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Summary: After the Duel with Bakura and the soul cards in Duelist Kingdom, Yami finds that things have not gone back to normal. In fact, they're quite… different.

Title: Mewet (It means Mother in Arabic)

Warnings: Spoilers for Ancient Egypt, lots of em, even though this is AU! And a mix of anime and manga because I'm messy like that, since I want the gang to know about Yami's existence, but also I want to do Bakura's duel with Yami. And possible OOCness…

Chapter 1

Yami sighed in relief as the dark side – Ryou's dark side – was sent to the Shadow Realm. The dueling field faded away, and he was glad to return to earth. Suddenly, he frowned.

Anzu, Honda, and Jounichi were all there, but where was Yuugi? He could not feel his light's presence inside their shared mind – or the Sennen Puzzle. And whom was that figure laying there unconscious?

He got to his? Her? Side and turned her over. Green eyes beneath a fringe of golden-blonde hair fluttered open as she stared at him with something akin to astonishment in her eyes.


Atemu? Was that his name? It sounded very familiar, but this woman, she was familiar too…

And before he knew what was happening, he was buried in her arms. Even without his memories, he felt as if she was close, and he belonged, and she was – she had to be… "Mother…"

The woman nodded, and Yami let himself cry in her arms. He was not sure how or why or where this was happening, but he knew, even without knowing her name, that she had to be his mother.


She was wearing sheer royal linen, he noted idly, though her attire was somewhat masculine in appearance, but she was beautiful… and he sighed as he closed his eyes. With her he felt complete, whole…

It was at this time that the others began to wake up.

"Woah! Yuugi, who's the babe?" Jounichi stared at her with something akin to jealousy. Where had she come from? And why was – oh dude, she was hot.

The woman gave Jounichi a single glare as she reached for one of the pendants dangling from her shoulder guards. There was a flash of light, and the pendant had transformed into a very sharp golden dagger. He got the hint.

"Mother, please… they're my friends…" Yami said. In Japanese, he recalled too late, as all three jaws dropped.

"Mother?" Anzu gaped. This woman was Yuugi's mother? But… but… Yuugi alreadyhad a mother back in Domino, didn't he?

Well, maybe he didn't. She'd only ever seen his grandfather after all… but she'd thought Yuugi's parents had died in a plane crash.

Perhaps she had been misinformed.

"It's all right, Atemu." Her voice was slightly deep for a woman, but Yami did not care. He felt like he never wanted to let go of her. And now, he knew his name…


Strange it was familiar, and yet not. The time spent in the puzzle had washed his memories away, but… but why?

Why was his mother still living?

Should she not have died years ago? But she was no spirit…

He frowned as he tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

She caught his inattention and placed her hand on his deck, flipping over his top card. Black Magician… only now the face inside was – Yuugi's?

He stared at her. Now that he thought about it, she really did…

"Mother? How – how could you be…"

"Black Magician?"

He nodded uncomfortably. Behind him, he vaguely heard his friends make disbelieving comments, but that was unimportant. He needed some answers…

Mahaado sighed as she took off her over-cloak and draped it over Yami's shoulders. "I… after your father's death, the Thief King Bakura destroyed and raided his tomb. He attacked the palace. I tried to stop him, and I failed."

Simple words, but they hit Yami like a lightning bolt. Bakura – that smirking spirit of the Sennen Ring – had desecrated his Father's tomb?


"He killed you, didn't he?"

Mahaado sighed and nodded her head. "Yes. I was too weak to defeat him. He… attempted to…"

"Stop!" He didn't want to hear it. Oh lord, Bakura had… tried to… his mother… anger blazed in his eyes. Banishing Bakura to the Shadow Realm had been too light a punishment! If he'd known, he would have-!

"I could not allow him to do such a thing of course." Mahaado cut into Yami's thoughts. "So I combined my Ka – my shadow self, my Magician of Illusions, and my Ba, and became the Black Magician…"

That was all that needed to be said.

The armor had hidden her true self well. Yami would never have guessed that his Black Magician was really a girl – well, a woman, and his mother to boot!

It was quite disturbing, but at least it explained his connection to the card.

"And Yuugi, mother?"

After all, Yuugi was still trapped in the card.

Mahaado winced. "That – I am sorry that that happened. I would not have thought… but we are blood, and blood calls to blood…"

"I'm related to Yuugi as well?"

"Yes. In life, he was your younger brother."

Yami – now called Atemu, though he wasn't sure how he felt about the name yet – resisted the urge to faint.

Could things possibly get any odder?

But it was nice having his mother around, and they managed to stumble through some explanations, and Yuugi's friends understood… though finding out Yuugi and Yami had been brothers back in Egypt and the Black Magician was Yami's mother was kind of scary.

Jounichi and Honda both turned green when they realized they'd been ogling their friend's mother. Not that she wasn't hot, but… eew.

Their next item of priority would be getting Yuugi out of the card, but Ryou kindly offered the Sennen Ring, and that had solved a lot of problems. In truth, Ryou hadn't exactly expected anything, but… well…

She was nice, and if he didn't have the Ring, his evil 'side' would not come back… his parasite…

So his mother had held the Ring… and it obeyed her yet.

And Bakura had taken it from her dead body. Yami shuddered. But for now, he was less worried, slightly, especially when Yuugi returned – with his own body.

Now that was interesting.

End Chapter

Completed 4/28/06

Notes: Why did I make Mahaado Yami's Mother? Reason one – the bloody headdress he wears represents Isis or Hathor. In the myths I've found, they're either Horus's wife or his mother.

Reason two – thisvery scary doujinshi that showed Mahaado sleeping with Pharaoh Akunumkanon

Reason three – I wanted to try a female Mahaado, but not paired with Yami. This popped up. Though I may wind up with incestuous Loyaltyshipping… (And just to warn you, I do, so steer clear if it's not your cup of tea)

Reason four – I've seen Dark Magician Yami's father fics before, so since he looks so girly, why not Yami's mother?

Reason five – all that sappy Star country mother-son interaction in the Naruto Filler must have rotted my brain!