Heyas everyone! This is my first attempt at a Code Geass fanfiction and I hope you all like it. I have an idea for a C.C. And Lelouch story too, but that will be at another time. lol -smiles- I came up with this idea for a Kallen and Lelouch story awhile ago and have been working on making it just right before I posted it. This story will rotate between Kallen's point of view and Lelouch's, and it also revolves mostly around her love for who she believes to be two different men... Zero and Lelouch. Lelouch will be messing around with her head in the first few chapters since it seems like something he would do. -lol- But...what will our elusive Britannian conqueror do when he comes to realize that it's not just Zero that Kallen harbors feelings for, but him too. Anyways...enough of my babbling, this is my Kallen and Lelouch fic...I hope everyone enjoys it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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-Masquerade- Chapter 1: He Who Inspires Me -

- Date: Beginning of May, Common Era 2017. Location: Ashford Academy -

-Kallen's POV-

Up until recently, there has only been one person that I have been fighting for...my brother who perished during the Britannian conquest of Japan. He was my light, my world, my shining hope for a better future...and just like that the only light in my life was gone and was replaced by an empty, hallow feeling that is too horrible to describe. My real name is Kallen Kousuki, but here in Britannian ruled Tokyo, my family is known as Stratfeld. My father is a very wealthy man with both his aristocratic Britannian mistress, my Eleven mother, and me all living under the same roof. If the time should ever arise where anything I am writing down in this journal is found, I will state here and now that I am part Britannian, but I am also part Japanese...I am what is referred to as "a half." To be an Eleven means that you are confined to being only a servant to the cruel Britiannian empire...and that is now a term that is being used to refer to the Japanese people. The term "Eleven" initially comes from the Shinjuku Ghetto which is also known as "Area 11" since that is the area occupied by the largest population of Japanese reside.

Enough of all that "Eleven"/ Britannian mess though...it's best not to get me started on that since it only gets me pissed off even more than I already am. Anyways...getting back to the main issue here...by day I'm a nice polite honor student here at the prestigious Ashford Academy, but by night...I am a resistance fighter for the rehabilitation of Japan. Our newly formed group, assembled by our charismatic leader Zero; is known throughout these parts as "The Black Knights." I guess that would make Zero the Black Prince since he's our leader, which I really have no problem with. I just really wish he'd take that damn mask off so I could gaze into the eyes of the brave man that chose to take us

under his wing. The first time I he contacted me in battle, he referred to me as Q1, which I found to be a chess piece of some kind...I believe it means Queen. He tells me I'm his best pilot and he personally makes sure that I get all the best machines. Honestly, the man is a complete mystery to me...at first, I thought that he was this weird guy in my class that I know, the vice president of the student council Lelouch Lamperouge, but that theory of mine was quickly shot to hell when we were both standing in the same room together and Zero called me from another place entirely.

Like I said, there used to be only one person I swore i would fight for, but all that changed the minute I heard Zero's voice. There's something about the way that man puts sentences together that just sends shivers down my spine. On top of that, his voice is very reassuring and soothing as it has a deep tone to it, but not too deep in that he sounds like he's 30 years old. If you ask me to guess his age, I'd have to say...he sounds like he's around my age...but it's impossible for a seventeen year old to lead an entire army of Japanese loyalists the way he does...especially since he himself isn't Japanese! He seems to be a very deep thinker as I often see him lost in thought when I come to ask him a question or two about our upcoming mission. He told me, at one point; that if I was uncomfortable continuing with this, that now would be a good time to pull out. There was a slight sad tone to his voice when he gave me that option, which touched me deeper than he will ever know. For that reason alone, I chose to remain by his side no matter what and I told him just that word for word. After saying that, I turned away in an embarrassed fashion and started to walk away, but before I got even two steps I noticed him briefly smile. It was the one time he wasn't wearing the mask, but he was sitting in the shadows good enough to conceal all his other features...so I couldn't get to see who he really was. Anyway, I remember that before I could even take two steps, I noticed him briefly smile at my answer and reply a simple: "Thank you...Kallen." It was only three words, but they meant more to me coming from him than from anybody else in the world. I felt it was the highest of praises that I would ever receive and I am not afraid to admit that I blushed. I think it was then that I realized,his voice had changed me in more ways than one. Is it possible that I love this man that I barely even know? It would probably be a foolish thing to pursue, but I can't help but feel the urge to try. There has to be a reason behind his special treatment of me...and I'm determined to find out what it is not matter what.

"Hey...class is over. We have a council meeting in ten minutes."

The voice of my soft spoken classmate Lelouch awoke me from my daydream...my wonderful daydream. I swear this guy...I just wanna slap him sometimes. That smug smirk of his...grrrr...he frustrates me to no end! I politely responded with one of my trademark, good girl smiles: "Yes...I know...I'll be right there."

I noticed him peek over my shoulder and ask, an inquisitive look in his deep violet eyes: "Was that today's homework assignment?"... "I didn't write down as much as you I'm afraid."... "Do you think I'll get points off for that?"

I shrugged and quickly snatched the paper off the desk shoving them in my schoolbag: "This is just some personal stuff. I already handed in the homework."

He walked over to gaze at the sunset out of the classroom's third story window: "I've missed quite a bit in my two day absence. It feels like I've been gone a lot longer than two days."

He looked a bit sad when he said that...and there was this certain melancholy about him these past few weeks. I threw my schoolbag over my shoulder, walked over, and stood next to him by the window, gazing out of it along with him: "Shirley's been out for a few days too, but I guess that's to be expected with what happened to her father and all."

I noticed Lelouch bite his lip a little bit before nodding solemnly and replying: "It's going to be awhile before she feels better."... "Oh...and if you notice that she's not talking to me, we had an argument so she's pretending not to know me."... "If you could just go along with it as long as she keeps it up...that would be good."

I raised a curious eyebrow in his direction and then nodded: "Okay...so...what was the fight about?"... "That is...if you don't mind my asking."

He looked directly at me with those piercing violet eyes briefly before turning away and answering: "She likes me...but...I'm not sure I feel the same way. I didn't want to lead her on if I was insecure about my own feelings."

I honestly couldn't believe that someone as intelligent as he is couldn't pick up on how much all these girls wanted him. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt: "I get what you mean. There's somebody I've been thinking about...but I think it would be foolish to pursue it not knowing if he feels the same way."

Lelouch ran his fingers through his short black hair and smirked...he was back to his usual self, as I could tell this amused him, he replied: "Who is it?"... "Is it one of your many admirers on the Equestrian team or the gardening club?"

I flashed him a death glare and began to question why I shared that intimate thought with him, I replied in a serious tone: "No...he's my le...I mean...my boss." Phew...good thing I corrected myself there.

To my surprise, he didn't seem to pick up on my little Freudian slip...instead, he just smiled briefly and asked with his back to me: "What would you say if he told you how he really felt about you?"... "Would you still show up for work the next day...or would you quit?" He turned to face me again, a serious look in his violet eyes as we walked down the hall.

My reply was simple, but honest: "I'd tell him what I told him the last time he asked me if I wanted to quit and that is that I'll continue to stand by his side for the long haul. As long as he needs me, I'll be there for him."

Lelouch smiled so familiar a smile I felt as if I'd seen it somewhere before, and then he said something that completely took me aback. With a small smile, he replied: "Thank you...Kallen."

I felt my heart skip a beat for a second as I remembered how his voice was so similar to Zero's. They were two completely different people, and yet; their voices both seemed to have an affect on me. I managed to get out my reply, in an embarrassed tone: "Thank you?"... "For what?"... "I don't think I really helped you."

He turned and looked me in the eyes for what seemed to be the fourth time today and flashed that same small smile as always as he replied: "It's nice to know someone who's as determined as I am. I'm just glad we're both in the same boat."... "Hopefully, things will work out between you and your boss...maybe...he likes you just as much as you like him...maybe...you both amuse and inspire him to stick with what he's chosen to do no matter how difficult it may be."... "Do you think that's possible?"... "Try thinking of it that way."

I looked at him in awe for a minute, not believing such words would ever come out of this guy's mouth as they had when we'd first met. How could I not give an honest answer to that even if everything else I've been telling him is a complete lie. As we approached the student council building and he was about to turn the doorknob to enter, I decided then to respond to his advice in a serious tone: "I believe anything is possible."... "It would certainly be nice if I inspire him, but he's more of an inspiration to me than I could ever be to him."

Lelouch looked at me with that same smug look and asked: "You're sure about that?"... "Have you ever asked him?"

I shook my head firmly: "No way...it would be way too embarrassing to say that to him."... "The man is so gifted with words he'd probably get a good laugh out of that."... "He's busy all the time too, so it's not like I get that much time to talk to him."

Lelouch casually ran his fingers through his short black hair, a slight mischievous smile visible upon his lips: "Well...he should make time then...shouldn't he?"

I shook my head and let out a short, yet loud laugh: "Ha Ha Ha!"... "Yeah...right...like that'll ever happen again. I should be lucky it even happened that one time." Who am I kidding...it'll never happen... Zero's helping us save Japan and...that should be all I care about.

Lelouch eyed me skeptically and then tilted his head to the side as if he were pondering something; then flashed me a small mysterious smile: "Never underestimate the probability of second chances."

It was then that he turned the doorknob and we entered the council building, and that was the end of our conversation for the day. Just what the hell was all that about? What did he mean by "second chances?" Great...now this is going to be on my mind on top of everything else...just what is this guy trying to do to me?...and why do I find myself unable to get his words out of my mind?

Okies everyone...that's the end of the first chapter. It was kinda short, but just enough to introduce some of the main plot. I hope you all liked it. -smiles- In case anyone was wondering, this story takes place in the same time period and is not an AU, however; some things will be different than in the show, so I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that beforehand. Lol I know some pronunciations are Karen and some are Kallen, but I decided to go with Kallen as it sounds prettier to me. Lol Poor Kallen seems confused about her feelings for Zero right now...but she won't be in the future. -hint- -hint- Will she take Lelouch's advice about confronting her "boss?" lol Anyways...next chapter is

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