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Chapter 7:

"So I'm guessing you're better by now, right?" Naruto asked with a baby voice. The Uchiha male shot him the vilest glare he could muster. But for some reason it doesn't seem as intimidating when you keep remembering that the said person's head was sticking out of a toilet bowl not too long ago...

"Look, I already said sorry. And it's not like it I did it on purpose."

"Don't care. Go away"

"Pull the stick out will ya? I said sorry, so accept my apology already"

"Who told you I ever would?"

"Fine then. Now I have to go to drastic measures. Let's go" he said pointing to the door.

"I'm not going anywhere with you" he said defiantly.

"Well I could throw you over my shoulder again...but I don't think you'd like that. I have it on good authority that the freshmen girl down in B-12 is dying to see me do that sort of thing to you" he said casually. (stupid yaoi girls always dying to see some

"Fine. Let's get this over with" he said sighing.

"Alright! Let's get going! I promise you'll love it!"

"Where are we?" he asked cautiously. Around them were various people quietly sipping on drinks and reading various reading materials. It was quite odd for this loud and hyper man to be bringing him here since it was so out of character for him.

"It's a coffee shop. When I was a kid my dad would let me tag along with him while he met with people, and most of the time we came to places like this. When you get into your serious mode it reminds me of how he was when he met with them, so I thought you might like it here"

"How nice. I'm sure it's every parent's dream to hear that they remind their child's gym teacher, of his father" he said dripping with sarcasm.

"If you knew my dad you wouldn't be saying that" he said grinning.

"Hello. H-how can I help you?" she stuttered.

"A coffee and a caramel cappuccino please" Naruto answered with a grin.

"Coming right up" she said before walking away again.

"I never knew you to be a cappuccino person, dobe"

"Oh, it's not for me" he said offhandedly.

"Well it better not be for me, because I don't like sweet things"

"I'm paying, so you'll take whatever I give you. And besides I highly doubt you have room to be picky when your stomach was on the fritz as much as it was the last day and a half"

"Who's fault was that again?" he asked smirking. Naruto glared at him but when he was about to shoot something back, the waitress was there with their drinks.

"If you need anything, give me a call" she said lowly.

"Okay! Thanks a lot!" Naruto said flashing her one of his '1000 watt' smiles, causing her to blush, and Sasuke to scowl.

"Oh! Well...see you around!" she awkwardly. Then she walked away quickly. Naruto chuckled before taking a sip of his coffee, totally oblivious the glare he was getting from Sasuke.

"Uh, is there something on my face?" he asked confused.

"Do you make it a habit of flirting with girls, half your age?" he asked in a clipped tone.

"I wasn't flirting with her" he said

"Are you kidding me? She would've stripped down naked right here, if you asked her to!"

"Well what do you care anyway? Don't you have your darling Sakura to do that for you"

"Hah. I'm sure even if I gave a crap about her, she'd never do that. Even if you asked" he said sarcastically.

"You'd like to think that now wouldn't you"

"What's that suppose to mean?" he asked narrowing his eyes. Naruto was about to fill Sasuke in on how much he didn't know about he new friend but someone interrupted him before he could.

"Well, well, well! Look who I happened to find here! Sasuke, I think you'd be at work by this time of day. Yet you're sipping cappuccino here with the other babysitter"

"Iruka-sensei! What are you doing here!?!" Naruto asked shocked. Sasuke looked behind him a saw a man about Kakashi's age, with brown hair and a thin scar running across the bridge of his nose which was adorned with the biggest blush on it by now.

"Uh...w-well you see...-" his professor stuttered.

"Can't two teachers come out for a bit of coffee with one another?" Kakashi cut in, saving Iruka an explanation.

"Maybe if they weren't teachers for two different departments..." Sasuke muttered.

"You know, Sasuke. You didn't call me after Haru was put to bed, or today, for that matter. Have you been playing hooky with Iruka's favorite student the whole time? You know you're not going to get extra credit by going through them to get to me" Kakashi asked sending the attention back to him.

"As if I'd call you anyway...if you must know. I got food poisoning and was sick when I got home the dobe here, decided to make me one of his grama's secret medicinal soups, which in return had me vomiting about twice as much as I was prior to that"

"Naruto! That was his first time wasn't it? And I bet you let him try to eat the whole thing."

"It's okay Iruka sensei! The tea knocked him out first" Naruto said in his defense. This earned him a bonk on the head.

"I've told you about doing things like this before. You're not in medical school so don't try acting like a doctor, unless you want to change your mind"

"Okay! I get it. You didn't have to hit me so hard" he said pouting.

"Well since we're all here why don't we join you. It'll be like us both having some quality time with our favorite students together!" Kakashi spoke up.

"Sorry. We were just leaving" he said coldly.

"Wh...what?" Naruto asked confused.

"Let's go, dobe. We've got places to go. I want to be at both of the shows" he grunted.

"Show? Are you skipping work today and going out somewhere? Sasuke I'm shocked!"

"My son is having a school festival today. We're going to see it"

"Yeah Iruka sensei. Maybe you'll have to give me extra credit for going to observe a school function"

"Are you only doing this for a grade, dobe?" he asked slowly. The two professors could sense the underlying ire.

"What!? Of course not! I would have come regardless. Haru and the kids important to me and Iruka would understand that I would skip class to go see them...especially since I've done it before, plenty of times. He knows by now how devoted I am to children...especially my little buddy Haru"


"Oh then you must be the father of the famous Haru, Naruto goes on and on about, all the time. I had no idea you were so young though!"

"Sasuke's had Haru since before he got out of high school. And he's such a responsible father for Haru that it's shocking. Wouldn't you agree Naruto? You've been around him for quite some time now. As one of Iruka's students, I'd like you to evaluate him" Kakshi said smiling. Naruto sensed the evilness behind that innocent smile and noticed that he was caught between a rock and a hard place. Well it's not as of that was new, so he did what he always did in these situations... he made something up to appease everyone...

"Well consider his young age I'd say he's doing a wonderful job with raising Haru as well as he has, so far. Not many can do it so smoothly, especially when they're so new to fatherhood"

"Oh come now. You can do better than that. Iruka says you're his top student so I know you can expand more than that. Don't be shy" he said grinning. Naruto sighed, mentally preparing himself for the grave he was about to dig and get put in.

"Overall for someone his age, he's done exceedingly well. As expected, he has a tendency to rely on others when he is unable to do something but as of yet, it has not given any negative characteristics in the child. And like any new parent is tempted to do, he sometimes stays out late with others his age...but it has never been a problem until now, because of...outside influences. But through it all he maintains a good sense of responsibility for his child and tries his best to be a good provider and father" he recited as if he were reading from an actual counselor's paper. The only difference is that you could tell he was still trying to sugarcoat it, after every criticizing comment.

"Impressive Naruto. I can't believe you were able to say all that after only a few weeks of knowing him. Most of the observations I've seen have taken months to do and in their entire papers, they're still not as detailed as you."

"Thanks Iruka sensei" he said sheepishly. The whole time he could not shrug off the intense glare radiating from the brunette next to him.

"Well we can't keep you guys all day. Go have fun and tell Haru I said hi!"

"Okay! Come one teme let's go!" he said exiting the store quickly, not even caring that he had left his drink on the table. Sasuke followed, glowering, which made Kakashi smile.

"What's wrong with Sasuke?"

"Oh nothing. I think he just got a reality check" he said casually. Iruka looked at him warily before taking a sip of his drink. It was at this time, that he realized that Kakashi was about at evil as he thought the first time they had met.

As soon as they got into the car, there was tensest silence Naruto had ever experienced in his life. Damn that evil Kakashi making me say that stuff about Sasuke when Iruka was there. Even if it is the truth he didn't need to know least not from me. That only made his standing with him worse.

"Look teme. If you've got a beef with me over what I said, then go ahead and say it. I'll apologize for it coming out too harsh but I'm pretty sure Kakashi was waiting for me to grill you and if I didn't, then a lot of stuff would have went down. And like it or not, it was the truth...just ones, I would have otherwise kept to myself" he explained with a sigh. The raven said nothing and only kept his eyes straight forward on the road. This made Naruto extremely pissed and so after a few more blocks he pulled over in front of an odd building.

"Come on let's make this quick" he said stepping out of the car. Sasuke hesitated but then followed. Inside was a girl with her hair in two buns and polishing a few scary and dangerous knives.

"Naruto! What's up?"

"Hey Ten-Ten. I was wondering if we could borrow the room for a bit. We've got some things to settle"

"Go right ahead. Our next class doesn't start until 3"

"Oh we've got to leave by 1:30. If we lose track can you remind us?"

"Sure! I'll time you. Just go easy on the stuff okay"

"Okay teme. Time to let off some steam. So come at me"

"And why would I do that?"

"You're mad at me. I know that much. So I guess the only way to fix this is to let our fists do the talking. So I'll let you have the first shot. Just keep in mind that since we've got places to be, let's not leave any visible marks to scare the kids. That goes double for the face"

"Hn. This is dumb"

"Aww. Is little Sasu-chan scared to fight me?"

"You're going to regret that..." he said lowly.

"It's okay. I promise I won't mess up your hair, since everyone knows how much effort you put into styling it look like a cockatoo so much" And before Naruto knew it, a fist was being hurled into his stomach. He then clutched his stomach gasped for air.

"Hey! That wasn't fair. I wasn't ready!"

"You brought me here to let out my frustration. So I am. If you don't want to be hurt then you better quit talking and start blocking dobe. Because now, you've put me into a really bad mood" he hissed. Then he continued on with his onslaught of punches. Shockingly, Naruto would have had a whole lot more fun...if he hadn't been trying to dodge and block these moves to save his life...literally.

'Maybe teasing his hairstyle wasn't the best idea' the blonde thought blocking a few more dangerous hits. Getting angrier Naruto decided to take the offensive side instead, and was able to throw in a couple of punches whenever he saw an opening. They were his best moves, yet Sasuke took them all and kept returning them with his own.

"OH MY GOD! Naruto-kun! I LOVE this display of YOUTHFULNESS! Gai-sensei and I could sense the evil aura radiating from the building a block away, and while it shows so much RAW, INTENSE and INVIGORATING emotion to expel it with every punch you throw at Sasuke-kun there, I must INSIST that you put on the protective equipment. I can see you are FAR from done and I know that you plan to attend the winter festival in a few minutes and so I don't want you to walk out with serious injuries that will need to be attended to and furthermore make you late from coming" (heh-heh. it was so fun to just type that..)

"That's okay Lee. We were just fooling around a bit. We'll be done in a minute so nothing bad is gonna happen"

"No Naruto. You MUST wear them. It is for your SAFETY!" he said running quickly to get the equipment. Before either of them knew it, they were in boxing like gloves and standing there stunned.

"ALRIGHT! Now you may continue your show of YOUTH" he said giving them a thumbs up. Deciding to test them out, Sasuke jabbed an experimental punch into the blonde's stomach for the second time that day. He smirked with a satisfied smile when the boy grunted as he was knock onto his butt.

"Bastard..." he growled. Then with any type of warning, he launched himself at the male and caused them both topple onto the ground. Even though there was a mat in place, it still made Sasuke hurt in places he didn't know he couldn't hurt...maybe it had something to do with the 175 pound male on top of him. It didn't make matters any better since he saw the blonde smirking this time.

"Now you've gotten in another free punch. Does this mean you're done with your temper tantrum now?"

"Fuck you!"

"Look, like it or not princess, what I said was true and there's no use living in denial. You're a parent and this is your first kid, so it's a given that you're gonna make mistakes. Hell, I'm sure a parent who's had their fifth one would tell you that even they are still learning. (I speak the truth! Ask my mom!) It's nice to know that you care about Haru enough to try and have a second parent in his life but you could have chosen anyone except for that...that creature" he said suddenly making a sour face. Sasuke raised a brow, realizing that he might have seen an opening into discovering more about the enigma known as Naruto Uzumaki.

"You've known her for a while haven't you. That's why you hate her"

"I don't hate her teme. I just could care less about her"

"If you don't care, then why are you so interested in my relationship with her?" (God! Did I really just type that!?)

"Because she's like the demon venus flytrap! She lures you with her sweetness and as soon as she has you where she wants you, SNAP! You're eaten!"

"What do you have against Sakura, dobe? Are you jealous?"

"I'm not jealous. If you want to ruin Haru's life by marrying that...thing. Then go right ahead. I'll even give him a key to my apartment for when he decides to run away. I was just looking out for you since it's quite obvious to everyone but yourself, not only would she not be a good mother, but she wants nothing to do with children in general, unless absolutely necessary"

"And who exactly, would make a good mother for" he asked smirking.


"Naruto! Time's up! You guys have to hurry if you want to make it! Oh sorry, was I interrupting something?" Ten-Ten said walking in. They both blushed realizing how close their faces were to each other, and the rather intimate position they were currently in, before jumping away. By this time, both boys could barely hide the blush on their face.

"Well guys better hurry f you don't want to miss the performance. I hear Lee and Gai also did choreography for it so he had to rush back and 'give the kids a review so their performance can fully capture the thriving youth' or something like that. I'll put the stuff away. You guys just get going. I'm sure you want the best seats. Later" and with that, she walked out of the room, leaving the two boys to sit there in silence for a moment.

"So uh..."

"No time to talk. We're gonna be late!" Naruto said quickly. Then he took off and ran up the street in the direction of the school. Sasuke quickly followed trying to catch up to him.

"Dobe! Dobe! Slow down!" he yelled angrily.

"Heh. First one to the school, has to cook dinner!" the blonde called out. This effectively casted all other thoughts (besides beating the blonde to school) out of his head.

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