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Should Have Seen It Coming...

Harry stumbles out of the fire, coughing as he unintentionally inhales soot on the trip back from Ginny's.

"Back already?"

Harry hears the drawl before seeing the owner of the voice that causes his spine to shiver everytime he hears it, even back in their quarreling school days. He straightens up, shaking the dust off for the second time that day, "Yeah, you're not going to believe what happened."

"They liked my custard pie?"

"Luna's mental over your pie, she even knows it's you who made it," Harry watches as Draco furrows his brows, and grumbles something about not wanting to come off as less than a man.

"Oh, shutup." Harry says cheerfully, making Draco look up at his tone.

"So what happened between you and the girlfriend."

Harry makes his way to the kitchen, "What girlfirend."

Draco narrows his eyes, "You told her?"

Taking a bite out of an apple from a carefully put together fruitbasket by Draco, Harry swallows before answering, "Well, no..Ginny kind of outed us," He takes another bite as the blonde boy throws his hands toward the ceiling as though to thank the Gods. Draco then walks to the fridge, takes out a heiniken bottle, and twists the top.

"I think Luna knew, then let Ginny in on it," Harry adds thoughtfully.

"Yeah, probably," Draco takes a swig of beer, then saunters over to Harry, "The point is, we can be us now. I don't know why it took you so long to get out of that relationship with Weasley."

"Ginny," Harry corrects, "And yeah, it's definately over."

Draco embraces Harry from behind, nuzzling the crook of his neck with his chin as he blows in his ear, taunting him.

"You know why she broke it off?"

"Cause you're a flamer?"

Harry attempts to whack the thin faced blonde, but fails, "She's with Luna now, they spent last night together."

Draco doesn't act surprised at all, "Yeah? Well, I don't blame Weasley, blondes tend to be hot pieces of ass,"

He presses the cold bottle onto his own face and imitates the sound of something hot being cooled down, "Pssst.."

"Oh yeah?" Harry prompts, turning around into Draco's arms, "I don't know any that hot.."

Draco feigns hurt, and Harry smiles, "I'm just kidding, how about we celebrate. Bottle of champagne, my bedroom, your sweet ass..?"

"It's going to take alot more than a bottle of champagne for you to see my ass," He mock sneers as he moves away from Harry, towards the dark bedroom. As he nears the door, he pulls his shirt off, turns around and begins undoing his belt before disappearing into the room.

Harry shakes his head, grinning, Draco's teasing about how they first got together. Always competetive in everything they did, the two boys attempted to outdrink each other which turned into a very unexpected night. Turns out, Draco gets drunk on just a few glasses of champagne or wine. He sure can't take liquor well, Harry thinks, well I have that to thank for getting us together.