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-Masquerade- Chapter 5: Courting Miss Kallen -

-Date: Middle of May, Common Era 2017. Location: Stadtfeld Estate. Time: 9:30pm. -

-Kallen's POV -

There are a lot of firsts in a girl's life. He first words, her first steps, her first bicycle, her first bandage after crashing said bicycle, her first kiss...and up until recently, I've had all but the last of all of the above. I know talking about this is pointless since it already happened, but I'm not really one of those "dear diary" type of girls. Arriving home tonight after Zero kissed me, I didn't go and write it down in my journal, instead...I came floating into the house and up to my bathroom to take a hot shower. Oddly enough, that shower of mine is a great place for me to do some of my best thinking.

I couldn't believe it! I honestly couldn't believe that what happened earlier actually happened!

The gentle way he took my hands , letting me touch his face, run my fingers through his hair...that intense kiss. Had it all actually happened or was this just a beautiful dream I would soon find myself waking up from? I pinched myself hard to check and let out a loud yelp in pain. "Okay...so I'm not dreaming...today really did happen."

I touched my still tingling lips and examined myself in the bathroom mirror as I stepped out of the shower. I was flushed from head to toe and I knew it was from the shower I'd just taken. Here it was hours later, and I still couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. I honestly was taken aback by the whole thing. Did this mean that Zero now thought of me as more than just a comrade in arms?...more than just his ace pilot? Did he want to take our relationship to the next level?

I mentally slapped myself: "Stupid Kallen!"... "What relationship are you talking about?!"... "You have to have been in a relationship in the first place in order for you to take it to the next step!" I threw my pajamas on and flopped down onto my unmade bed and muttered: " God...what the hell is happening to me?"... "...and what the hell is going on in Lord Zero's head?"

I grabbed the nearest pillow and cuddled it close to my chest and it was then that a thought suddenly occurred to me...I was supposed to start helping Lelouch out tomorrow! I'm supposed to be pretending to be his girlfriend to keep Shirley out of his face. I had seriously thought about backing out of that earlier...but if I did, it would surely arouse his suspicions even more. I could tell that he was a naturally curious person by nature, and if he were to ever find out what happened today, he'd never let me hear the end of it.

Something within me could tell that with that kind of knowledge behind him, Lelouch could blackmail anyone at any given time. I considered him by far to be an even worse person than President Millay to tangle with when it came to blackmail and extortion of any kind. I could tell just by looking that behind that cool smile, the wheels of his brilliant mind were always turning...always planning...but planning what?...that's what I wanted to know. Hearing something like this would surely be right up his alley.

If everyone at school somehow found out that I was a phony...that would ruin everything...and I had always had that small fear in the back of my mind. I would never let anyone find out who I really was. It was a simple task really. All I had to do was make sure nobody got close enough to me to find out any of my secrets.

I always keep everyone at arms length while putting on a big phony "good girl/ top student/meek," act. It's the perfect plan because nobody can ever say that I am completely ignoring them or shutting them out. I'm sure if any accusation of that kind had ever been made of me, that surely none of the teachers or my so-called "friends" here would believe it for even two seconds. The only two people I could possibly foresee exposing something about me that was that private are either Millay or Lelouch, and that's only because their keen senses of intuition would most likely lead them to an answer I didn't want to personally reveal. It was here that I heard the text message ringer go off on my cell phone and immediately checked it. Whether or not I was hoping it was Lord Zero I don't know, but I, for some reason; found myself rushing to reply to it. The message read: "Meet me near the outside lockers tomorrow before class starts. I'll b waiting." - L.L.

I had to stop and think for a minute. Who the hell is L.L.?!...and then my eyes widened as I remembered. Duh...of course...L.L. = Lelouch Lamperouge!

-The Next Day- Time: 9am. -

I awoke this morning and sleepily washed up, dressed for school, and grabbed a piece of toaster strudel to take with me on my way to class. I couldn't help but wonder what our school's crafty Vice President had in store for me today. As long as it wasn't another kiss, I figured I would be safe. I wanted nothing to block out the wonderful kiss I received from Lord Zero yesterday...nothing is going to spoil my day today!

As I approached the school's outside lockers, I noticed the person I had received the text from was not there yet. This puzzled me because he's usually insanely on time for everything...well...with the exception of gym class anyway. I stood impatiently waiting by the lockers as the time to get to class was drawing nearer and nearer. I muttered under my breath as I adjusted the mirror in my locker: "What the hell is taking him so long?"

No sooner then that question come out of my mouth, then I closed my locker and nearly jumped a foot in the air when I noticed Lelouch standing there as if he'd just magically appeared. He smiled his usual smile, yawned slightly, and apologized: "Sorry I'm late. I didn't get much sleep last night."

I eyed him curiously and joked: "Another late night huh?" I briefly touched his shoulder and looked him in the eye with a phony innocent expression I'd perfected since I'd been here: "Is it another woman?"

Lelouch chuckled: "Sorry...I'm afraid not." He then suddenly got really close...close enough to feel his breath on my lips as he whispered with a mischievous smirk: "Would it upset you if it was?"

My face turned a slight red in embarrassment before I quickly pulled away: "O-Of course not!"... "It's none of my business what you do outside of here."

Lelouch laughed lightly: "Okay...okay I get it...but really...I was up late last night trying to figure out and appropriate token of affection a man might give a woman that would not only cause a stir among her friends, but would greatly impress her as well."

I eyed him curiously as I noticed him fiddling with something behind his back: "So...what did your brilliant mind finally arrive at?"

Lelouch laughed, his violet eyes slightly lighting up as he did so: "Well...unfortunately...I had nothing since this is my first time dating, but lucky for me Nunnally provided me with some woman's insight." He then pulled out a small bouquet of red roses mixed with some patches of small pink flowers out from behind his back and said with a smile: "Here...for you."... "The pink ones are Cherry Blossoms. I thought they'd give the bouquet more of a kick...and they kind of remind me of you so...ummm...yeah."

I was, for the first time today; completely and totally speechless. Normally stuff like this doesn't get to me, but I had to admit...I was extremely impressed with his effort in this whole thing. I gently took the bouquet from him and brought the flowers to my nose, their sweet scent filling my senses. I didn't even have to look behind me to see if Shirley was there because I could tell by the averted eyes of Lelouch's, that she was there...that was his signal...subtle, but enough for me to act on it.

He now stood smiling directly at me...but this smile was different from his usual cool and calm smiles...this one was, in one word; heavenly. His eyes met mine as he asked: "So...how did I do?"... "Do you like them?"

I blushed slightly, smiled back, and nodded like a schoolgirl lost in love: "Yes."

Then, without warning; he lifted my free hand and brought it to his lips as he murmured against it: "I'm glad." He then gazed deep into my eyes again, my hand still close to his lips: "If you had rejected me here, then I wouldn't have been able to ask you to join me for dinner this Friday...or for lunch this afternoon...if you're free that is."

There he stood awaiting my answer. Our classmates around us whispering and giggling like mad. So I did something a little out of character of me. I smiled my usual innocent smile and then proceeded to place a small kiss on Lelouch's cheek: "I've been waiting for you to ask me out."... "Consider that a yes to both your questions." I chuckled to myself as I noticed him turn a slight red at the unexpected action of mine. I broke the moment of awkward silence by taking the slightly flustered Lelouch's hand with my free one, and asked with a satisfied smile on my face: "Wanna walk to class together?" He managed a small nod and now we, the new "happy couple" of Ashford Academy; walked hand in hand past Shirley, who was now as white as a sheet, and I felt a mixture of both triumph and sadness within myself. I glanced over at Lelouch, who showed no sign of wavering in his joyful expression. All I could think at this moment was that the fight he'd had with Shirley must've been a big one for him to have to build a whole scenario up around himself.

Once we were out of sight, I felt him pull me in the direction of the stairs: "Let's go."

I stared at him as if he were out of his mind: "Go where?!"... "Class is about to start."

Lelouch shook his head and laughed lightly: "I never go to homeroom or first period...and since our grades are both the same, I'd have to guess that you don't either...Miss Stadtfeld."

I smiled haughtily: "Okay...you got me...so...where are we going?".. "This isn't where I usually hang out during homeroom and first period."

Lelouch smiled mysteriously as he pulled me up the stairs with him: "You'll see."

When we reached a door at the very top, he pulled a key card out of his pocket, slid it through, and entered a small code before the door slowly eased open and revealed the school's beautiful rooftop garden. He sat down next to a shady tree and motioned for me to sit. I reluctantly took a seat next to him: "So...this is where you go when you ditch classes?"... "I would never have guessed...but then again, I don't know you very well so everything you do is news to me."

Lelouch laughed a little before falling backwards to lay down on the grass. He glanced up at the sky briefly before then asking me in an unusually serious tone: "Why did you decide to help me?"... "You could've just as easily told me no."

I heaved a heavy sigh and laid back to gaze up at the sky with him: "You said you trusted me. Believe it or not, nobody's ever said that to me before...not the way you said it. There was something in your eyes and tone of voice that sort of screamed out that you needed someone's help."

It was then that he turned to lay on his side , those cool amethyst eyes of his meeting mine as he asked with a coy smile: "Tell me...what are my eyes screaming now?" He sat up quickly and pulled me up with him, his lips dangerously close to mine as when we had laid down I had no idea just how close we really were.

Maintaining my composure the best I could, I managed to hiss with a slight stutter: "H-How should I know?!"

However, as I attempted to turn my face from him, he cupped both sides of it, forcing me to look him directly in the eyes again as he smirked: "You know what I see in yours?"

My face a slight red, I shook my head as I glanced over his shoulder to try to avoid his gaze if only for a moment, and what I saw next made me feel like crawling under a rock. Right there standing on top of the roof's railing a piddly few feet behind Lelouch, stood none other then Lord Zero! Oh what he must've been thinking at this very moment! I could only pray to god that I was imagining things...so I blinked my eyes a few times to see if he would disappear, but there he remained...as stoic and composed as ever...watching me, judging me through that mysterious mask of his. Lelouch, sensing some tension in me; turned to glance in the direction I was looking in. My inner self screamed: "Shit!"... "I can't have him discover Lord Zero here!" So, in a complete act of desperation; I did the only thing I could think to do. I pushed the dark-haired boy in front of me to the ground, and pressed my lips to his in a kiss too passionate for words to describe.

After I had kissed him for as long as I could, a small devilishly curious smirk appeared on his face as he asked: "Why the sudden display of affection?"... "It's almost as if you're hiding something from me...like there's something that you don't want me to see." Lelouch then turned around and I silently prayed to god that Lord Zero had hidden himself. It was then that I heard Lelouch chuckle: "Oh look...it's just Arthur." I turned around only to see him petting the student council's cat and I heaved a sigh of relief as he continued to speak with that small smirk on his face: "I can't believe something as little as a cat purring turns you on..is that all it takes?"... "I guess you really are a cat huh?"

Again, I was relieved, but at the same time, I also wanted to punch his smug faced lights out. I kept silent, but flashed him my signature death glare as I watched him pet the cat and smile coolly, as if he were some kind of evil genius with a secret plot.

This made two times now that I had to surrender a kiss to Lelouch against my will...only this time was worse because he nearly made me forget the kiss Lord Zero and I had shared last night. Yes...this boy in front of me is definitely hiding something alright...something important...and I Kallen Kouzuki will not rest until I find out what it is!

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