Good Intentions

A Friends I Left Behind sequel

Disclaimer: in no way, shape or form.

Address books and Complications.

The moving of Daniel's office back in to his Office was taking a lot longer than Jack had expected. Mostly because Daniel insisted on checking each and every box that came through the door. It looked like he was searching for some thing, but Jack couldn't tell what.





"The reservation's for 1930."


"Why don't you just tell me what it is you're looking for? We might actually get out of here on time."

"My address books. They should have been with the other stuff from my desk draws, but I can't find them."

Jack tried to remember where'd he'd last seen the books. He knew the ones Daniel was talking about, green, leather bound, with paper made from papyrus. He'd thought them a weird choice, but it was Daniel after all.

"The General had them. Should still be in his office. You can get them tomorrow."

Daniel was giving him a funny look.

"Jack, why are they in General Hammond's office?"

"We thought you weren't coming back, didn't want your friends to wonder why you never called, so we sent them Condolence letters."

Daniel's face turned white, then red. He spoke in a strangled, horrified tone.

"Who did you tell?"

The end!

(Ok, so not a crossover. The next one will be.)