Takes place in the middle of the episode Philadelphia (8-16). Again, not my show.

"So you're pretty much on your own," Simon nodded.

Olivia's eyes drifted to the picture on table behind the sofa, "Yeah."

Simon looked at the picture and picked it up, "She's beautiful."

Olivia nodded and sighed.

"You two looked happy," Simon replied, handing Olivia the picture.

"We were," Olivia set the picture back up.

"What's her name?" Simon asked softly.

"Alex Cabot," Olivia took a sip of her drink.

Simon though for a moment, "Wasn't she that ADA that got shot?"

Olivia nodded, solemnly.

"I'm so sorry," Simon touched Olivia's arm.

They continued to talk and laugh until Simon decided he needed to get home.

The next morning, Olivia and Elliot got chewed out by Cragen and told to go home.

When Olivia got home, she spread out all the stuff Simon had sent her. Then she looked at the picture of her and Alex at the park. The traced Alex's face with her finger. "I miss you," she whispered.

There was a knocked on her door. Olivia put the picture down on top of Simon's stuff, wiped her eyes and opened it. Elliot was standing on the other side.

"I thought you could use some company," Elliot stated and walked in.

Olivia shrugged and walked over to the window.

Elliot picked up the picture of Alex. He opened his mouth, but he couldn't think of anything comforting to say.

Olivia leaned her head against the cold glass of the window and closed her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Elliot asked.

Olivia stood up straight, turning away from the window. Elliot walked over to her and looked at Olivia.

"Are you…." Elliot trailed off looking out the window behind Olivia.

Olivia followed his eyes and she froze when she saw what he saw. Standing across the street on the sidewalk, in a long tan coat, and long blonde hair was…

"Alex?" Olivia breathed.

She was looking right at them. She smiled softly.

"Is that really her?" Elliot asked.

Olivia couldn't rip her eyes away. It had been a year since Olivia had seen her last, but there was no mistaking that it was Alexandra Cabot.

Alex brought her hand to her mouth and kissed her fingers before turning them up to Olivia.

"You stay here," Olivia told Elliot, "Watch her."

With that, Olivia took off running down the hallway, down the stairs, and onto the street.

Alex was gone. Olivia turned around and looked up at Elliot.

He pointed down the street. Olivia's phone rang.

"Benson," Olivia answered and took off in the direction Elliot pointed her.

"She turned the corner," Elliot replied, "And I can't see her anymore."

Olivia jogged down the street, searching for faces and looking for the familiar blonde hair. Alex was nowhere.

"I don't see her," Olivia sighed and stopped.

"Let's go to the precinct and see if Cragen's heard anything," Elliot suggested.

Olivia took one last look around before answering, "Okay."

The drive to the precinct was silent.

As they walked in Olivia asked, "What's the chance that two people have the same hallucination?"

"Very slim to none," Huang said next to Casey.

"Who did you see?" Casey asked, "Blonde hair, blue eyes, ex-ADA?"

"Where did you see her?" Olivia asked.

Casey leaned back on Elliot's desk, "I was walking out of the courthouse and saw her standing there, looking up at it. I started walking toward her and she walked off. She just seemed to disappear."

"Maybe she needed to see the things she loved most so she felt she had a reason to keep going," Huang offered.

It broke Olivia's heart that it had come to that. That Alex needed to see her and the courthouse to keep living life. It wasn't like Alex to give up.

"I have to find her," Olivia breathed.

Elliot nodded, "I'll help you."

Casey and Huang agreed.

"What time did you see her?" Elliot asked Casey.

"An hour ago," Casey replied. She looked at Olivia, "Where else would she go?"

"I think I have an idea," Olivia looked at Huang, "Can you look into this?"

Huang nodded.

"You too," Olivia added to Casey before she and Elliot took off.