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(Max and the gang have officially moved in with Mrs. Martinez and Ella. This is their first day of school. Gazzy and Angel go to the grade school, Ella and Nudge go to the middle school, and Max, Fang and Iggy go to the high school. They are coming in the middle of the year, so stuff has already started happening.)


Whoah. I thought the school itself on the outside was big. I walked down the hall with Fang, searching for room 301. Iggy was on the floor above us, and already situated in his class. We were late, so the halls were pretty much deserted. That's how I liked it; I think I might have spontaneously gone bananas if the already slim hallways had been crowded. I felt Fang stop beside me, and I turned.

"Room 301." He read. Gulping, I reached for the doorknob. Erasers? No sweat. New school? Drowning in perspiration. The door swung open.

Iggy POV

My hand slid over the tiny bumps, memorizing quickly which grouping represented 'A'. Amanda, my 'intelligence coordinator', was quietly reading off the alphabet while my fingers brushed the bumps. She was a college girl, and I was dying to see her in a swimsuit (you know, if I could see her at all). Fang had described her as shorter than me, glasses, brown hair, extremely pretty and killer curves. I was dying, I tell you. Suddenly, I heard the teacher, Ms. Matherson, clear her throat.

"I have an announcement to make. As some of you know, the spring dance is coming up in one week. Now, this dance is organized by our student council every year, and is very anticipated by all of our students and teachers. The entire ninth grade, including this class, is required to come, with a partner. Thank you."

I felt my throat close up. Not even my second day here and I was required to bring someone to a dance! A girl! Who the heck was I supposed to ask?


Amanda guided me to the lunch room, seating me with Max and Fang. I rushed my fingers over their faces, discerning their emotions. Fang was his usual self, cool, calm, untroubled. Max, however, was trembling, her jaw tight with anger and discomfort.

"You get the announcement, too?" I asked in the direction of Max.

"Yes." She said it through her teeth. "I can't believe it! I have to wear a dress! What if I'm dancing with some guy and he puts his hand on my back? What if it rips? What if he's an Eraser? How am I gonna get a guy who doesn't feel something feathery? Huh?"

"Chill, Max. I'll go with you." said Fang. "It'll get rid of some of the girls, anyhow."

"Girls?" I said, interested. "What girls?" To my surprise, Max laughed.

"It's not funny!" grumbled Fang. "Ok, ok, there have been troops of girls following me and pinching me, stuff like that. Actually, there's a little herd right over there."

I heard Max laugh.

"Whoo, it looks like one is coming over!" said Max jeeringly. It was true. I could hear footsteps approaching us. To my surprise, the high pitched voice did not say Nick. She said Jeff. My name.

"Hi, Jeff, isn't it? I'm Emily. I'm 5'4 with brown hair and blonde streaks. I sit next to you in English." I looked up at her voice, bewildered.

"Uh, hi Emily. Thanks for describing yourself; it really sucks not being able to know what everyone looks like." I felt my face heat up. She laughed a little, but not in a mean way.

"Listen, um, I know you're new here and stuff, and, well, I don't really know that many guys, so… Iwaswonderingifyou'dliketogotothedancewithme?" She rushed through it. But I picked it up, and relief washed through me.

"Yeah! I'd love to!" Score!

"Great. Well, see you around. Bye, Nick." I heard her walk away. There was a long silence before Max and Fang burst into laughter.

"How was her body?" I asked Fang in a hushed voice once they had quieted down.

"Sweeeeeet." said Fang. Yessss.

Fang POV

Holy cow. Sixteen dance invites and I've only been here three days? Is that even possible? I've explained abillion times that I'm going with Max, and, no, she's not my sister. We just live together. One time, this particular group got me so pissed that I kissed Max in front of them. She was wicked taken off guard, and smacked me hard afterwards, but man, it waas worth it. At least they didn't follow me anymore. Iggy seems pretty happy with Emily. They walk down the hall hand and hand and stuff. Poor Amanda has to jog to keep up. Well, they're not alone, ever; they're always walking with me and Max. Usually Emily walks next to me, then Ig, and Max. Actuallyy, Emily is pretty friendly with me. I mean,she's nice and all, but sometimes it seems like she's more friendly with me than her 'boyfriend'. Weird, huh?

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