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Unnatural (Chapters 0-18/19 or 1-19/19)
Fandom: CSI
Characters: Nightshift CSI's
Prompt: #16 – Purple
Word Count: 29,870
Rating: T (Some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.)
Summary: In a world where Naturals are human and Carriers are property, one Carrier in hiding is left to deal with the consequences of a decision made for him shortly after his birth.
Author's Notes: WARN: Slash; MPreg; Possible pairings: N/Gr, G/S, C/W, Wn/H. NOTE: this fic is unrelated to any of my other MPreg fics (unless noted in those fics).

Additional A/N: The prologue sets up the world this story is set in.


Chapter 00 – Enslavement

In the early 1940's it was recorded that out of every 2 live births, 1 was female. By the following decade that number had decreased to 1 in 4. Thinking this was due to sex-selective abortion, governments put to practice various anti-abortion laws in attempt to increase the number of female live births. The results were ineffective. An intensive study of gender in still-born infants revealed that for every 10 infants born dead, 9 were female. Medicine was made more readily available to pregnant women and these women were placed on increasing amounts of bed rest. The study was repeated in the late 1950's, its findings the same as before.

In the same time, unofficial optometry based statistics were gathered by various optometrists around the world. By the early-1960's, 2 out of every 5 males under 25 were found to have naturally violet coloured eyes – with each different case it was found that the eye colour of the boy's parents were of no significance. It was also noted that no girls ever displayed this characteristic, and boys with violet eyes rarely (if ever) had brothers with this eye colour. (1)

Shortly after the optometric statistics were recorded along with a government issued study a medical anomaly began to occur. In Western Canada, a 19-year-old non-hermaphroditic male was found to be pregnant by natural means. It was thought to be an isolated incident until a 21-year-old male in the same area was also discovered to be pregnant. 4 young men in Southern USA, 6 in the United Kingdom, 2 in Australia, and 12 in Eastern Canada were also found to be pregnant within the time frame of three months. Of the 25 young men who were pregnant, 7 were not homosexual. These individuals were between the ages 16 and 21 – all whom had either experimented with a friend or had a drunken one-night-stand at a party. All 25 individuals were found to have violet eyes.

These young men were placed in clinic hospitals where physical examinations concluded that there were no external indications of the ability to bear children. Internally, however, doctors found in each a fully functional female-like reproductive system: a fully formed uterus connected to a sealed canal located between the scrotum and anus which was theorized to act as a woman's cervix and open at the time of delivery. In place of ovaries, a complex tubing system was connected to one of the testicles, it was discovered that a sperm travelled this tube and was mutated into an egg which allowed it to join with another sperm cell and form an embryo. Due to the fact that none of these young men had ever experienced a menstrual cycle, and each had gotten pregnant from a first-time homosexual experience, it was theorized that a sperm cell was mutated into an egg cell once the presence of exterior sperm cells was detected. These males were also able to impregnate females. The theories were confirmed after the births of healthy children and additional pregnancies occurred. A male pregnancy was found to last the same duration as a female pregnancy.

All males who were found pregnant were soon admitted to specifically designated clinical hospitals for study and the admission quickly became mandatory. All the males admitted to these hospitals possessed violet eyes. Within the following year, a study of 1000 violet eyed males worldwide was conducted on boys aged 6 months to 20-years-old. It was discovered that none of these individuals showed any external or internal signs of the ability to carry children naturally until around the age 5. After that, the necessary internal organs developed until puberty and the boys' skeletal structures also naturally altered to aid the carrying of children. The only external indication of this anomaly was the violet coloured eyes.

By the 1970's 30 of those under the age of 30 were deemed to be what are now called "Carriers". Governments shut down the specialty hospitals, redirecting the funding where they were needed elsewhere. Because Carriers were deemed not to be men and are not women (or even human in many societies) it was decided, unanimously, that the rights awarded to "Natural's" (men and women) did not apply to "unnatural" Carriers. They were seen as inhuman and granted a lower status than domestic cats, dogs, and the like. They were treated as property and pets or slaves, left uneducated and sold, traded, or given from one individual/household to the next – biological parents given top priority. Carriers are required to be registered at birth and wear collars – tags are attached to the collar when the Carrier is owned.

Today, Pregnant females are socially treated as though they are merely ill – it is generally known that the woman is pregnant but nothing is discussed until the baby is born and it is deemed to be a Natural. Should an infant turn out to be a Carrier, the parents can opt to dissolve their parental rights. The child will then become a ward of the state and be placed in a "Carrier House" to be cared for until sold. (2) Carriers can be dropped off at a Carrier House at any point in their lives, much like an SPCA.

Carriers are given mandatory vasectomies but their ability to carry children is still left intact. As a result, when a male Master "plays" with a pet/slave Carrier, the Carrier's pregnancies are either routinely terminated or carried to term. Natural children resulting from the coupling of a Master and Carrier are given partial rights and are ranked low in society and often only advance far if they were able to prove themselves amongst the Naturals. They obtain jobs mainly as paid household servants and various low paid service jobs. Carriers from any coupling are always deemed pets/slaves.

In North America, should the existence of a Carrier be unreported, the misinformation is punishable by mandatory prison sentence for the biological parents – unless the biological parents sever all ties with the Carrier. Carriers are apprehended and immediately placed in a Carrier House where they are beaten or lashed should they fail to follow rules. Should the Carrier refuse to comply it is sentenced to live the remainder of its life in a designated "Pleasure House". (3)(4)

- 30 -

End Prologue


(1) Elizabeth Taylor is the only person in existence that I am aware of having naturally violet coloured eyes. Due to its rarity, I thought it would be an interesting plot twist. Of course, it must be assumed that in this 'verse there is no possibility of a non-Carrier having violet eyes for the purpose of the storyline.

(2) "Carrier House" – cross between a dog pound and an orphanage.

(3) "Pleasure House" – a kind of government run Bawdy (pronounced "Body") House (a house where prostitution takes place).

(4) Carriers in this society are deemed to not be humans, per se, and are commonly referred to as "it" instead of "he".

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