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Yuffie Rocks!




"And that's what happened!"

Gawd! Why couldn't they believe me when I say that I was kidnapped by evil winged monkeys?

Maybe it was the paper's that Godo had been shipping everywhere.


Wutai Princess Yuffie Kisaragi

If you have any information on her

whereabouts, contact Shake, or Lord Godo.

222- 544- Wutai


Oh great, Tifa has that stern motherly voice. And it isn't helping that the rest of the group is giving me glares.

Well, except Vince. He's just got that creepy look in his eye.

"Why did you run away?"

Oh, Teef, I don't know. Maybe because Godo wants me to marry some 50 year old man, with yellow teeth, and is growing a bald spot!

Can someone say... Ew! Grossness!

"Teef, why would you think I ran away?"

She held up the Missing paper, that was no doubt posted all across the Planet by now. Godo sure was really into finding me.

"Heh," I scratch my arm sheepishly.

"Listen Brat! We bin lookin' fer ya fer almost a week! Then ya show up here with a fuckin' bruised face talkin' 'bout monkeys and shit!"

Great Cid, bring up the bruises.

Okay, so maybe falling flat on my face from my Chocobo wasn't graceful.

- Humiliation, via me.

Maybe I should make up some cool story about how a dragon popped out o-

"HELLO!" Snapping me out of my thoughts; Thank you Cait for busting my eardrums. Damn microphone. Where the hell did that thing come from anyway?

"It was that stupid bird Peanut; fell over."

Yep, Yuffie Kisaragi did not lie! Whoop!

"That doesn't explain why your father has filed a Missing Persons case on you."

"Listen Chocobo butt, I'm totally fine! I just felt like traveling again. Honest!"

Hopefully I wasn't losing my Ninja Skills. Can you imagine? The Great Ninja Yuffie, not able to tell a convincing lie?

I shudder at the thought.

"Listen, as much as I enjoy being interrogated, what I really came for was to ask for a job."

I didn't like the silence.

Barrett and Cid burst into laughter. Followed with sentences like, "The Brat actually workin' !?" and "I'd pay money to see 'er do somethin' than steal!"

You know what I said before? Scratch that. I actually preferred the silence.

I huffed angrily, bringing Tifa out of her deep thinking.

"You want a job?"




"In my bar?"

"Oh, for the love of Leviathan! Can I get one or not?"

"Don't stomp your foot at me! And you will have to work you know."

"I am very aware that a job requires working Tifa!"

Wow, I totally sounded mature. Go Yuffie! Although Tifa and Cloud's stares were a little intimidating.


"Are there any people after you?"

Nice way to be blunt Spiky.

"Unless you mean the monkeys..."

...That was so cool!

"You know, it was like a scene from a movie when you all sighed simultaneously."

I just love how I'm using big words and grown up sentences today.

"I suppose it won't hurt - "


" - But -"

Noooooooooo. I really hated the buts.

" - You'll have to watch the kids around 5 when the bar becomes hectic."

Enter scary horror movie music. Marlene and Denzel were probably as sneaky as me.

...Monster children.

Oooh, maybe I could use the -

"And don't even think about having them crawl in that hole down in the cellar to find the 'stash of materia', that you weren't able to fit in."

Damn you Tifa. I know Cloud hid it there! I will get it soon!

"Fine, you got yourself a deal Teefster!"

Oh, I almost forgot.

"I may need a room to stay in."

There's that room sigh again. I felt so powerful.

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