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Chapter 12

The next morning, the first matches were drawn. Jounichi was facing off against a girl named Rebecca Hopkins that he had never heard of, but she looked barely ten years old and was clutching a Teddy Bear.

Kaiba and Yuugi were each facing another unknown. Yami himself faced the last one, a girl named Destiny. She had lambent silver hair and wide ultramarine eyes. Her deck seemed to consist of chiefly Fairy-type monsters.

The Luminous Spark was a bit irritating at first, but after a quick Swords of Revealing Light and enough power to call out the Magician of Black Chaos, he wasn't complaining and he gave a feral smile as her life points dropped down to nothing. Even with Marie the Fallen Angel in her graveyard granting her extra life points each turn, it still wasn't enough, and her Forgiving Maiden crumpled, leaving her wide open. Perfect!

Destiny looked absolutely horrified, and she looked like she was about to burst into tears. He ignored her and went to watch Jounichi's match against someone named Theodore.

Theodore used a machine-type deck, a bit reminiscent of Bandit Keith, really. Jounichi won easily. It seemed that neither of them had God Cards. Pity.

Well, at least he'd gotten Fallen Angel Marie from Destiny. He could talk to the Card Spirit later. For now, it went into his belt, his side Deck.

Lunch was served, and then the next set of Duels concluded. It seemed that Yuugi had lost to his opponent. Interesting…

A girl named Nefertiti? Well, it was much too coincidental to ignore.

She was rather pretty, if he thought hard on it. But then again, she did look an awful lot like his Mother… only her blonde hair was puffed and coiled in a million ringlets, dripping with tiny diamonds. It was too ostentatious for him.

Besides, he didn't sleep around. Even if he had wanted a hundred wives, there was no point in sleeping with a brainless twit.

She battled her eyelashes at him, and he felt an angry pulse in his mind. So. Mother was watching. She might even be jealous.

He laughed and sent a wave of reassurance back to her, as he turned from Nefertiti and walked over to speak to Yuugi. He was his little brother, after all.

"What do you want?"

Yami blinked as he looked at Yuugi more closely. There were faint tear tracks visible on his cheeks, and his wide eyes held just the slightest hint of puffiness. He sighed. Did he look that evil?

"I just wanted to ask you if Nefertiti had a God Card, Yuugi."

Yuugi laughed. "Yes. She did. Osiris was no match for Ra." That caught Yami by surprise. So Yuugi had Osiris?

"I had Osiris. She does now."

This was difficult. Nefertiti had two God Cards now, and he could only take one if he defeated her, and he wouldn't get to, since Kaiba… he was fighting her next.

Obelisk had no chance against Ra and Osiris.

It was almost odd, that Jounichi – well, he'd fought Jounichi, and the boy had put up a good fight, and had the gall to grin at him like they were still friends after the match, but now, he stared at Nefertiti, and wondered if he were strong enough.

He should not doubt himself, but he was frightened.

The idea of his Mother getting blasted, well, that made him ill. She must have sensed it too, because she left the Shadows and materialized in front of him, dressed not in armor but in her robes of state.


Seto twitched. Yuugi merely looked irritated. Mahaado put her arms around Yami's shoulders and glared at both of them.

Nefertiti looked absolutely furious.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND YOU DIRTY WHORE!" Nefertiti screeched like a banshee.

Twitching came from both.

"Husband?" Mahaado's voice slid into glacier mode.

"What did you call my Mother?" Yami hissed.

"May we Shadow Game her, my Pharaoh?" Mahaado asked. "May we?"

"Of course." Yami said, and the Duel began.

Nefertiti wasn't abad duelist, per se, but she relied far too much on her god cards, and she did manage to summon all three of them to the field, but Magic Cards could affect even God Cards…

To finish, a swift trap had left her life points wide open. She hadn't even bothered to lay her own Traps facedown. He smiled.

"Dark Magician! Attack her Life Points directly!"


The Shadows devoured her. She had lost, after all, and the Penalty Game was high, even higher with the power of two shadows behind it. She wasn't even worth Ka extraction.

Battle City was over.

The Gods were safe. They were where they belonged, after all.

Long live the Pharaoh.

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