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C Counselor

J James

S Sirius

R Remus (Comes in later)


C Right then, do you both know why your here, Mr Potter and Mr Black?

J Yes... I lit- I mean we lit Snivellus on fire...

S It was an accident! But really, I thought he'd catch alight much quicker, what with all the grease and everything-

C Please Mr Black, we don't need to get into details. So you both know that-

J That that slimy git Snape told Dumbledore on us so we have to come to these counseling sessions to 'help us find where we went wrong..'

S WHAT? I WAS TOLD WE WERE GETTING ICE-CREAM! God.. besides, it was just a little match.. and some gasoline..

C Yes, like I said, please, no need to go into details, the point is, Mr Snape is in St Mungo's, so we must figure out a suitable punishment for you two, as well as find the cause for your odd behaviour

S What's your name?

C I- that's not important!

S I would feel much more comfortable if I knew who I was talking to!

C Very well, I shall tell you my name if you will stop scratching your private area

S I- Deal.

C Thank-you! My name is Patricia

S Can I call you Pat?

C No, Counselor is fine

S Patty?

C NO! Now, Mr Potter, let's start with you. Do you have any- Mr Black, please, stop scratching!

S Sorry Pat, I'm just bored!

C You scratch your private area when your bor- never mind, now, Mr Potter, do you have any issues at home? What are your parents like?

J Well, my dad isn't home often, he's an auror so- OHH PADFOOT! WHAT DID YOU EAT? Ohh that stinks!

S Sorry, I didn't think you'd notice..

J Well I didn't notice until I thought someone had set off a dungbomb!

S Sorry mate, it's that pumpkin juice, you know what it does to me!

J So why drink it?

S Pete dared me, said he'd give me 10 sickles... come to think of it, I still don't have those sickles...

C Do you think we could please continue?

J Can you open the window please? Thanks.

C Right, so Mr Potter-

J Please, call me James!

C Erm, James, so your father is never around?

J No, not never, just rarely, he's great fun to be around though!

C So, whats your mother like?

S Ooh I wouldn't take that James

J Don't worry Padfoot, I'm sure Patty meant my mother no disrespect. Mum's cool, but Sirius is always leaving dog footprints on the floor, which angers her.

C Dog footprints? Why would he leave dog- wait, do you two live together?

J Dog footprints? I didn't say dog footprints. And yeah, Sirius' family suck so he lives with us as of two years ago!

C James, I'm sure his family isn't that b-

S Uhh, yes they are, my family cut off the heads of our house elves and hang them on the wall and when I was seven, she stuck a portrait of herself in our hallway so I couldn't sneak out at night. Oh, and my cousin Bellatrix threw my teddy bear in the fire when I was 9...

C Well Mr Black, it seams you have a lot on your mind...

J Yeah right, when pigs fly

S Actually James, we tested that theory with Moony when we built that giant catapult and send Henry flying across the boys dormitory and into the girls... Merry Christmas indeed...

C Henry?

J Peter's pig

C Peter has a pig?

S Had a pig.. poor Henry, we never saw him again...

C Right... Well I've heard about your families, so why don't you tell me about your little group of friends? Professor McGonagall told me you boys are in a trouble making group that you like to call the Marauders? Is that correct?

J We are not trouble making! Trouble finds us!


C Mr Black, please sit down and stop pretending to cry on Mr Potter's shoulder..

S Sure thing Patty!

C Right.. well, tell me about the Marauders!

J If we tell you, I'm afraid we'll have to kill you

S I remember when you said that to Peter in our first year.. he wet his pants that night!

C Peter? Tell me about Peter, is he a Marauder?

S He's more of a half Marauder, he never pays us after he loses a bet and he never joins in on dares, but yeah, otherwise he's cool.

C So that's what the Marauder's are? Darers and bet makers?

J Lady, you have no idea.

S Hehe... Lady... good one Prongs!

C Prongs? What's Prongs?

J We all have nicknames for each other, I'm Prongs, Sirius here is Padfoot, Remus is Moony and Pete is Wormtail.

S Pete didn't get to choose his name

J He wanted Prongs, but rats don't have prongs, I've been explaining that to him for years

C What do rats have to do with anything?

J Nothing, nothing at all...

R Excuse me, but Professor McGonagall told me to come here, are you Patricia Rosse?

C Yes come in! You must be Remus Lupin

R Yes

J Hey Moony! Finally get out of detention?

R No, Binns fell asleep, so I walked out and bumped into McGonagall...

S Well now your stuck here with two mad men and a shrink

C Right, well why don't you tell us about yourself?

S He's a werewolf.

C What? Really?

J No, he's joking, right Padfoot?

S Ouch! Prongs that was my foot! -I mean, yeah, I was kidding, does he look like a werewolf to you?

C Right... anyway, tell me about yourself Mr Lupin

R Um.. well I live at home with my Dad and I love books I guess...

C You don't have a mother?

R Well, no, she died when I was little

C Oh, I'm sorry dear

S Way to go Patty!

J Shh!

C Well I'm afraid that's all we have time for today, I'll see you three next week.

S How come Peter doesn't have to go to these things?

R He wasn't there when you set Snape on fire

J Hehehe, fire...

C Please just leave!

S Bye Patty!

J See you next wee-


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