Feelings Of Rightness

Tim Drake was awash in the most pleasurable of sensations. Soft hands and strong arms, smooth chests and muscled thighs surrounded him. Short, harsh words and high-pitched gasps of gratification echoed in his ears. Flashes of oh-so-familiar hands and faces etched with expressions of pure ecstasy passed before his eyes. Lips and tongues, gentle telekinetic touches and fierce vibrating grips, a mouth on his, another at his stomach, nails slowly raking down his chest, and his hands caught in the grips of two others – it was so much to feel Tim couldn't separate the sensations. As he spiraled towards climax he lost sight of who was inside who, and how, and all the other logistics, both physical and not, of their lovemaking.

What became perfectly clear at the moment before he lost all coherent thought was that the love and passion being directed at him came equally from both unnaturally blue and shining gold eyes…and that he had never felt anything as right as the lovemaking he was currently engaging in with his two best friends.