A Christmas Blessing

Outside the cozy buildings of Cross Academy, grey clouds loomed overhead, threatening to dump their load of snow any moment as the sun rises slowly and gracefully. "Not that it is a bad thing", Yuki Cross thought, as she looked upwards. "At least we will be having a white Christmas...and I haven't found suitable Christmas gifts for all my friends yet!!" She sighed, as she turned away from the window, where she was standing moments ago. She ticked the list of people off her fingers as she counted out aloud "Yori, the Chairman, Zero and Kaname-sempai. What should I get for them this year?"

"I would love anything from you, Yuki. Don't worry." Yori yawned, stretching from her bed as she looked across the room to her best friend and roommate.

"Oops! Did I wake you up, Yori? I am sorry!" Yuki said, as she looked at her friend.

"No, you didn't. It is high time for me to get up anyway. Else we are going to be late for breakfast at the Great Hall. Rather, I am surprised that you didn't sleep in more. You had prefect duties till late morning last night." Yori remarked, as she walked towards their shared bathroom.

"I….I can't sleep…." Yuki murmured, as she looked down at the window again, her thoughts a million miles away. She dared not look at Yori, as she is sure that her eyes will reveal her inner thoughts. Zero had always called her a lousy liar, as her expressive eyes will always give everything away. It is true- nowadays, she dared not sleep for fear that her dreams will be blood stained and filled with a sense of horror that she don't understand herself. Such dreams are getting more and more frequent and she really has no wish to go through that again. The last time she did so, she woke up in cold sweat, with Yori looking very concerned. It took all her wiles and acting skills to keep Yori from calling the nurse, claiming that it is all a bad dream.

"Well, you should. Else you are going to fall asleep during classes again. Then, our teachers are going to hold you back or I will be forced to teach you everything that we have learnt. Plus, you are looking more and more like a panda nowadays, my dear. A cute one, but still, a panda." Yori laughed, as she emerged from the bathroom, her face pinked with the cold of the water.

"Yori!!!!!" she laughed.

"Get moving, panda, else there will be no more breakfast for you. I heard it is your favourite today." Yori grinned as she pushed her roommate towards the bathroom to get dressed. "After breakfast, let's go to town and shop for presents. The headmaster has kindly allowed all of us to go into town for Christmas shopping. I am going to a shop that one of our classmates has recommended. Let's go together, okay?"


"Look Yori! This is cute!" Yuki called to her friend, holding up a stuffed bunny.

"Mm…..oh yes, it is." Her friend said, sounding very distracted as she looked through a tray of jeweled pins. Yuki bounced over, pouting as her best friend is not paying attention to her. "Mou……Yori, you didn't even look! What have you found anyway?" She glanced over the shoulder of her friend.

"Jeweled brooches. I am thinking of buying one for myself, as a Christmas gift. After all, I do have some money left, even after buying all the presents for friends and family. I do like this one. Yuki, what do you think of it?" She pointed to one, a beautiful rose, in full bloom and with two leaves at the side. "Beautiful! Let's take a look at the price. Shopkeeper! How much is this brooch?"

The fat shopkeeper waddled over, all smiles at the girls as he said "for you, ladies, I will give you a discount! After all, it is near Christmas! Mm….the original is this amount…"he pointed to the price tag hidden behind the brooch. "So, after a discount of 20, this will be it!" He held up the calculator for them to see.

After seeing the price, Yori shook her head. "I am sorry; I will not be able to afford that. It is more than what I had left. Thank you for the offer though. Come on Yuki, let's go. It is about to get dark soon. I have finished my purchases. Let's go for a hot chocolate before returning back to school, shall we?"

"Ah…….perhaps, you return first. I remembered I got to…got to pick up something for the Chairman. He instructed me to pick up his purchases. It is somewhere near…..ah...near the end of town. Quite far from here, you see. I will return later." Yuki stammered, as she smiled at her friend.

"Oh…alright then. I see you later for dinner." With that, she walked out of the store, with her arms full of wrapped presents.

Once she is out of sight, Yuki whirled back to the shopkeeper, who was standing at the same location all these while. Grinning at him, she said "Can I have that pin that my friend pointed out? I do have enough for it."

The jovial shopkeeper smiled at her as he nodded happily. "Sure thing! Do you want it wrapped as well?" "Yes please. Please wrap the other present that I left on the counter as well. In the meanwhile, I will still look around some more. I still got a few more presents to look for!"

While the shopkeeper's daughter is busy wrapping the pin, Yuki walked around the cozy stall once more. Till now, she still has not found a Christmas gift for the two other males in her life. Unlike Yori, she does not plan things out in advance. That is why her best friend finished shopping within two hours while she is still out in the cold with regard to the gifts she is going to get for her loved ones.

"Two down, two more to go." Yuki murmured to herself as she looked all around her. Suddenly, something caught her eye. With a few long strides, she reached the counter where the item of her interest lies, held up by a hook set in the tray. She examined it critically, with her mind whirling with the possibilities of what she can do with it. Finally, she smiled, as she reached out for it. Taking it down, she whispered to it "You are the one I am looking for! Zero will definitely love you for it."

She ran to the counter, where the shopkeeper is, busy wrapping the other present for the Chairman. She dropped the item on the table as she said "One more to go!" The shopkeeper gave a huge belly laugh as he said "Thank you, my dear! Wrapped as well?"

"No!! Not this one. It needs a little more work before I can give it to its new owner. So...I will have a small box for this instead. That kind!" She pointed out to him. "Sure thing, girlie!"

Yuki gave the shopkeeper another smiled as she spurn around on her toes. "Now, what shall I get for Kaname sempai?" "How is your friend like, girl? Perhaps I can suggest some ideas for you? Pretty girls like you shouldn't have a frown in between their eyebrows you know!" The shopkeeper said, while his daughter laughed softly.

"That will be very kind of you, sir. Let me see...he is the dorm leader of Cross Academy's night class. His peers always respect and obeyed every word that he said. He comes from a..." At this, Yuki stopped, as she remembered that Kaname sempai is actually a pureblood vampire. A member of the royal family. And someone who loves her. "From a well-known and ancient family."

"Sounds like an elite to me, if you ask me, Dad. How about some of those new goods that just came in yesterday?" The shopkeeper's daughter suggested. "Good idea, lass! Well! I know the perfect gift for such a perfect gentleman, if he is really like what you describe. Come here!" The shopkeeper beckoned, drawing her to another corner of the store. "They just arrived recently, and are not unpacked yet. However, I do think, it will serve very nicely as a Christmas present for your friend. Ah...there you go!" Stepping back, he showed her what he had in mind. "Practical yet elegant, don't you agree? I had seen those uniforms of your school, and they will come in handy. You can even personalise them if you wish, we got such services here."

Yuki looked and gasped with delight. At last, something suitable! She analyzed each piece, before deciding on the last one that she saw. Holding it up, she handed it to the shopkeeper, and said "Thanks to you, sir, I have found the best Christmas presents for my friends!"


So, what do you think of it? I know a lot of people must be wondering, what will be Christmas gifts for the Chairman, Zero and last but not the least, Kaname? I have ideas in mind already but I am open to suggestions!

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