" he asked. The other boys looked for her answer too. "Because you're thoughts are ridiculous!" Tierra simply answered although her face was pink. Shinji rolled his eyes.

"Right," he remarked, "We'll see about that. Go Chimchar." The cute fire monkey came out. Kengo held out Hikari's hat. "Could you find Hikari?" he asked. As soon as Chimchar sniffed the hat, it started growling.
"Just like Pikachu was," Satoshi said, "But is he calm now?" But no one answered him. It took Satoshi almost 5 minutes to realize the others all left to follow Chimchar.

Chimchar led everyone straight to the park. Where Takeshi was flirting with a bunch of girls. That really got Tierra mad. "TAKESHI-OJI," she yelled, "THIS IS HOW YOU HELP HIKARI-SAMA?" Takeshi walked away thinking is Tierra's yelling was actually WORSE than years of pulled ears and poison jabs.

"No way!" Tierra said later shocked, "It's you." She pointed to a tall figure in a tree that was holding an unconscious Hikari. The figure smiled. "Well we meet again 009," he stated, "And I see you've brought friends." Then he noticed Shinji. "Oh its you again. Guess 009 never made the wild-stench wear off."

"I didn't know the Chimchar was exposed," Tierra shouted, "And it's a good thing to. Hand her over NOW!" The figure looked at Hikari and at Tierra and Shinji's scary gaze.

"Don't feel like it," he said, "But I do feel like getting rid of you 4."
"Check you're math," Kengo said, "There's five of us." The figure nodded. "Yes but I keeping..." he pointed at Shinji, "...him." Tierra gasped. "W-Why?" she demanded. Her tone really scared the three boys (excluding Takeshi). If Tierra was nervous, it was bad. The figure started laughing. "You mean you don't know yet?" he asked, "Well that really helps me. Go Flygon!" He tossed a black pokéball revealing a huge dragon pokemon. Tierra cringed.

"Of all times for them not to give me a pokemon," she whispered. No one except Shinji heard her. But, he was too worried about the current problem to really care. "Torterra go," he yelled. His huge turtle starter came out and growled. "Pikachu lets go," Satoshi called. His Pikachu jumped and sparked its red cheeks. "Prinplup," Kengo called and sent out his starter pokemon. "And Croagunk," Takeshi called. His creepy blue pokemon came out and inflated its cheeks.
"Tierra-Kohai since you can't battle save Hikari while he's distracted," Shinji whispered. Tierra cleared her throat angrily. Shinji groaned.
"Tierra-dono please save Hikari-san," Shinji corrected himself. (Note: Kohai is how you would address an underclassman) Tierra smiled and nodded. The raging battle began.

Meanwhile, Hikari was starting to come around. Her head was still boiling and everything was spinning but Hikari could faintly make out her surroundings. She realized she was in the arms of someone in a tree. 'Has my Prince Charming come for me?' she thought happily...until she realized Tierra, Shinji and the others were fighting a battle. "Who are you?" she demanded weakly, "Why am I in a tree?"
The figure smiled revealing a gold tooth. "You're awake Tenshi Hikari." (I'll leave it to you to know what Tenshi means for now) Hikari groaned. "Who are you?" she asked again.

"Only the one who'll end your pain," he said smiling. Hikari rubbed her eyes. "So you're a doctor?" she asked. The guy was confused. "No Tenshi," he said annoyed.
"I see," Hikari muttered, "That means you're..." her eyes opened in shock. "A PAID ASSASSIN!!!" She yelled and began squirming, "Kengo, Shinji help!!!" Then she turned to the 'assassin.' "Mr. Paid Assassin please don't hurt me. I wanna live. Take Satoshi instead." She cried before breaking into a violent coughing fit. Everyone sweatdropped.
"That fool," Shinji whispered. "I've had it. Torterra you know what to do." Torterra released a thick vine quickly grabbing Hikari and pulling her away roughly. (He completely ignored Tierra's gentleness lecture). Unfortunately, Torterra sent Hikari straight into Shinji. They landed in a heap. "Um thank you?" Hikari squeaked. Her face was redder than ever.
"Whatever," Shinji said, "Now get off and join the battle." Hikari nodded. But when she stood up, she felt dizzier. "You're really helpless you know that?" Shinji said.

"Hikari-sama," Tierra called and ran over to her, "You're okay! This dummy didn't hurt you did he? Did he?" Shinji was really fighting the urge to strangle the little girl now.
That was when Kengo noticed the figure's hand. "He's bleeding," Kengo pointed out. Shinji nodded. "Torterra has a few thorns stuck in his vines. Very helpful in battle though. Hikari it didn't hurt you too badly did it?" Hikari blinked in confusion. She was feeling so bad she didn't realize her shoulder was bleeding.
"B-blood?" Tierra trembled, "Shinji y-you f-fool." She slipped away nervously. The figure watched with interest. "Nervous about blood eh? Good to know," he said. Then he frowned. "Now I was going to be nice and take Tenshi and the boy and leave but now I'm just gonna destroy you all. Flygon, Tyranitar, Salamence, Dragonite," (Yes he has those too) he ordered, "Giga Impact." Everyone gasped as the dragons prepared their attacks.
"I'll be back for you if you live," he said, "Until then call me "Black Devil" But you wont live for that anyway." With a snap of his fingers, the attacks were launched. All trainers quickly recalled their pokemon and braced themselves for the impact.

Death did not come. The attacks just sent them flying the way Team Rocket always does. But they went in two separate directions. Hikari and Shinji one way, and everyone else the other. As they flew off BD recalled his pokemon. "Everything falls according to plan." He said and disappeared.

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