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-Masquerade- Chapter 4: Leave It To Zero -

-Date: Middle of May, Common Era 2017. Location: Black Knights Secret Underground Hideout/ Zero's Quarters. Time: 7:30pm. -

-Lelouch's POV-

I would like to start off by saying that being the leader of a bunch as rowdy as The Black Knights has been no picnic for my nerves. That Tamaki...I know his intentions are good, but he appears to be spending all the money necessary for purchasing new weapons on food, rounds of drinks for his bar buddies, and strippers. I've heard Kallen reprimand him over and over again about his horrible spending habits, but he keeps insisting that even after all that; we have plenty of cash to get us by.

The saddest part of all of this is, he's not the only one giving me problems.

That journalist Diethard has been following me around like a little lap dog ever since we got back from Narita. I have recently come to the conclusion that if any one of these people is going to mutiny on me first, it would most definitely be him seeing as how he only views Zero as some kind of idol on a pedestal. Ohgi too has been acting a little strange lately...almost as if he's hiding something from everyone, and on top of that he's been pretty distracted these days as well. It was here that my thoughts were interrupted as Ohgi had just walked into the room requesting an audience with me...he said it was a private matter. Donning my Zero apparel, mask included of course; I turned around to face him: "Tell me Ohgi...what's so important that you needed to talk to me in private?"... "I thought you were handling things."

Ohgi nodded firmly: "I am...everything's going fine concerning The Black Knights, but ..." He then looked away in an almost embarrassed nature.

Behind my Zero mask, I sighed heavily and shook my head: "What is it then?"

Ohgi then blurted out: "It's about Kallen!"

From behind the mask, my eyes widened and I immediately felt my heart leap into my throat for a minute as I slammed my fist on the desk and exclaimed in an overly concerned tone: "Shit!"... "What happened?!"... "Is she okay?!" I noticed Ohgi back away slightly at my tone, so I managed to calm down enough to ask: "I-I mean...tell me...is she okay?"

Ohgi nodded: "S-she's fine...it's just..." He paused briefly before he blurted out: "..we think she might have a ...boyfriend!"

My jaw nearly hit the floor. I had to bite my tongue to hold back the laughter that was brewing inside me. That was it?! This is what he was worried about?! Just a few of her peers concerned with her social life? I couldn't help but chuckle a little as I sat back in my chair and replied: "Ougi...do you trust Miss Kouzuki's judgment?"

The nervous man sitting in front of me nodded: "I do. It's just the boys I don't trust."

I leaned a little further back in my chair and nodded: "If you trust her judgment as much as you say, then you should realize that the gentleman she is choosing to spend her free time with must be someone she trusts and respects. You're acting more like her father right now than her friend. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but sometimes you just have to let things play out and see what happens. You understand...right?"

Ohgi nodded reluctantly and heaved a heavy sigh: "I guess so...but..."

I too heaved a heavy, tired sigh as I responded as I stood up to reach for something on a nearby shelf: "Do you wish for me to speak to her?"

Ohgi instantly perked up, as if a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders; a big smile suddenly appearing on his face. For some reason, he appeared overly excited after I had made this suggestion. He then stood up and answered with that big smile on his face: "That would be great Lord Zero!"... "I'll go get her!"... "I really appreciate this!"

I stood there dumbfounded as I watched him race out the door: "W-wait!... "Not!..." ... "...now." I shook my head and flopped back down in my chair. I felt like a giant vice was squeezing my head. I hated to admit it, but I'd even take one of C.C.'s patented sarcastic remarks right now. Speaking of that pizza woman...I wonder where she is anyway. I haven't seen her since yesterday afternoon. However, I didn't have much time to dwell on that as I heard a knock at my door and Kallen's voice ask politely: "You wanted to see me...Lord Zero?"

I took a few deep breaths to regain my composure and answered calmly and coolly: "Ahh...yes Miss Kouzuki. Would you please come in?"

Kallen entered in her Black Knight uniform and took a seat on the couch near my desk. She casually crossed her legs and asked curiously: "What did you want to speak to me about?"

I honestly couldn't believe that I was about to talk to a girl about her love life, but truth be told; I was a bit interested in finding out more about her feeling for Zero. I smirked a little to myself as I thought: "This is the perfect time to try a little test." I sat down at my desk and responded to Kallen in a concerned voice: "Ohgi tells me you haven't been acting like yourself lately." I watched her shift in her seat a little as I finished: "Is there anything wrong?"... "Something I should know about?"

There I thought I had her, but much to my surprise; she simply shook her head and smiled...laughing a little as she did so: "So...he told you too huh?"... "Forgive me for laughing Lord Zero, but you didn't strike me as the type that would worry about such a small matter."

I sat there in stunned silence for a moment, still processing what had just happened. How easily she had side-stepped my question by actually almost answering my question. Behind my mask, I stared at her laughing face. I don't think I've ever seen her laugh like this..at least, not in front of the real me. I found the sound of her laughter strangely appealing to me, but dismissed whatever fleeting thoughts I had out of my head. Finding all of this madness that was taking place around me over a mere few dates amused me, so I started chuckling briefly along with her: "Yes...you're right."... " I normally wouldn't intrude on personal affairs of others, but I wouldn't call any of my comrade's problems "small matters" that I can just dismiss. If we are to carry on this operation, I must make sure that everyone I surround myself with is feeling confident enough to make it work." I slowly stood up and walked over to sit in a small chair opposite her and finished my statement: "It's going to be hard trying to juggle a boyfriend and your job as my Ace pilot, but I'm sure things will work out."... "If anything, being able to juggle these two complicated matters the way you are shows great strength, determination, and most of all..." I made sure to look directly at her through my Zero mask when I said this last word, that way she would know that Zero was staring directly into her eyes even though she couldn't see that he was: "...heart." I then noticed her turn a slight red, and before she could respond; I continued: "Now, I'm not saying I completely agree with this...I do have my reservations as I'm sure you understand. It's going to be very difficult. If anyone were to find out who you were and about The Black Knights, that would not only put you and the rest of this group in danger; but your boyfriend as well. Now that I've presented both sides to this, is your decision still the same Miss Kouzuki?"

Without a single hesitation, my Ace pilot answered in a determined tone: "Yes."

I nodded and coolly smiled: "That's what I thought you'd answer." I then stood up and walked towards her: "Before you go, I just have one thing to add." I placed a hand gently on her shoulder: "If this boyfriend of yours gives you any trouble, just let me know and I'll take care of it."

Again, she turned a slight red before exclaiming in shock as she looked down at her feet: "L-lord Zero!"... "It's okay...really!"... "I'll be fine...but..." She then smiled softly as she looked back up and directly at me: "...thank you." She stood up and headed for the door, but before she could walk out of it; I came up from behind her and pushed it closed, locking it as I did so: "I'm sorry to hold you up, but there is actually one more thing. There's something I want to give you...Q1."

I noticed a slight shiver run down her spine before she responded in a curious, yet coy voice: "Something you want to give me?"

Without responding to her, I slowly turned her around to face me and carefully pulled the red headband she always wore over her bright blue inquisitive eyes, making sure she couldn't see what I was about to do.

She asked curiously: "L-lord Zero...what are you?..."

Before she could finish asking her question, I slowly lifted her hand and placed it on my cheek. I had taken the mask off, but made sure that her eyes were completely covered throughly by that headband before doing this as this was a huge risk. I heard her gasp as she suddenly realized what I was allowing her to do, and it wasn't long before I felt the fingers of her other hand, as if on instinct; begin to run through my hair. I would never admit this out loud, but that felt good...her fingers running through my hair I mean. However, it was at this point that she took me by complete surprise as I then felt her fingers trail ever so delicately across my lips. From here on out I lost track of what my original plan of action really was, as I grabbed her hand and kissed each finger individually before then placing said hand back on my face. I drew her closer...so close I could feel her rapid heartbeat through both our clothes...feel her hot breath against my lips as I felt myself beginning to succumb to a desire I had no idea I had.

Maybe because I was Zero at the time, I felt powerful enough to take control like this...but this feeling was different...I really couldn't describe what it was, all I knew was that it was taking over the rational part of me and little did I know, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I heard Kallen gasp again as I, being a curious person by nature; gently ran my hand down the small of her back..and boy I didn't expect to hear that soft moan come out of her. It was at this point that something within me snapped and took total control as I finally closed the distance between us with the deadliest, most feverish kiss I'd ever given a girl. As I kissed her, I heard her moan in pleasure into my mouth: "Zero..." as she reached up to run her fingers through my hair again, the delightful touch causing me to selfishly deepen the kiss even more before my sane self was finally able to break through and snap me back to reality. My eyes widened as I realized what I was just doing, causing me to suddenly break the kiss and turn my back to her as I put my mask back on before she took off her headband. I could feel her staring at me for minutes that seemed like hours before I heard her anxious and breathless voice say: "Lord Zero...I..."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning around: "It's getting late. Have Ohgi walk you home." I paused awkwardly before continuing: "I'm sorry....about just now."

Kallen turned a slight red before shaking her head and laughing nervously: "I-it's okay...it's fine really. I didn't mind...I mean...I won't tell anyone."

I nodded as I opened the door for her: "Again...this boyfriend...if he tries anything, just tell me...I'll take care of it."

Kallen's baby blue eyes widened slightly before she offered me a small smile and nodded as she then proceeded down the hall and out of sight. I closed the door, locked it, again and flopped back down on the couch, tossing my mask aside as I leaned back against a nearby pillow. I held my head as I sighed, frustrated at myself: "Damn...what the hell did I just do?!"

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