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The Ressurection Quest
Chapter 12 - Jareth don't kill him

It's amazing how something so quick in real time can seem to take so long when you're experiencing it...

Which would explain why people can say their life flashed before their eyes in troubling moments. In that eternal second, there were many things a person could think about.

In Sarah's descent into the unknown, her thoughts grabbed randomly at images of Cole...Toby...Hoggle... Ludo... Sir Dydimus... even an image of Jareth.

As she landed on something soft, Sarah couldn't help but to wonder why the image of Jareth that flashed before her eyes was when she refused the crystal... his eyes so sad...

"Enjoy their company...They most certainly will enjoy yours."

Sarah's attention came back to the situation at hand. Unable to move... unable to speak... unable to see... but able to hear and feel everything... the unseen company wrapping around her, the two abductors above her laughing...

This wasn't exactly how she figured she'd die but oh well...

"Stop thy dishonorable, evil, knaves!"
"Yeah! What he said!"
"Youse got lotsa nerve trying to hurt Sarah!"

Had Sarah the capability to, she would have had a surprised expression on her face. Could she be hearing this right? Or was whatever Doc gave her giving her dellusions?
"I couldn't have said it better myself. Cole? Does Jareth see her?"
"She's over here."
"Good Lad. Hoggle, Dydimus? You know what to do."

Sarah inwardly laughed as she heard the comedic sounds of Hoggle and Dydimus fighting... and apparently winning. So enthralled with the sounds of the battle, she didn't njotice as another form landed near her.

"Twisted Weeds... Great. Hold on Sarah, we'll get you out."

Sarah's attention was brought back to her predicament as she heard murmurring. Within minutes she could feel an extremely warm sensation wash around her senses as the plant that had hold on Sarah relaxed its grip. Feeling a pair of hands lift her away from the now surrendering plant, a sensation of relief took the place of the warm one...

Upon reaching the top, Tristan lay down Sarah gently before looking to the group's prisoners. One being sat on by Hoggle and the other being held down by an unseen force. A look on the latter seemed to show an extreme look of discomfort.

"Jareth don't kill him," Tristan commented to the air above the writhing prisoner, "We still have to ask them questions."

Cole seemed to be looking to the empty spot as well and turned to Tristan, "He thinks if we kill one the other will be a bit more receptive."
Tristan sighed, "Is he always this tempermental?"
Dydimus and Hoggle nodded.

"Figures," Tristan replied with a sigh, "No doubt he and Anya are related..." He looked down at the one being held by Jareth. "So Doc... who is your friend?"
"Don't waste that question on him," Hoggle interrupted, "I'se know him as well. He's the physician that called Jareth dead to begin with."
"Well he was," The physican under Hoggle protested, "So maybe I used the human standards for dead instead of Fae... big deal! He should've died by yesterday."
Hoggle snorted, "Didn't count on him being that stubborn a bastard did you?"

Tristan smiled at the comment and glanced back at Doc, " What did you drug Sarah with?"
"Just Fatigua in the water... should snap out of it eventually."
"Good," Tristan replied before walking over to the dwarves camp and rummaging through some stuff.
"Wot are you doing?"
"Nothing much," Tristan replied carrying rope back over to the two, "Just going to tie these two up so they don't cause any more problems."
"You mean... other than getting the queen angry at Sarah?"
"Well we don't want them trying to kill her again do we?"

Cole looked over to the direction of where Jareth should be and nodded, "Definately."
"Glad you agree Cole."
"I'm not agreeing with you...I was agreeing with Jareth that it's a classic mistake."
Tristan rolled his eyes absentmindedly in reaction to this, "And I'm guessing he wants to just kill them and avoid the hassle."
Cole nodded, "And he wants you to not roll your eyes at him... It's rude."
"You have got to be kidding me."
"No... it is very rude to roll your eyes at someone," Dydimus confirmed, "Unless you're rolling them at a firey. They'd just roll theirs back at you."
"Literally or Figuratively?"