A/N: My first ever Naruto/Ino one shot. There is such a shortage of these fics so I couldn't help but try and write something. Enjoy. -

Naruto sat up in bed it was another rainy night. No matter what the rain seemed to kill the mood. And no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't seem to sleep. His mind was now traveling to a certain blond haired friend of his. It was no surprise she was always in the back of his mind somewhere.

"Ino-chan." He thought.

He had yet to tell her how he truly felt about her. He wasn't sure if he was afraid of rejection; or if it was simply because he didn't want to ruin their perfectly good friendship. The rain was starting to come down harder.

"It's nasty out there."

Naruto was thankful that he didn't have any reason to be out there right now. Then again it was nearly three in the morning. Who in their right mind would even be out there anyway?

A lone figure stood outside of the young mans door. It was funny how no matter what she would always find herself here. It was late but she needed to see him. The young woman sighed as she knocked on the door. Naruto's ears perked up. He knew that knock all to well. There was only one person who ever showed up at his door this late.

"I guess that's my late night visitor." He whispered with an amused tone.

Naruto came to the door only to be greeted by a woman with light aqua colored orbs. Her long blond haired flowing in the wind. She looked like an absolute goddess to him. He greeted her with a warm smile.

"Hello Ino-chan."

"It's freezing out here." She shivered. "Are you going to let me in or not?" She managed to smile back.

"Hai." He nodded and moved to the side so the beautiful blond could come in. Ino took off her shoes and then removed her jacket. Naruto handed her a towel so she could dry off.

"Another bad date huh." He spoke in a knowing tone.

"Yep." She only nodded as she sat down.

"I'll go make some tea then you can tell me all about the latest disaster." He teased.

Ino simply stuck her tongue out at him watching as he walked away. Naruto was always available when she needed him. No matter what time it was he was always there for her. He was the one of the constant things in her life. She really did appreciate the role he played.

"Naruto do you mind if I borrow your robe. I kind of need to get out of these wet clothes."

A slight blush rose to Naruto's cheeks. It wasn't like this sort of thing hadn't happened before. Ino had made many late night visits to his apartment. It was funny how she often came over when it rained. The young man wondered if it was some sort of conspiracy. Was she planning these late night rainy meetings? He found that if there was truth to that theory, he really didn't mind. Having Ino close in any way was a good thing.

"Ino-chan we've been through this before. You know where it is."

"Well excuse me for being polite. Next time I'll just go in you room and take it without asking."

"Yeah, Yeah I know."

She said no more as she made her way to his room. She was of course not uncomfortable in anyway. It was such a natural act to her.

"I guess it's because I always show up here whenever I have a problem." She thought.

Ino quickly slipped out of her wet clothes and into Naruto's oversized orange robe. It was too big for her she knew that. Worst of all it was orange. A color she could never quite understand. She only tolerated it for the sake of his feelings.

"It's too big and orange. Oh well at least he's clean."

She was grateful that his robe had a nice refreshing clean smell to it. The cologne was light not overpowering in any way what so ever. She actually loved the smell of the cologne that he wore. Ino sat down on his bed leaning up against the pillows. The second blond came into the room with two cups of tea. He placed his on the nightstand while passing a cup to her.

"Thank you."

"Sure." Naruto then wrapped his arm around her. "Okay now tell the great Naruto-sama all about your latest dating disaster."

She raised an eyebrow to him.

"The great Naruto-sama?" She repeated. "Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself?"

The blond male pouted. She smiled at his all too familiar behavior.

"Whatever. Alright now tell me who upset my Ino-chan this time."

She took a sip of her tea. She was leaning on his chest with his arm wrapped around her. This was familiar to the two blonds. They spent many late nights like this.

"Naruto he was a real asshole. I'm talking about a major jerk. He was rude, not to mention disgusting in every way. He had no understanding of good hygiene. His breath alone was enough to nearly kill me. Worst of all he kept groping me all through dinner. I must have punched him at least a dozen times. On top of all that; the nasty bastard thought that I was going to sleep with him tonight. It was by far my worst date ever."

Naruto was sure that he had heard this line before. After all each time she had a terrible time she would come over to his place. Yet hearing that this one had "groped her" it didn't sit too well with him.

"Alright what's the guys name so I can go kick his ass?" A part of him was joking but the jealous part of him was serious. He wouldn't hesitate to go punch that guys lights out. How dare he put his hands on Ino that way?

"That's okay Naruto you don't have to hunt anyone down today. I highly doubt that I'll ever see that loser again. I think that I'm going to take a break from dating for awhile." She decided.

The cerulean blue eyed male nodded he agreed with her completely. In fact the only guy he wanted her to date was him. He wouldn't admit that part to her though.

"Good idea Ino-chan. Now you'll have no reason to come knocking on my door at three in the morning."

Ino frowned as she playfully hit him in the shoulder.

"You love me being here and you know it. Besides when are you ever going to have another beautiful girl in your bed again?"

Naruto swallowed t he lump in his throat. Truthfully he didn't want any other girl in his apartment like this. Ino was the only one he wanted to be with. Even if it wasn't as boyfriend and girlfriend, he would accept things the way they were now. He could deal with just being friends. As long as it meant that they could stay close.

"Aw Ino-chan you don't have to be jealous of all the other girls who come over. They aren't nearly as pretty as you are."

He was kidding she knew that. It was the only reason she decided not to entertain his comment with a response. Ino felt good to know that she was the only girl who came over like this. Even if it was always on friendly terms, it was still rather special. A yawn escaped her lips as she laid down into a more comfortable position.

"Naruto I'm tired tell me a story."

"Um a story?" he blinked in confusion.

"Yeah tell me a story it'll help me get to sleep faster."

"Ino-chan I don't know any stories."

"Make one up then! Please Naruto-kun." She said smiling thoughtfully at him. He sighed. She just had to go and use that tone of voice. That sweet tone of voice that he couldn't say no to. Worst of all she had to go add the suffix to his name.

"Alright." He agreed. "There was once a really beautiful princess."

"What was her name? And if you say forehead I swear…."

"No, No." He put his hands up in a defensive manner. "This princess was blond with blue eyes. Her name was Ino."

Ino seemed completely satisfied with this. She snuggled up closer to him.

"The princess was extremely depressed because her love life sucked. So she went to her handsome, loveable friend. The same guy who also happened to her knight in shining armor. I mean seriously this dude will do anything for her."

Ino raised an eyebrow to him he laughed nervously.

"Sorry about that Ino-chan I get carried away sometimes."

"Yeah." She whispered although she didn't believe him at all. She knew that tone of voice. As if the story wasn't already obvious enough.

"So the knight told her that one day she would find love. She would be happy and her love life wouldn't suck anymore. She would grow up have a ton of annoying, loud, bossy kids just like her and live happily ever after. Goodnight Ino-chan."

He stood up with the now empty cups of tea in his hands. Ino simply stared at his back. She watched him reach for the door knob.

"Naruto wait?"


"I don't get it. I mean you're the kind of guy every girl dreams about. You're loyal, fun, caring. Why the hell are you still single?"

Naruto turned slightly so he was looking at her. He managed to give her a smile. Only she saw right through it. This smile was always used to hide his pain. The one he used to pretend that everything was okay. She hated when he used that smile.

"Well I guess my princess just hasn't come around yet."

Ino blinked. She sat up reaching her hand out to him.

"Naruto I…"

"I'll take the couch tonight okay. Goodnight Ino-chan."

She flinched as she heard the door close. In his own little way Naruto had just admitter that he had feelings for her. She had always wondered but for some reason couldn't bring herself to ask. Ino smiled sadly.

"Good night Naruto-kun."