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Chapter One: After School

The bell chimed, signaling that it was time to go. Then after a few moments waves of children trickled outside to get onto their busses or go meet their parents waiting outside of the car for them. A few of them searched for their parents in the crowd and upon seeing them, they left their stuff and made a beeline for the playground. One little boy in particular, stood off further to the side with who could be assumed to be the teacher, waiting patiently for someone.

"He's late again" the boy said sullenly.

"Give him a few more minutes. I bet he waiting for a bus to drop some of the kids off"

"Hn" he grunted emotionlessly. His teacher sighed with a small smile, as it reminded her of the similar way his father grunted in much of the same way.

"Haru-kun. Why don't we wait inside. You'll get sick if you wait out here any longer" she

"Okay" he said reluctantly. She held his hand and led him back into the classroom. Haru sat down at him desk and waited quietly.

"You know, you could be doing your homework right now while you wait" she said smiling. The boy nodded before taking out a pencil and a sheet of paper.

"Hey Ino, I'm leaving now. Ten-Ten said she'll lock up the gym for me"

"Naruto-sensei!" the child yelled dropping him pencil on the table. Then he ran over and glomped the other teacher.

"Hey Haru-kun! Why are you still here?"

"His dad is running a little late" she said sheepishly. Naruto glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 45 minutes since school ended.

"Daddy is always late. So Ino-sensei waits with me"

"Really? Well if you want, I'll let you come home with me then. Your dad can pick you up from there"


"Naruto! You can't do that!"

"Come on Ino. It's not a problem. He's my neighbor anyway. And I know you've got plans soon so you won't have to wait for his dad to come. I swear nothing is going to happen! Right Haru-kun?"

"Yup! I'll be really good! I promise!" he said excitedly. Though both adults knew the problem wasn't exactly going to be regarding his behavior.

No Naruto. I'm pretty sure this is illegal"

"No it's not. We're teachers! We've been taught how to deal with children in a way their parents won't care about. Besides, don't you want to se your Maru-chan?"

"Naruto!" she hissed.

"Who's Maru-chan?"

"It's her boyfriend" he said teasingly.


"I know!" he said grinning. Glanced up at the clock she saw that it was now after 4 and her boyfriend would be getting her in half and hour. She would just barely make it home to get dressed before he was there.

"We're so going to get fire for this..." she said sighing.

"Yay!" both men cheered before glomping her this time.

'Man..I thought I'd never get out of there...' a man thought as he walked off of the college campus.

The young man sighed before getting into his car. Before he started it, he reached to turn his cell phone so he wouldn't be tempted to use it while he was driving. (That's right people. It's very dangerous to drive while on the phone) as he got ready to push the button he noticed he had a message from Haru, so he listened. After a few minutes, the man played over the message again, not really grasping what his son had just said.

"Hey daddy. I'm going home with Naruto-sensei. If you forgot, he's my new gym teacher since Lee-sensei is in jail with his dad, for trying to save a tree. He lives in the room next to us so come to get me when you get here! Bye!" he said before hanging up.

Without another thought, he sped out of the parking lot and to his apartment complex. How dare those teachers actually let his son leave with someone he barely knew! Sure the guy lived next door a while now, but from what he had seen, he was a total moron. What kind of a role model forgets to put out his trash, and then the next morning chases after the garbage truck in his underwear? Any parent with a functioning brain wouldn't allow their child to be left alone in the same room with a person like that. And even though he knew his son was the more intelligent one, he sure wasn't going to rely his poor 6 year old to take care of himself....especially with such an irresponsible person. That school was going to get an earful come tomorrow, but right now he had to get his son first.

'Hn. If anything's happened then I'm going to sue that school for all it has' he thought speeding up a bit more.

"So Haru. What do you want to do first?"

"I wanna watch t.v!"

"Didn't I see you doing homework when I came in? Maybe you should finish it"

"No fair. I thought you were cool Naruto-sensei"

"I am cool! But I want you to do your homework before we do anything fun. You know your dad is going to ask why I didn't make you do it. You don't want to get me in trouble, do you?" he asked pouting. The boy quickly shook his head no.

"Okay then. After you're done, we can play a super duper awesome game together! Hurry up!" he said excitedly. The boy quickly got his backpack and went to the table.

"Um...Naruto-sensei. Can you help me?"

"Sure. What's wrong?"

"Ino-sensei said we had to pretend to write a letter to Santa and well...I don't know what to say" he said hesitantly.

"Well make a wish list. It's not too early to tell him what you want. I bet if you tell him really early he'll be able to find everything by Christmas!"

"Good idea Naruto-sensei!" he praised. Then he scribbled things down for 2 minutes and dropped his pencil down on the table.



"Great. Now we can make snacks!"

"What are we making?"


"Really? I've always wanted to try some!"

"You've never had ramen before?" he asked amazed.

"Nope! My dad says that it's not healthy and it's just plastic in a cup"

"Well that's because he's never had any! Ramen is great. Wait until you try it!" he said setting the kettle down onto the stove.

"Are we going to sit and wait for the water to get hot?"

"No. I have a special mission for you"

"What? What?"

"You...get to water my plants. I'm old so I don't think they like me because they won't grow. But maybe they'll be happy if you do it because you're a kid"

"I don't think you're old Naruto-sensei. My dad says you're a child and he's told me he's 22 so you're younger than him" he said innocently.

"Really now. Haru....what else does he say about me?"

"Um...he said you're immature, mentally challenged, careless and stuff like that. And he told me not to say that stuff about anyone but you, because he said it's mean, but for you it's the truth ...oh yeah! And he calls you a dobe all the time too" he recited perfectly.

"What a....wonderful memory you have Haru-kun"

"Thank you" he said beaming. Then the kettle whistled, signaling that the water was hot.

"Can I pour it? Can I? Can I?" he asked bouncing up and down by his side.

"No way! It's too hot for you! You're not allow to touch this until you know how to do calculus" he said trying to avoid the boy while he held the kettle in his hands.

"What's that?" Haru asked halting in mid jump.

"You'll learn when you're bigger. Then you get to show it to me, and then I'll let you pour the water. Deal?" he said setting down the bowls.

"Deal!" he said before reaching to dig in. He looked up when his teacher stopped him.

"You can't eat it yet. It's too hot! You're gonna burn your mouth. Blow it first so it cools off"

"Alright" he said before following his instructions. After a few seconds, he tested it again before eating it slowly. After he swallowed his first bite, he paused for a moment as he decided whther he liked it or not. Then after another moment, he resumed eating with gusto, making the older man chuckle. Soon they were finished and Naruto picked up the plates and began washing them in the sink. He felt a tug at his pant leg and then looked down to see Haru looking at him with a cute pout on his face.

"What's wrong now?"

"I'm bored" he said grumpily.

"You're bored, huh?"

"Well then I guess we're going to have to play a game then right?"

"That's right!" he sang.

"Well then what do you want to play?" he asked grinning. Then boy thought about it for a minute. Naruto noted how cute his brows furrowed as he pondered over the question. Then his face brightened.

"Hide and go seek!" he answered excitedly.

"Alright then. You go hide, and I'll count to fifty" he said drying his hands. The boy quickly scurried off looking for a place to hide. Naruto heard a few things fall to the ground, which told him he'd been brave enough to go hide in the untouched area, the place which he called his room. He was just about to reach forty when he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Just a second!" he called out. But then person continued to knock. He rolled his eyes and opened the door. Standing there was a man around his age or younger looking at him with a look akin to annoyance and irritation.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for my son" the man said in annoyance.

"Oh! You must be Sasuke then. You kind of look like him. Though I expected you to be older though. Not really old, but not younger than me either"

"Is he here?" the man asked impatiently.

"Yeah. He's probably hiding from me in my closet still" Naruto said rubbing a hand on the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Was that suppose to be a joke?"he asked bluntly.

"No..." the blonde replied slowly in confusion.

"So is this some kind of game to you?" he asked shocked.

"Sure it is! I do this all of the time with kids!" he said beaming. He didn't ever expect the fist that went hurling into his face.

"Bastard what the heck!?" he said from his place on the ground.

"I don't know how you got this job but I'll make sure you don't get to keep it. These are real people with real lives that you're dealing with here, no matter how small they may look. And even though you may think you're just fooling around with them like you would with any other random person you meet on the street, they don't see it like that. They get scarred from things like this so if you have any semblance of a functioning brain you'll stop whatever you're doing and grow up. Preferably before someone else comes along and decides to put your ass in jail!" he said glaring dangerously at the blonde haired man.

"Naruto-sensei you're taking too long. You were suppose to come find me. I had a great hiding spot and everything...Daddy! You finally came!" Haru said before spotting his dad and running into his arms.

"Hey little guy!" he said changing his voice the moment he saw the boy. Naruto watch the entire scene play before him with amazement, almost forgetting about his swelling jaw. But the keyword was almost.

"Naruto-sensei, did you fall? You have to put some ice on the booboo or you'll have to go to the scary doctor so he can fix it with the stingy stuff"

"Good idea. I really don't wanna go there. Hey Haru, go get your stuff so you can go. You don't want to keep your dad waiting"

"Okay!" he said before running off. As soon as he was gone, the teacher let out an awkward chuckle.

"Look, I think we've gotten into some kind of misunderstanding. I was just playing a game with Haru because he was bored"

"Save it. I don't want excuses. I'm taking my son and we're going to go home" he snapped.

"I'm ready daddy!"

"Good. Come on and watch some t.v"

"Bye Naruto-sensei! Don't forget to fix your booboo!" he said waving. His father gave one more glare at the blonde boy who as still sitting on the floor in a daze, before shutting the door. He sat there for a few more moments in silence.

'What the heck just happened?'

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