Kaname's chapter

After saying her farewells to Zero at the tower, Yuki descended the tower and went on to do her patrols across the Day and Night dorms. She finished the Day Class Dorms first and smiled as she saw her classmates in their rooms, happily chattering away as they compared what they had received for Christmas. She walked on further, before turning into the entrances of the Night Class Dorm, where there are two sentries guarding the door.

"Evening, gentlemen." Yuki greeted both guards, who wore long habits and hoods over their heads. Both of them nodded to her as one of them opened the gate, leading to the inner halls of the Moon Dorm. As per usual, Yuki took a deep breath of the cold air around her, to strengthen her nerves before stepping in. Though she grew up on Cross Academy, she always feels that she does not fit in the Moon Dormitories.

Once in, she looked around the Grand Hall of the Moon dorms. Though similar to the Sun Dorms in structure, it is more richly decorated as the occupants are all nobly born. Seeing no one in the Grand Hall, Yuki then proceeded on to the living residences. Seeing all is fine, with the students in their respective rooms, she continued on her way out of the Moon dorms and towards the gardens.

As she closed the wooden gate to the gardens behind her, Yuki stopped for a while in the middle of the winding path as she admired the evergreens and decorations that the Night students had set up. As vampires, they are a beautiful lot, and hence, are able to create beautiful things as well. In the middle of the whole garden stood a Christmas tree, with all kind of decorations on it. Bells, balls and ribbons, they are too many to count. Though each of them has their own inner beauty, when combined together, they created a glorious picture when placed on the tree itself. Standing beneath the tree, under the great shining star, Yuki closed her eyes and made a little wish as the winds pick up in strength.

So engrossed was Yuki in her wish that she did not even notice a presence behind her till the person spoke up softly. "It's cold, Yuki. You should have worn something thicker." Upon hearing his voice, Yuki spurned around, with her weapon unleashed and ready before she could even stop herself. Eyes wide, she turned to see Kaname standing behind her, shielding her from the worst bite of the wind itself. One hand around the rod that she held, Kaname smiled down at her, though with a tint of sadness in the smile. Realising her mistake, Yuki dropped the rod as Kaname swept her up in a hug to him. Closing her eyes, Yuki whispered "Gomen! Gomen, Kaname-sampai! I didn't know! I am sorry!" She twisted in Kaname's embrace as she tried to look up at him once more, to make him understand what she couldn't even explain herself. "Hush. Hush, Yuki. It's alright. I am alright." Kaname soothed her, tightening his hold on her and stilling her struggles as he stroked her hair.

Under the moonlight, the couple breathed in as one. Slowly, Yuki recovered her composure as she hid in Kaname's arms. As slowly, Kaname released her gently on her feet and away from him as he leaned down to look at her, directly eye to eye.

"Better?" Kaname asked.

"Hai…….." Yuki whispered, as she looked back at him. "Arigato, sempai."

"Come; let's get you out of the wind." Kaname tugged on her hand as he led her to a nearby pavilion, hidden behind some rose bushes. Once in, Kaname sat down on one of the benches around as he poured out a cup of hot chocolate for Yuki.

"Ano……..sempai, how come there is hot chocolate here?" Yuki asked in confusion as she took in the sight before her – a full tea set, a bottle of wine, books and papers lying about on the table. A table lamp, with the flame shielded from the wind by binds, sat at the edge of the table. Sitting next to Kaname, she sipped her hot chocolate gratefully. "I was doing some reading here, instead in my room. The whole dorm is a tad too noisy for my taste tonight." Kaname replied, as he took a sip of his own drink – red wine.

"Oh………" Yuki trailed off. Then suddenly realizing the impact of his words, she leaped up and bowed to Kaname as she cried "Gomen! I must have disturbed you when I walked past here earlier!"

Shaking his head, Kaname reached for Yuki once more as he pulled her gently into the seat next to him. "No, you did not disturb me. I was waiting for you, my dear girl. Now seat down. How about another cup of chocolate?" he asked, suiting actions to words.

"Wait…waiting for me?" Yuki stumbled over her words, as she allowed Kaname to pull her next to him.

"Yes, I was waiting for you. I knew that you will pass this garden during your patrols of the school grounds." Kaname replied. "I want to spend Christmas with you, my dear. Just that little while earlier at the Great Hall is not enough for me." He smiled as he cuddled Yuki close, who blushed immediately at his words.

Silence reigned for a moment, as each other took in each other's warmth and company. Finally, Yuki broke the silence as she reached into her coat pocket and drew out a beautiful box. Handing it to him, she said softly "For you, Kaname-sempai. Merry Christmas. I hope you will like it."

Kaname smiled as he leaned down to kiss Yuki on the top of her forehead. "Thank you, sweetheart." He then opened the box to find two jewelled cufflinks. Set in a cross, where a rose bloomed in the centre, it is a striking piece to behold. Adorned by white gold and rubies, the pair of cufflinks seemed to shimmer in the moonlight.

Growing more and more nervous by the minute, as Kaname looked at the gift in silence; Yuki stammered "it's alright if you don't like it, Kaname sempai. It's very difficult to find a suitable gift for you since you can have anything that you want. But I saw this pair in a shop after a long search and it seemed suitable then. You can return it to me if you don't like it!" Her last few words were rushed as she reached out for them once more, only to grasp at empty air.

Kaname reached out for her as Yuki leaned close, kissing her fully on the lips this time. He took his time and swallowed Yuki's gasp of surprise as he took the kiss deeper. Leaning fully into the kiss, Yuki closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him as Kaname drew her deeper into his ambiance. After a long while, both of them separated, while Yuki touched her kiss-swollen lips. Kaname saw the gesture as he took those hands of hers. Touching her forehead with his, Kaname murmured softly "How can you ask me to return a gift from you, Yuki? Especially one that you sought for a long period of time for me? Though I can have anything I want, there is no greater gift than the one that you can give me. I love it and will wear it every day. Thank you, my dear girl."

At his words, Yuki smiled with tears in her eyes as she looked up at the dark haired vampire prince in front of her. As they continue to glaze at each other, the night deepened as stars continued their shine, spreading love and joy to the people around the world. A magical Christmas, a Christmas filled with love. Finally, bells tolling the midnight hour pealed as both of them sealed their love once more in a kiss.


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