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"Oh, Shikamaru... Fuck, you're so tight..." Asuma moaned as he thrust into the tight body beneath him. "I can't believe this is happening..." Asuma moaned as he ran his fingertips over Shikamaru's chest, teasing his nipples. Shikamaru whimpered and pressed back on Asuma's cock.

"Asuma... I want to ride you..." Shikamaru moaned, closing his eyes and furrowing his brow.

"Alright," Asuma said, pulling out of the smaller one who whined at the loss. Asuma laid down as Shikamaru got up. He straddled Asuma and groped at Asuma's throbbing, leaking cock, guiding it into his entrance and sitting on it completely.

"Oh, fuck!" Shikamaru moaned, pinching his own nipple.

"Shikamaru, move your leg up a little. I can't see Asuma penetrating you," came a female voice off to the side.

"I'm sorry, Kurenai... I just can't help it... It feels so fucking good..." Shikamaru moaned, shifting a bit, trying to move his leg up so Kurenai could film Shikamaru riding her boyfriend's cock. "Oh, god, Asuma... Your cock is so huge..." he moaned, pushing down on Asuma, who grabbed his hips and bucked up.

"How's this, Kurenai?" Asuma asked.

"Excellent..." Kurenai moaned.

"Oh god! You're hitting my spot, Asuma!" Shikamaru cried out. "I'm gonna cum!" Shikamaru squealed.

"Good, bitch, cum," Asuma demanded. "Fuck yes..." Asuma hissed at the clenching sensation around his dick as Shikamaru's ass spasmed with his orgasm.

"Oh, god, Asuma, that's so hot... You're going to do me next," Kurenai whispered. Asuma jerked up and came, filling Shikamaru with his seed.

Kurenai moaned as she taped her lover's seed dripping from the super star's ass.

Asuma awoke with a start, gasping. Kurenai was laying next to him, giggling.

"Have a nice dream?" Kurenai asked.

"Maybe, why?" Asuma asked, his face a bright red color.

"That gives it away," Kurenai said, taking her hand out from under the covers and pointing down to the wet stain around his crotch.

"Oh," Asuma said, blushing.

"Was it about Shikamaru?" she asked, unable to contain her grin.

"Maybe..." He was still blushing.

"Oh, Shikamaru... Fuck you're so tight!" She mimicked, bucking her hips, laughing uncontrollably.

"Shut up!" he said, taking his pillow and throwing it at her. She was still laughing. She reached up and wrapped her arms around him.

"My boyfriend is gay!" she squealed and gave Asuma a kiss.

"I'm not gay!" he said and pouted.

"Fine, then you're bi," she said, chuckling.

"Maybe, but I'm not saying yes for sure!" he said, kissing her. Kurenai opened her mouth and her tongue dueled with Asuma's. He broke the kiss and pressed her back into the bed, both grinning.


Kankuro was laying in the hospital bed with a breathing tube in his mouth. His skin was singed all over. Sasuke had his head leaned against the bed's railing as he clutched Kankuro's hand, trying so hard to be gentle.

Gaara and Temari were talking to the doctor, who was explaining to them about Kankuro's condition.

"He is going to live, and we expect a full recovery, but if he wants his looks to ever be restored... We're going to have to graft some skin from his buttock region or fashion some fake skin to replace the old, dead skin." There was a pause. "These procedures are very expensive..." the doctor said.

"We'll do anything for our brother!" Temari cried, holding Gaara's hand tightly. His arm was wrapped around her shoulders. Gaara nodded.

"Alright, then. After a few more days of rest and a thorough checkover, he should be ready to under go an assessment for which option would be better to go through with," the doctor said.

"Kankuro!" Sasuke cried, sobbing. "I love you no matter what you look like! I promise I'll always love you!" Sasuke said as tears poured down his cheeks.

This is when Jiraiya had to walk away from the door. He couldn't watch anymore.

Sasuke ran from the room crying as Gaara sighed.

Sasuke went to the hotel Neji and Gaara were currently staying at and opened the door to Neji's room, which Sasuke wasn't surprised was unlocked. He entered the room and closed and locked the door behind him.

Neji looked up from the bed at Sasuke with a look of pure shock.

"Strip. Now," Sasuke demanded. He walked over to the radio that was setting on top of the TV and turned it on. He took off his clothes, scowling at his reflection in the TV. He turned around to see Neji already naked on the bed. "Good..." Sasuke said, crawling onto the bed, pulling Neji onto his knees and running his hands over Neji's smooth ass. Loud music boomed as Sasuke swirled his tongue over Neji's left ass cheek, and then bit, hard, making Neji cry out in pain.

Sasuke got up on his knees and guided his cock, pressing it against Neji's tight anus. He thrust into Neji without even wetting him.

"Augh, no! Sasuke!" he screamed as Sasuke lifted Neji's upper body and wrapped his arms around his torso, pinching one of Neji's nipples roughly. Sasuke moaned as Neji's ass clenched around his throbbing cock.

"Neji, you're such a good little fucking whore..." Sasuke whispered into the other's ear and bit it, making Neji cry out again.

"I can't take this... Sas... Sasuke..." Neji moaned.

"But you're so hard..." Sasuke whispered, wrapping his fingers around Neji's shaft. "You're even dripping..." he said, smearing the leaking precum all over the other's shaft, gripping and stroking.

A familiar tune began to play on the radio. Neji whimpered as he heard Gaara's voice, singing in German, as singing in foreign languages was very popular in Japan at the moment.

"Ich liebe Sie ganz gleich..." Gaara's voice sang, sounding so into the words he was singing it began to melt away Neji's pain.

"Gaara..." he whispered.

"Ihre Schönheitsfehler sind zu mir vollkommen..." Gaara pretty much moaned. "In meinem Bett oder meinem Herzen..." Neji felt as though Gaara was singing to him at this exact moment. "Ich liebe Sie, ich brauche Sie." Neji felt his balls tightening as Sasuke continued to pound and stroke him in their awkward, half-standing position.

"Schrei für mich!"

"Gaara!" Neji screamed as he blew his load all over Sasuke's hand and the bed.

Sasuke growled and let go of Neji's cock, and forced Neji down onto the bed by pushing his face into the bed with his hand. He grabbed Neji's hips with the other hand and slammed into Neji, who was sobbing into the mattress. Sasuke came with a loud grunt, filling Neji and watching his seed Neji's blood leak down Neji's legs as he pulled out. He got off of the bed and used Neji's shirt to clean off his softening penis, throwing it back on the floor where he picked it up. He put his own clothes back on and stared down at Neji.

"Gaara, huh? I see where you're loyalties lie," Sasuke said, walking from the room, spitting on the floor on his way out.

Sasuke went back to his own room and growled.

"Where's my fucking kit..."


"Where are we going, Temari?" Hana asked, straightening her red tube dress as she took Temari's hand to get out of the cab. Temari wore a spaghetti strap dress that was white with lavender stitching.

"Tenten invited us to eat with her... As much as I hate to go... She says she has something she wants to talk about," Temari said with a sigh.

"A cab... how quaint," Tenten said, walking up beside the other two. Her dress was burgundy and long, sparkling around the chest area. She had a blushing and nervous Hinata in tow, who had a yellow dress that was gathered up in one area with a material flower.

"What did you want to talk about?" Temari asked, sounding rather annoyed.

"Well well, do none of you Sabaku have any social skills at all?" Tenten asked as a waiter poured them all some wine, save for Hinata, who had some sparkling juice.

"Thank you, sir," She said, taking the wine and sipping it delicately.

Temari just put the glass to her lips and took a swig.

"Look, I'm not really hungry, so if you'll make it fast..."

"Well!" Tenten began, "I've come to ask you to tell that sorry brother of yours that I am hiring Hinata on as my own personal make-up artist."

"I'm sorry, Temari... She isn't giving me a choice," Hinata whispered.

"Hmm, is that so?" Temari asked, taking another sip of her drink. "Well, if that is the case..." Temari stood and promptly dumped the remains of her glass on Tenten's chest. The wine stained instantly and Tenten gasped. "You can go and fuck yourself," Temari said and slammed the glass back on the table. "Now if you'll excuse me," she said, turning to Hana, who's eyes were sparkling. "Hana?" Temari asked, extending her arm. The other girl took it eagerly. The two walked out, leaving a fuming Tenten.

"That was so awesome, Temari! You totally told her!" Hana cheered, wrapping her arms around Temari, pushing the other girl to the bed of the girl's room in the hotel.

"You think so?" Temari asked, smiling up at the other girl.

"Yes! I want you so bad right now!" Hana said, pulling at the edge of Temari's dress.

"Then have me," Temari said.

The two stripped and turned off the lights, crawling under the blankets for a mid-day romp.


"Shino..." Kiba whispered, stealing the other's cigarette. Shino pouted. "How's your lip feeling?" Kiba asked, taking a drag off of the cigarette.

"It feels fine. I think the stitches can come out tomorrow..." Shino said with a smile.

"That's good," Kiba said, giving Shino his cigarette back and placing a gentle kiss on Shino's lips.


"So, how is your relationship with your younger brother?" the officer asked. The officer was Shikaku Nara, The superstar Shikamaru Nara's father.

"It was good," Itachi answered, shifting in the chair, muttering about how uncomfortable it was, crossing one leg over the other and crossing his arms.

"What do you mean 'was'?" Shikaku inquired.

"We were really close when we were younger," Itachi supplied.

"How close?"

"We fooled around."

"Fooled around?" Shikaku said, looking perplexed.

"He'd suck my dick and I'd suck his. We experimented... I took his virginity and he took mine."

"How often did you do this?" Shikaku asked, jotting down notes.

"All the goddamned time. My brother was fucking hot when he screamed...He was so fucking tight. I couldn't keep my hands off the sexy little bitch, and I'm sure he felt the same about me. He came so hard... and tasted so good..." Itachi closed his eyes and moaned, thinking about it. "I remember one time, I had him over the kitchen table, the way he arched his back, and the red lines it left across his ass..."


"Neji..." Deidara whispered as he cracked open the door to Neji and Gaara's room. "Oh, he's asleep, perfect," Deidara said ad he set to work looking for Neji's new prescription. "Bingo!" he cheered when he found it. Deidara opened the bottle and downed some of the pills. He took a bottle from the mini-fridge and downed the alcohol. He threw the bottle on the floor and stood there, waiting for it to take effect.

A few minutes later, he decided to move.

"Heh..." He started to chuckle. "Heh heh..." Deidara opened the door to see Gaara. "Heh heh, Oh, hi there, cutie..." Deidara said as he walked out past Gaara.

Deidara teetered down the stairs and outside where he set the hem of his skirt on fire.

Deidara looked deranged as he ran down the street screaming, his skirt aflame. He began to strip as he ran down the street. Some people stared and others looked away, but Deidara's stunt was all the gossip in the streets.


"Orochimaru..." Shikamaru hissed, entering the alleyway and taking out his ponytail. "I'm out and I don't have any money," he said, approaching the taller man.

"Just get on your knees and open your mouth, my pretty. It's that simple," Orochimaru said as he unzipped his pants.

Shikamaru fell to his knees and closed his eyes tight. He felt Orochimaru's hard length brush against his cheek and he nearly winced.

"Open your mouth, Shikamaru... Make me cum real good..." Orochimaru moaned as he brushed his fingertips over Shikamaru's cheek.

Shikamaru opened his mouth and Orochimaru forced his length inside.

"Mmm!" Shikamaru cried out as he was forced to deepthroat the engorged length. Shikamaru decided to turn Orochimaru's roughness against him. Shikamaru bit slightly and swirled his tongue around the throbbing length in his hot, moist cavern.

"Oh, fuck! Yess... I love that new piercing..." Orochimaru hissed.

Orochimaru grabbed ahold of Shikamaru's loose hair and thrust into the other's mouth.

"I'm about to cum already..." Orochimaru moaned, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. Orochimaru pulled back all of the sudden and stroked his own length as he held Shikamaru's chin up. Shikamaru let out a small whine when Orochimaru's seed splattered on his face. Tears were pouring down Shikamaru's face and mingling with Orochimaru's seed as Orochimaru tucked himself away and threw a small baggie in Shikamaru's direction.

"You leave me pleased, as always, Shikamaru."

"No..." Shikamaru whispered, whiping off his face with his hands. He stared down at his fingers, at the mix of semen and tears. "No..." he whispered a bit louder. "I can't do this to Chouji anymore..." he said, shakily standing.

"What's that?" Orochimaru asked as he turned around. He came face to face with Shikamaru holding out his gun at him. Shikamaru was shaking, and holding the gun with both hands.

"This is your fault... You've been my dealer since high school... It's your fault Shino and I broke up, and it's your fault I'm doing this to myself now! I'm hurting the love of my life and it's all your fault!" Shikamaru said, tightening his grip on the gun and glaring.

"Oh, come on now. I'm just trying to make a living. I don't try to hurt people," Orochimaru said, holding his hands up.

Shikamaru started crying again. He sobbed, still holding the gun towards Orochimaru. Orochimaru stepped forward.

"Don't come any closer, you bastard!" Shikamaru said, rather loud.

"Come on, just put the gun down, huh? I didn't bring mine because I trusted you..." Orochimaru said, stepping forward again.

"Stop!" Shikamaru screamed, and yet Orochimaru took another step closer. He couldn't have been more than three feet away.

Shikamaru pulled the trigger. He hardly heard the shot, or Orochimaru's grunt. He didn't notice the way Orochimaru's body fell forward, instead of backwards, like you'd expect, because the dealer had tried to right himself and stay standing before he collapsed. He didn't see the blood pooling and Orochimaru's long gorgeous hair spread out on the pavement.

Shikamaru ran. He ran fast, tucking the gun and the cocaine he'd received into his pocket. He ran, crying, trying to whipe all traces of Orochimaru from his face.

He ran all the way back to the hotel he was staying in with Chouji. He couldn't stop running. He took the stairs instead of the elevator. He threw open the door, and that's when he could finally stop. He stared in awe at his boyfriend, who was staring back at him.

Shikamaru's mouth fell open at the beautiful angel before him, the other's long light hair cascading around his face.

Shikamaru took off his hoodie and threw it to the ground, along with his gun and the drugs he'd just procured. Shikamaru shed his fishnet top as he quickly made his way over to Chouji. He straddled Chouji's lap and pressed his lips to the other's.

"Chouji..." he moaned against the other's lips. "I want you... Now," he groaned, standing up again, pulling at Chouji's shirt, the other letting it come off.

"Shikamaru..." Chouji moaned as Shikamaru gripped his chest and fondled him. "Why are you so excited?" Chouji asked, crying out as Shikamaru pinched his nipple.

"Because you're fucking hot... I don't know how I keep from jumping you during performances..." Shikamaru moaned, tugging at Chouji's pants. "Off," he said.

Chouji chuckled and unbuttoned his pants. He started to pull then off, but before he could, Shikamaru was already fondling his length, groping and feeling, running both hands over it.

"Shikamaru..." he moaned. The other pulled off his pants and discarded his own.

Shikamaru pushed Chouji's long hair aside and kissed his lover's neck. He began to suckle as he crawled back on the other's lap. He wriggled his hips and pressed down until Chouji's length was pressing against his tight pucker.Shikamaru grabbed a fistfull of Chouji's hair and pulled the other into a rough kiss, forcing his tongue into Chouji's mouth as his length throbbed and dripped against his lover's stomach.

'Shikamaru tastes... like semen...' Chouji thought to himself, furrowing his brow.

Though he soon became unable to concentrate as Shikamaru pressed down on his length. Shikamaru pulled away, panting, just the head of Chouji's cock inside him.

"Oh, fuck... Chouji..." Shikamaru whimpered, gripping his lover's shoulders, pressing down hard, trying to get more of his lover's length inside him.

Chouji moaned and bucked his hips up, filling Shikamaru's tight passage fully with his engorged, throbbing length.

"Yesss..." Shikamaru hissed. "Come on, Chouji! You sexy beast, fuck me!" Shikamaru screamed, lifting and pushing back down.

Chouji groaned and grabbed Shikamaru's hips. He rammed up into his smaller lover who whined and pressed back.

The two bodies slapped together, crying out in ecstasy as Chouji's cock rubbed and slammed Shikamaru's prostate.

"Fuck!" Shikamaru said as he spilled his seed all over Chouji's chest and stomach. "Too much..." he whimpered.

"Shikamaru..." Chouji whimpered. He sat still a moment as Shikamaru's ass spasmed, letting his head fall back on the sofa.

When the spasming stopped, Chouji flipped the two over, bending Shikamaru over the arm of the sofa and ramming into him roughly.

"Oh, god, Chouji! Yes!" Shikamaru screamed.

Chouji let out a groan when he came, kissing Shikamaru's shoulderblades.

"I love you... Shikamaru," he said as he pulled from the other. Shikamaru leaned down to lick Chouji's softening penis clean of his seed. "No matter what..." he panted, laying back on the couch.


Shino emerged from the bathroom, nothing on but a towel around his waist. He was towel drying his hair.

Kiba, who was only wearing pajama pants, stared from the bed, a bit of a blush across his features.

Shino realized Kiba was staring and blushed himself. He turned around and continued to dry his hair. Shino looked down when Kiba took hold of his arm.

"Shino..." Kiba whispered. "I... How is your lip feeling?" he asked.

"It feels fine," Shino answered.

"That's good," Kiba said, leaning his head against Shino's shoulder. "Um..." he started, but trailed off.

"What is it?" Shino asked, turning to Kiba.

Kiba looked up at him and was taken by Shino's beautiful eyes.

"Shino, I..." Kiba pouted, realizing his words were failing him. He decided to lean up and kiss Shino, very gently, still being careful of Shino's lip.

Shino returned the gentle kiss, dropping the towel he was using to dry his hair, bringing his hands up to rest on Kiba's cheeks. Shino gently pressed his tongue against Kiba's lips, who parted them so willingly, allowing his tongue to move to meet Shino's. The tongues danced and Kiba let out a small whimper. Shino slowly pulled back, and Kiba whined his disapproval.When Kiba opened his eyes, he saw Shino smiling down at him.

"I love you, Kiba," he said.

"I! I love you to!" Kiba said, wrapping his arms around Shino's torso and burying his face in Shino's chest. "I want... to have sex with you," Kiba said, his face heating up.

"Don't you think it's a little too soon?" Shino asked ruffling Kiba's hair.

"No! Not at all! Not when I've wanted you for this long!" Kiba squealed and held to Shino tighter.

"What? How long...?" Shino asked, putting his hands on Kiba's back, gently massaging.

"Since you broke up with Shikamaru..." Kiba whispered.

"God, Kiba! That was almost five years ago!" Shino said, pulling back from Kiba and looking down at the other.

"I know..." Kiba whimpered and looked away.

"Kiba... Come on," Shino said, pulling Kiba's arms off of him and taking the other's hand. He kissed it and nuzzled the soft skin of Kiba's knuckles. He pulled Kiba towards the bed and sat down. Kiba shyly sat beside him. Shino moved his hand to Kiba's chest, running his figers over the lean muscles and down, to his stomach, teasing. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Shino asked.

"I... I... Didn't know when the right time would be... I kept waiting for the perfect moment, and..." Kiba gasped when Shino's fingertips dipped inside the waistband of his pajamas. "I... When I had an opportunity to tell you, I always chickened out..." Kiba said, his breathing suddenly became heavy when Shino's fingertips touched his semi-hard length. "Oh...Shino..." Kiba gasped, clutching to Shino's other arm.

"Lay back," Shino instructed as he helped Kiba get back on the bed. "Lift your hips just a little," Shino said.

Kiba shyly lifted his hips and Shino pulled the others pajama pants down, then eventually, off.

Kiba pressed his knees together and looked elsewhere, trying to hide how much he was blushing. Shino was staring at the beautiful body laid out before him. Shino licked his lips and pulled off his towel.

Kiba stared at Shino's erection, surprised a bit by how big his soon-to-be-lover was.

"Ano, Shino... I'm scared," Kiba said.

"We don't have to do anything if you don't want," Shino said, taking Kiba's length in his hand and nudging at Kiba's knee with the other. "I can just touch you a little if you want."

"N-no!" Kiba said, "I want to be with you... like that," Kiba whimpered, and bucked up into Shino's hand.

Shino was breathing heavy now, too. The wanton little creature, sexily squirming beneath him, making his face heat and his cock throb.

"Kiba..." Shino whispered. "I don't want to hurt you..." he whispered.

"I can take it..." Kiba breathed, a whimper at the end.

"Hold on," Shino said, letting go of Kiba, who whimpered loudly. Shino stood and set to searching one of his bags.

"What are you doing?" Kiba asked, sitting up a bit, covering his throbbing need."I'm looking for some lotion... It will help a great deal," Shino said.

When he found said item, he returned to the bed with Kiba.

"Here," Shino said, opening the lotion, squirting a little bit on his fingers, coating them throughly. "Spread you legs. I'll stretch you."

Kiba shakily spread his legs apart. Shino pressed the tip of his middle finger against Kiba's tight hole. Kiba's breath hitched as Shino pressed it in up to the first knuckle.

The stretching sensation was driving Kiba insane. He wa so much more gentle than Kankuro, and that in itself was making Kiba anxious. The finger pressed in farther and Kiba grunted. Shino stopped pushing in and wriggled the finger a bit. Kiba gasped. The finger pressed in a little deeper, just past the second knuckle. Shino curled his finger and Kiba cried out.

"Does that hurt?" Shino asked.

"No! Oh, god, no! That felt... really good..." Kiba said inbetween grunts. Kiba shifted and tried to press back against the finger.

Shino smiled and kissed Kiba's thigh. He put the tip of his forefinger against Kibas pucker and pressed in.

Kiba winced and Shino stopped.

"No, keep going. It just surprised me... Please..." Kiba whimpered. Shino nodded and pressed his fingers deeply inside Kiba, who cried out and brought his hands up to cover his mouth. "Oh, god... Shino..." Kiba gasped, still keeping his hands close to his mouth.

Shino couldn't help grinning, but his grin faded a bit.

"Brace yourself, Kiba... This one may hurt a bit," Shino whispered as he pressed his ring finger in beside the other two. Kiba cursed and tried so hard to relax, yet his muscles still clenched around Shino's fingers. "Are you alright?" Shino asked, caressing Kiba's other thigh.

"Yes..." Kiba hissed. "Please, more..." Kiba begged.

Shino shivered. He pressed the fingers far into Kiba, as far as they could go and moved them apart to stretch his virgin lover.

"Shino!" Kiba shouted.

"Shh, shh, shh..." Shino breathed. He pulled his fingers from Kiba and grabbed the lotion again. He squeezed the tube and gripped his length, coating it in lotion.
Kiba looked up at Shino, breathing heavily. Shino looked down at Kiba with a slightly worried expression.

"You're going to need to spread your legs a little bit more if you want me between them," Shino said with a little chuckle to try and lighten the mood.

Kiba looked away as he spread his legs. He tensed when Shino pressed his body between the quaking legs.

"Shino..." Kiba said, looking up at the other with a terrified expression.

"I promise I'll be gentle," Shino said, running his hands over Kiba's chest and arms.

"I... I love you, Shino." Kiba whispered as he reached up and wrapped his arms around Shino's neck.

"I love you too Kiba. Tell me if hurts and I will slow down, ok?" Shino said, putting his hand on Kiba's back. which was lifted off the bed in the slightest.

"O-ok," Kiba whimpered as he felt Shino's slick erection press against his stretched, yet still so tight asshole.

Shino pressed a bit. Kiba gasped and groaned as his muscles spread for Shino's cock.

"Oh, Shino... I..." Kiba closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth.

"Kiba..." Shino groaned, the tight, no-longer virgin ass almost unbearably tight around him. "Open your eyes. Look at me," he whispered.

Kiba forced himself to open his eyes and nearly came at the look on Shino's face. Shino's eyes were half-lidded, his mouth hanging open, a drop a sweat running down his temple.

"Shin..o... I can't... You're... hot..." Kiba whispered.

"It is pretty warm in here," Shino said. Kiba let out a tiny laugh and gasped as Shino slipped fully inside him. "Are you ok?" Shino asked. Kiba nodded and gulped. "Alright. I'm going to move. If it hurts, tell me."

Shino pulled half-way out of Kiba and slammed back in, making Kiba cry out. He repeated the action several times to get Kiba used to it before changing up the angle.

Kiba screamed bloody murder as Shino's cock brushed his prostate.

"Shino! Shino! Shino!" he screamed. Shino stopped moving.

"Does that hurt?" Shino asked.

"No!" Kiba screamed with a whiney edge to his voice. "Do it again! It felt so good!"
Shino chuckled as he pulled out once more and rammed into Kiba, holding the other closer as Kiba screamed into his shoulder.

Shino was supporting the both of them with one arm, as the other held Kiba close. Because he couldn't stroke Kiba to get him off, he suckled and kissed, licking at Kiba's neck. Shino played with one of Kiba's earrings, tugging on it gently.

"Shino... I'm going to... have an orgasm..." Kiba said with a blush.

"Cum for me, Kiba," Shino whispered, breathing heavily into Kiba's ear. Kiba whined, and Shino could feel the other's entire body tightening up. "Ohhh..." he breathed."Shino!" Kiba screamed, clawing Shino's back as he spilled his seed on his and Shino's chest, spurt after spurt, clenching around Shino, who groaned, and couldn't help closing his eyes and burying his face in Kiba's neck.

"Kiba," Shino whispered excitedly. "Do you want me to cum inside of you or not?"

"Inside me, Shino. I want... everything you have to give!" Kiba cried out, as his prostate was still being assaulted.

Shino grunted and his body tensed up as his cock twitched and spasmed, releasing inside Kiba.

Shino groaned, holding Kiba close, his breathing heavy as the two clutched each other tightly, neither wanting to let go.

"Shino... I know this sounds weird, but..." Kiba said, letting his death grip on Shino slacken.

"What is it, love?" Shino asked as he pushed Kiba's chin up with his nose, kissing Kiba's adam's apple.

"Can... can we sleep like this? With you... inside me?" Kiba blushed and closed his eyes. Shino chuckled.

"Of course we can. Lay back. Are you sure you're ok with me on top of you?" Shino asked. The two adjusted themselves to a more comfortable position, Shino laying his head against Kibas chest. Kiba put his hands up, one on the back of Shino's head and one down his back, resting between the other's shoulderblades.

"Yes, yes, this is perfect..." Kiba whispered, and almost instantly dozed off.


"Neji..." Gaara said, shaking the other by his shoulder gently. "Neji wake up..." Gaara said, worriedly.

"Hu..." Neji said, cracking an eye open. He winced when he sat up. He looked up at Gaara. "Wha-?" Neji said.

"Why are you naked? Deidara just came from here, are you alright?" Gaara asked, his eyes a tad bit wider than usual.

"I'm... Ow... What? Deidara?" Neji asked as he held his head and forced himself not to rub his back side. "Shit!" he cursed, getting up and rummaging through his bag. Not finding his prescription, he took out something else. "Goddamnit!" he cried and ran for the bathroom, not even closing the door behind him.

Gaara gave chase, Neji already bleeding from his left arm when Gaara got there.

"Neji!" Gaara screamed. Gaara reached out to Neji and took the knife from the other and throwing it in the sink. He held Neji's wrist up and Neji struggled, tears pouring down his cheeks. "Neji, stop," Gaara demanded.

"No..." Neji breathed. He looked at Gaara through his hair.

"What happened to you?" Gaara asked.

"Sasuke..." Neji whined. "He... hurt me."

"Did he hit you?" Gaara asked, gently urging Neji into the shower.

"No..." Neji whined, shaking his head.

"Then what did he do?" Gaara asked.

"Noo!" Neji screamed, shaking his head violently, trying to pull away from Gaara.

Gaara pushed Neji against the shower wall and held him there even though the other continued to struggle. Gaara pressed his lips to Neji's and the other instantly calmed down, returning the kiss, moving his clean arm and hand up to cup Gaara's cheek.

Gaara leaned down to turn on the water, adjusting the temprature untill he felt it was decent. He turned on the showerhead and Neji gasped.

"Gaara! You'll get your clothes wet!" Neji cried out.

"I don't care! I care more about you than stupid clothing!" Gaara said, pulling Neji close. "Sasuke raped you, didn't he?" Gaara asked, turning then so that water ran down Neji's back and into his ass crack. "Do you want to go have a rape kit run before the evidence gets washed away?" Gaara asked.

"No!" Neji screamed. "No... Only you can make me feel whole again..." Neji whispered.

"How can I help you, Neji?" Gaara asked, holding the other close to him.

"Take me... get his seed out of me..." Neji cried as he clung to Gaara's wet shirt.

"Neji, are you sure you should do something like that after-"

"Yes!" Neji said, pulling at Gaara's shirt desperately. "I need you. I'm... I'm addicted to you! I screamed your name when Sasuke took me! Gaara! I heard you on the radio and I called out your name! You were singing that German song..." Neji said.

"Küssen Sie mich, wenn Sie mich wollen?" Gaara asked.

"Yes! That one. I..." Neji looked away and pressed his forehead into Gaara's wet shirt. "I felt like you were singing to me..." Neji said. His hands let go fo Neji's shirt and he stood straight up, looking at Gaara.

"Well, I... From now on, I sing for you, Neji," Gaara said, wrapping his arms around the other.

"Gaara... You're clothes. Please take them off... Take me... I'll do anything... anything..." The repeated word was whispered.

"You don't have to do anything. If you want me, all you have to do is ask," Gaara said, smoothing down Neji's hair.

He let go of Neji and started to remove his clothing. He laid it on the floor outside the tub and returned to Neji, giving him a gentle kiss.

"Gaara..." Neji breathed as Gaara cupped his asscheeks, pressing a finger into Neji. "It's ok. I don't need stretching. Just take me."

"But Neji, Sasuke just..." Neji hushed Gaara by putting his finger to Gaara's lips.

Neji pulled back from Gaara and turned around, bracing himself against the shower. He wiggled his hips a bit.

"Gaara..." Neji moaned. Gaara's eyes widened and he gasped. He put his hands on Neji's asscheeks and moved forward, rubbing his semi-hard cock against Neji's ass, the long-haired male moaning his appreciation. "Take me... put it in me..."

"Neji..." Gaara breathed as he pressed the head of his cock into Neji. Neji reached back and put his hands on Gaara's hips, pulling him completely inside him.

"Gaara!" Neji shouted. "Harder! Love me, please!" Gaara grabbed Neji's hips and roughly slammed into the eager body in front of him. "Oh, yes!" Neji screamed, as the water beat down on the two of them. "I... I think... I'm going to cum!" Neji squealed and whimpered as he fisted his own cock roughly.

"Neji..." Gaara groaned, nipping at Neji's shoulder, crying out as he was the first to cum, filling Neji. Neji came seconds later, screaming. Gaara waited a few moments and pulled out of Neji. He then took a bottle of shampoo and poured some into his hand. Neji looked at him and smiled.

Gaara put his hands in Neji's hair, and massaged the now shocked boys scalp. Neji moaned in appreciation.

"That feels good..." Neji said, nuzzling the hands. The two washed up together then dried each other off and headed off to bed, holding each other tightly.


Kankuro woke to see Sasuke with his head against the railing looking half-asleep.

"Uhn... Sasuke..." Kankuro groaned. Sasuke's head instantly shot up.

"Kankuro!" Sasuke said.

"Why are you here?" Kankuro asked.

"Because I love you!" Sasuke damn near shouted.

"How can you love me? I'm a monster now..." Kankuro maoned.

"I will always love you no matter what you look like!" Sasuke shouted, his eyes filling with tears. "Besides, they said they can fix you up like new... but it will be expensive..." Sasuke said, reaching out and taking Kankuro's hand. "You could look like this for the rest of your life and I'd still be by your side...You could be in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down and I'd still be by your side. Nothing matters to me but you. Not your looks... Not sex... Just you. I honest to fucking god love you..." Sasuke whispered.

"Sasuke..." Kankuro said with a little gasp. He squeezed Sasuke's hand and attempted to smile. "I love you too." There was a short pause. "After they fix me up... We should get back together... and I'll take you out to a nice dinner.. and then we'll go home and get wasted... and I'll blow you till your balls are empty..." Kankuro said. A tear fell on his hand. "Don't cry, I love you." Kankuro smiled. "But I need to rest now."

"Yeah, I'll be right here... If you need anything, just tell me." Sasuke said as he sat back down.


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