I don't own Naruto or anything related to him.

Second story has male/male love.. if that's not your thing then don't say I didn't warn you.

These are just 2 very short things I wrote.. I guess you call it a drabble.. The first one happens after Naruto tried to save Sasuke and Sakura is visiting him in the hospital. The second is just Kakashi thinking. I was imagining Naruto to be at least 18 or 20 in that story.

For her

She looked at me with those incredible sad green eyes of hers and in that single moment I knew that I would go through the deepest levels of hell if it would but bring her one ounce of happiness.

Even if it killed me I would get back the boy she loved.

Because I would do anything for the girl I loved.

Behind the smiles

He looked at me with that bright and sunny smile of his, the one that was instantly contagious, the smile that said "I don't have a single care in the world", and chuckled in that sweet, sweet way of his. Laughter that instantly makes you smile and brings back fond memories of warm summer days or the first snowflakes in winter. Anyone seeing that smile of his and hearing that laugh would be filled with joy, never knowing that behind those bright cheery eyes was a tormented soul and that the smile and the laughter were a mask to hide the frown and the crying. A long time ago he had decided that for every frown there would be a smile and for every sob there would be laughter because, like he said, it's harder to hate someone who only smiles and laughs than someone who cries all the time, it's easier not to feel hated if you can smile and laugh it off.

But I see the tormented soul behind those eyes, I see frowns and tears through his mask of happiness, and so help me god I will not rest until I've helped ease the torment, until I can see that those beautiful smiles come from pure happiness and that his infatuating laugh comes from the deepest part of his soul.

Because a short time ago I realized that for every fake smile and every fake laugh he was not only hiding his own pain, he was hiding mine as well. My fears, my doubts, my regrets, my failures and my weakness. When he smiles I give him the same smile in return. Because I'm afraid it's too late. I doubt I will be able to help him. I regret not seeing it sooner. I've failed him like I've failed everyone before him. I was never strong enough to help anyone.

I was too afraid to held sensei. I was so distracted with doubt about my father that I didn't pay enough attention which led to Obitos death. I was too obsessed with my own regrets to realize Rin was wilting away. I failed to see Sakuras strengths and only saw her weaknesses. I wasn't strong enough to give Sasuke what he needed. All the things I hide with my mask he was hiding with his smiles as well.

A short time ago I decided no more fear, no more doubts, no more regrets, failures or weakness and most of all no more fake smiles and laughter.

Because a short time ago I finally let myself admit that the feelings that I have had for him for a long time now where more than affection for my student, more than fatherly pride in seeing how wonderfully the young boy I helped raise, if only a little bit, had turned out, more than the friendship and trust I had for the young man that was now my teammate.

I finally let myself admit that I love him, always have and always will, and hopefully love will heal all of those things in the end.

Thank you for reading.