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Eyes Like No Other



The blonde haired Hokage didn't look up. "Little busy here Teme! What do you want?" He brushed his teacher's hand away from the scroll. "No! No, what are you thinking? I wan to kill the damn thing! Not trap it!"

The white haired man slammed his hand on the table. "You can't kill a bijuu you little brat, it's older than all of us combined at thousand times over with the chakra reserves to prove it!" Roared Jiraiya.

"He is right." Agreed the Sandaime. "Everything we know about these beasts say a human has no chance against them. The use of greater force is needed." He whispered softly. "A greater sacrifice."

Another man swung in from the window. "It's nearly here dobe. You better have a plan cooked up by now."

The Hokage turned. "Yeah I do! I'm going to kill this damn thing, but I'd feel a hell of a lot better if my captain of the military police was getting people to safety rather than breathing down my neck! Now go do your job so I can do mine! Got it Fugaku?"

Fugaku's eyes blazed red for a moment before shifting back to a more neutral black color. "If you don't move your ass there won't be a safe place anywhere in Konoha." He stepped to the window and looked back. "Remember that as we pray we get to see both our children born Kazama."

Minato turned away from his long time friend and rival. "I know." He waited until the other man was gone before he faced his teacher. "What you're suggesting…a jinchuriki…is it really the only way?"

The white haired sensei nodded sadly. "A non-human host might have worked on a lesser demon, like the Tanuki-oni that attacked suna many years ago…" He shook his head. "But against the likes of him, only a human will do. And even then it will be risky."

"Damn it…" Yondaime pounded the desk with his fist. "This child will never have a normal life. My child will never have a normal life…"

Sarutobi stepped forward. "Minato…Naruto is not even born yet. How can you…"

"Who else should I ask?" Minato demanded of his predecessor even as tears streamed down his face. "How can I ask any other parent to make such a sacrifice?" He shook his head. "I must speak with Kushina. She is nearly to term… she will understand…" Rounding the desk quickly he pointed to the open scroll. "Finish the seal." He ordered. "Taka!"

There was cloud of smoke and an ANBU wearing a hawk mask appeared in the room. He was covered with burns and bruises, his voice tired defeated. "Hai Yondaime-sama."

Minato swallowed as he saw the look of defeat in the pale eyes behind the mask. "I want you to go to the front lines and tell Tsunade to get back to the hospital on the double." He moved past the ANBU and toward the door. "Tell her we're making our stand now and need her here to get our final player in this sad farce of a plan. Move." He waited until the ANBU left, though something in the way he looked at the scroll unnerved the Yellow Flash greatly. "When the seal is complete notify the Clan Heads of our plan, have them pull our people back."


"So this is what is has come to." Uzumaki Kushina rubbed her swollen belly tenderly. She looked up at her husband, in all but name, and extended her free hand to him. "I will see to it that you are both seen as heroes for what you have to do."

Minato shook his head as he took his wife's hand and held it tightly. "Naruto will be a hero. I am nothing but a desperate coward."

Kushina smiled and pulled him closer. "How can you be a coward when Naruto is going to be a hero?" She placed his hand on her stomach, letting him feel the baby kicking. "Half of him comes from you. My son is certainly not inheriting any coward like traits."

Minato smiled softly and cupped Kushina's cheek with his other hand. "Ero-sensei and Sarutobi-sempai will look after you both."

Kushina continued to smile, but tears began to fall from her face. "I don't want to think about that right now. If this is to be…" She stopped as she heard a knock at the door.

Shizune bowed solemnly as she cracked the door open. "I'm so sorry to interrupt but…"

Minato nodded knowingly. "I understand. Time is of the essence after all."

Shizune nodded. "Tsunade-sama's team will be here in a moment." She bowed again and closed the door.

Kushina pulled her husband close to her. "I won't be awake when it happens." She wept a bit more. "They have put me under…the anesthesia…"

Minato hugged her tightly. "You will be with me in heart and spirit." He fought not to, but found himself to be crying. "Aishiteru…itsudemo tou itsumademo…aishiteru…"

Kushina cried openly now. "Itsudemo tou itsumademo…ashiteru." She looked up as the door opened and Tsunade stood before them.

"It's time." Was all the blond sannin offered.

Minato walked beside the bed all the way to the surgical room. His hand tightly gripped to his wife's. When she passed through the doors he stood there. All he could do was wait now. All he could do was count the minutes.


"You ready for this kid?"

Kazama Minato smiled weakly. "As ready as I'll ever be Gama-oyabun."

The giant toad puffed on his large pipe as he watched the Kyuubi racing toward them. "What's the kid's name?"


The toad boss sighed. "You named him after the pervert's novel." He shook his massive head. "Well, Naruto and I will have a drink in your honor some day."

"Not until he's old enough." Minato warned. "It doesn't matter how big you are, Kushina will turn you into a pocket book all the same if you corrupt our son at a tender young age."

Gama Bunta laughed heartily. "I don't doubt it at all!"

The great fox was almost upon them now. "Hey, Bunta. Thanks for everything." He set Naruto down on the giant toad's back and bit his thumb to begin draw the seal upon his son's stomach. "I only hope you will forgive me one day."

Gama's head lifted slightly. "What the hell? There's some one else here!"

Minato's head snapped up. "Where?"

"Gomen nasai old friend. You are in the field of my divination."

"Taka?" The Yondaime turned and his eyes went wide in fear. "Hiashi! Don't!"

"Hakkeshou. Rokujyuuyonshou."

Minato couldn't mount a defense in time. His body went numb and he began to fall to the ground. His vision faded and his world was lost to him.


"I don't believe it." Jiraiya whispered softly as he picked up a bundle of cloth from the ground. "Him of all people, I just…"

"It was his wish." Hizashi knelt beside his brother's dead body and removed the mask. He closed Hiashi's eyes and clapped his hands before offering a small prayer. "He was friends with Kazama for a long time. My brother felt this was better for the village."

Sarutobi nodded as woke Minato. "He will be honored for his sacrifice."

Minato sat up groggily. "I'm still alive? How?" It took only a moment for him to remember what he had gone through. "The village…"

"Is safe." Sarutobi assured him. "Hiashi completed the contract with Shikigami."

The color drained from the Yondaime's face. "How? He shouldn't have…"

"He saw the plans in your office." Jiraiya said quietly. "He was a brilliant man. You should know that better than anyone. He was your rival for the position of Hokage, he knew what the position entailed."

"He didn't…" Minato's eyes widened as he saw Kushina a few feet away holding an infant with spiky blond hair. "He wouldn't have…"

"Like I said, he knew what the position entailed." Jiraiya pulled back the white cloth revealing a second infant.

Her dark blue hair stood in stark contrast to her pale skin. A hastily copied blood seal was evident on her belly, but that wasn't what drew the most attention. She turned toward the bright yellow color before her pale, white eyes locking on the Yondaime's hair instantly. She reached for the bright color and laughed, causing the three whisker marks on each of her cheeks to curve slightly as she smiled.