"Liv?" the person with the gun asked, lowering it.

Olivia reached over and flipped on the lights to confirm who's voice Olivia heard. Standing in front of her, with her long blonde hair sweeping at her shoulders and thoughtful blue eyes studying her, was none other than Alexandra Cabot.

"Alex?" Olivia breathed.

Alex just looked at Olivia, not sure of what to do.

Olivia looked Alex up and down before reaching out to touch Alex's cheek. It was so warm and so soft. "You're real."

Alex covered Olivia's hand with her own. "Yeah."

Since words seemed to fail her, Olivia resorted to a way she could always communicate with Alex. She pulled Alex into a kiss and hoped to convey the emotions of three years apart with only one visit, with it.

Alex pulled away breathless. She set her gun on the dresser and sank into Olivia's arm. She buried her face in Olivia's neck and breathed her in, never wanting to forget her smell.

"Why are you here Alex?" Olivia asked gently.

Alex took a deep breath, "They're rounding up Velez's men. I'm sure you already know that."

Olivia paused, the bigger question on the tip of her tongue. Olivia was burning to know so she asked, "Why did you walk away?"

Alex slowly pulled away from Olivia. She took her hand and sat down on the foot of her bed. Olivia sat next to her.

Alex turned to Olivia, taking both of her hands, "I had a good life where I was. I was successful. I had good friends. A nice house." Alex started studying Olivia's hands, "When they told me that it would be safe for me to return to my real life in a few days, I started asking myself if my life was still here." She looked up at Olivia with tears filled eyes, but kept on in a strong voice, "I had to come back to see if my life was still here. I came to make sure my best friend hadn't forgotten about me. And to make sure that my co-workers hadn't lost all respect for someone who ran away." Alex paused, "I had to make sure that the love of my life hadn't moved on without me."

The last sentence broke Olivia's heart. "I could never, ever move on without you. You, Alex, are my one and only. If I couldn't have you, I didn't want anyone."

The tears finally started seeping down Alex's face.

"Are you staying?" Olivia asked, bringing her hand up to Alex's cheek again.

Alex nodded into Olivia's hand and leaned in for a long awaited kiss.